Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/40

Hello to another Saturday with your favourite round-up 😉. It’s been an exhausting week. I have compiled this round-up early, on Friday morning, because I have the pleasure of welcoming my RL RA friend D___ for a week’s visit in my house. [Cue insertion of picture from Berlin premiere in honour of D___ who accompanied me that day]

Long time no see, old friend. It’s been ages since I reposted this pic…

D___ and I watched TC together in 2014, and now we are booked to watch UV in London, too. I’ll probably spend a good while updating her with the latest goings-on in the realm of Richard’s fandom. Maybe we can even squeeze in a little piece of Richard on screen here and there. I updated my DVD library over the summer, so we have a range of shows to choose from. Maybe, with the time that’s in it, we might opt for a re-watch of NS? It has just been the 15th anniversary of NS‘s first episode appearing on TV on 14 November 2004. I wonder, are there any readers here who actually witnessed that historic event first-hand? I came across the show only much later (and dismissed it *hisssssss*), and I would love to hear from you legacy fans who were brighter than me and *immediately* recognised the charms and abilities of our favourite actor. Leave me a comment, please 😚.

While we are at it: On the occasion of the anniversary, writer and fellow fan Trudy Brasure has just launched a collection of NS stories. Titled Falling for Mr Thornton, it promises to be right up the street of any card-carrying Thornton and NS lover out there. The stories are by multiple authors and the book is available in eBook and paperback formats. The cover release (with a giveaway) is HERE. The book is already available for download HERE. I think it is truly wonderful to see how a classic book, its adaptation for screen, and its male lead have inspired creativity in this way. Congratulations to Trudy and all her fellow authors! This could be something for your Christmas wish list 😉. Just saying.

And lastly, before we fiiiiiinally get to the round-up – forgive me, but have we seen this picture?

LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy Stock Foto

The Lodge‘s Richard in a scene from the movie. I kind of like it. He looks a bit like a dancer, standing all straight. Or a swordsman, waiting to pounce. (Where’s all this coming from? The imagination is sparked…)

And now, finally, we get to the…

  1. Riepu10’s NS celebration focusses on the essentials. Mr Thornton. And his smoulderest looks from episode 1…
  2. Notthatmelody posts a cheeky meme of Thorin
  3. Some braid love by thewarriorandtheking
  4. Your answer for hamsolo’s question? Richard Armitage all the way, of course!
  5. On behalf of all the fan fics on tumblr, here is a Thorin x reader drabble by dashesofink. I don’t think I have read anything by her yet
  6. This post by shikin83 reminds me of Kate’s current Shag Marry Cliffs series, but just as a prompt for you: Which 10 chaRActers would *you* kiss? They’d *all* be from the Armitage oeuvre for me…
  7. Randomfangirlingposts is slightly obsessed. Welcome to the club!
  8. Raybo rides again. Gif set by riepu10
  9. Who is Zetterberg? And who is on *your* phone wallpaper? Post by mppcmanual
  10. Fizzyxcustard posts a Dr Scott White moodboard. Moody indeed
  11. Don’t we all, mordoriscalling, don’t we all? [insert broken heart emoji here]
  12. I think elstergentry is on to something
  13. “Doctor” Miller by riepu10 – haha, I had forgotten that
  14. *giggles* I just had a mental image of the scenario mentioned in this anonymous ask to fizzyxcustard
  15. Animated Bagginshield by chalsfanforce
  16. I love how you can see exactly who is being portrayed, even though this is a rough sketch. By greenforce02
  17. Or this one, by stygmatus. The bright blue eyes give it away *hehe*
  18. Did we have this look at thewarriorandtheking’s office decor already? Love how she has surrounded herself with Thorin at her place of work. I am sure it makes going to work easier!

So, that’s it. Is it really after 9pm where you are?

Enjoy your weekend!

Guylty ❤


30 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/40

  1. ooh, have a great week…having a good friend over sounds like proper tonic for the soul
    thanks for the round up and your photo is fabulous


  2. Thank you for this roundup which I only just managed to read. I started this morning, didn’t finish because RL, forgot I didn’t finish and then wondered why the comments didn’t make sense to me. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    I’m intrigued by this “Which chaRActer would you kiss” question, but how are you supposed to pick only 10? That seems very limiting to me.

    Enjoy your visit! Hope it’ll cheer you right up.


  3. Yep it’s my 15-year RAniversary, which began with N&S, although the beginnings of my obsession started a week later in the 2nd episode. I hated RA in the first, ridiculously glowering and sharp-featured and blue-eyed, but something got to me by week 2 and I’ve been smitten with Armitage ever since. I watch N&S every year around my birthday and it (he) still packs a visceral punch.
    Thanks for the round-up Guylty. 6) I’d definitely ‘kiss’ more than 10 RA characters but it’s good that Daniel is no.1 in the list. 13) I know the slo-mo helps but I love the elegant way Dr Dan puts on the white coat ( and I agree with you about The Lodge pic).
    Hope you have a lovely happy time with your friend. D? Not Dolarhyde I hope!


    • You know, I kind of had a similar reaction, J. When I saw NS for the first time, I neither fell for the talldarkhandsome guy. In fact, I didn’t think him handsome *at all*. [blasphemy] And *ugh* a Capitalist swine of a mill owner… completely out of the question! Well, I did learn to understand him when I rewatched, and my opinion is not quite so negative anymore. I’m still not really onboard with the whole story, but at least I now appreciate (and drool over) the gorgeous actor *coughs*
      LOL – no, D does not stand for Dolarhyde.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hope you’re having a wonderful giggle-till-the-tears-run time with your friend, Guylty. Thanks for thinking of us by getting the roundup done in advance.

    #s 2 &3 We all know who the real hot dwarf was, don’t we? Braids never looked that good on me. 😉

    For #6, it would be Guy for 1-10. The others could sort out the order from 11 to 20 among themselves.

    And thanks for #8. Raybo tends to get neglected, but I guess it’s his own fault. He’s hardly the approachable, fluffy bunny type,


    • Always great to catch up with old friends – especially if they share an interest in Richard ;-). I don’t share my weakness for RA with many people. It’s nice to have RL friends to whom I don’t have to justify being a fan.
      LOL – Raybo as a fluffy bunny.


  5. I remember watching N&S when it first came out in 2004. I stumbled across it channel surfing on the terrestrial TV on a Sunday November evening. I was hooked after the first episode – loved the tension between John Thornton and Margaret, the smouldering glances, and the arrogant air of the cravat wearing Northern mill owner. Oooooh! I was fascinated by RA’s strongly angular features and his mouth and wonky bottom row of teeth!
    I remember being very restless at work the next day, couldn’t concentrate, spent time surreptitiously trying to google info about RA. Haha! I went and bought a copy of N&S, speed reading it to find out what happens, and realised it was not going to be a bodice ripper! (Explains why I enjoy reading N&S fanfiction).
    My interest in RA has fluctuated over the years; I was never a member of the Armitage Army. My interest was rekindled in 2014 after coming across N&S fanfiction online.
    Most of RA’s other characters he’s portrayed I’ve found unappealing and insufficient to maintain my interest in watching a TV series or movie just because he’s in it. I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed by his performances in both Berlin Station and Ocean’s Eight.
    John Thornton remains my favourite RA character. I wish RA had played more romantic leads in his career (I get the impression he’s actively not pursued those parts). That said, I remain ever hopeful that one day he will star again in a Victorian period piece drama, and we will get to see him wear a cravat and top hat once more, plus side burns. 😆

    Liked by 2 people

    • I loved reading this, Zigzag – as I said, I admire the clarity with which you guys immediately copped on that you had discovered a great new actor! Interesting also to read how you fared in terms of keeping interested in this actor. Berlin Station could’ve been great – but somehow they never gave Daniel his full potential. On the whole, a disappointing show. O8 – again, only a supporting role, and therefore simply not enough to keep us all in awe. I agree, after such a long time I would like to see RA in a period piece again, too. Also because he has matured as a man and could now take on a character with even more gravitas than Mr Thornton.


  6. #3: Werbung für Haarpflegeprodukte. Irgendein PR-Mensch da draußen, der das mitliest?
    #18: Auf Arbeit gehen wird damit sicher einfacher. Aber ob das auch fürs Arbeiten zutrifft *tagträum*?
    Das Lodge-Bild: Schultern noch etwas zurück, Pullover aus und los geht´s mit Paso Doble. OMG, was würd ich dafür geben, das zu sehen…


  7. It’s 10.25 pm on a Saturday, a week later here now. 🙂
    Alas, not an original November 2004 N&S fan here either. I somehow completely missed it on the BBC at the time. But when I did finally see it a year and a half later (spring 2006) I was immediately sold.


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