RA Pocket Shrine 209/? – Vintage Thornton

The start of the Christmas season has had me distracted today. Getting the house ready and decorated is always a highlight for me. Never mind that I had a bit of a turn off today when the boxes of Christmas decorations, fresh down from the attic, not only revealed my baubles and knick knacks, but also a thumbnail size arachnoid friend. 🕷 *eek* I was temporarily put off. Once I had recovered from the eight-legged terror and faced with eight boxes of stuff, I felt a little overwhelmed. And so I only managed to make a wreath for our drawing room door. Since I didn’t have any fir or pine, I had to make do with the evergreens that I found in our garden. Holly, box and bay leaf. It makes for a fairly understated wreath – let’s see whether I can carry that theme throughout the rest of the rooms.

Why am I telling you boring you with this? Because I actually had a couple of other things on my list today. I wanted to put together the various items for the forthcoming fundraiser auction and write a big announcement post because this fundraiser is going to be slightly different than our usual birthday auctions. But I got distracted until it was too late to take the pictures that I need for a proper announcement post. However, if you are reading here, I can already announce in big shiny letters

Get ready for the RAnet Rescue Fundraiser

Friday, 29 November until Monday, 2 December

Fan items, Christmas gifts for you and/or others, token gifts in return for a donation

More info on the items, the migration progress, the auction process and the platforms where it is at in a forthcoming post tomorrow. 

Mark your calendar!!!

And now to the RAPS reveal – which is more or less part of the run up to the fundraiser. This is the second of two RAPSes which I am throwing into the auctions. You have already seen the previous one HERE. So watch out for them from Friday when they will be available for bidding.

Once again I was inspired by a vintage tin that was kindly given to me by Helen. I decorated the bottom of it, but I preserved the lid.

The original purpose of the tin set the theme – I was thinking of Mr Thornton in his younger days, as an apprentice in a draper’s shop. And so the vintage look became this:

It is difficult to capture the actual background collage in a photograph. The future owner of the shrine may have some fun peeking behind the silhouette to see all the bits and pieces.

I’ve kept it very simple in this shrine, with a JT love heart and a compass for North and South… I definitely couldn’t resist the cravat-less, casual Thornton for this…

There we are. The RAPS in its entirety. I hope it’ll find a new owner.

So, once again the reminder: Fundraiser is happening during the Thanksgiving weekend, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. More info to follow tomorrow!




23 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 209/? – Vintage Thornton

  1. Ode to Salesmanship

    John Thornton, John Thornton
    How can any man
    Compare with thee?
    With your eyes bluer than the sea.
    Do not despair,
    Have not a care.
    You may make him thine,
    For the small price,
    Of a pocket shrine.

    Kathy Jones

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  2. It’s one of the best times of the year dusting of the decorations, isn’t it. Sorry you had a spider shock. How big is your thumbnail though? I’m looking at mine and it doesn’t look that big spider wise – although to be fair any critter hiding in the decorations is a no no. Can’t wait to start bidding on those beautiful shrines!


  3. Well, well, well. Isn’t that typical. You make a RAPS and it’s gorgeous.
    As always, love the beaten and bruised vintage tin. Beautiful! I cannot wait to see what this auction is gonna feature.


  4. Looking forward to the auction – I may be selfish and bid on something just for me. 😁
    And if little spider made you jump, you’d have had a heart attack at the rather large one hanging out in my bathroom. But I don’t have the heart to kill it. And besides, it’s already survived one assassination attempt by my son, who threw washcloths on top of it and then stomped on the cloths.
    Also, I really like your wreath – it’s very pretty.


    • Hehe, definitely bid on something for yourself – the auction was specifically timed for the holiday season.
      And *um* yeah, I am glad I am living in a country that doesn’t really have any big creepy crawlies… Even when they are not poisonous, I am still not overly fond of them. Your house guest seems to be very resilient 😉


  5. Two gorgeous profiles! I’m loving that the vintage tins you’re using have inspired you to create such nostalgic treatments of RA -whose handsomeness is timeless. ❤️ Wonderful!


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