RAdvent Calendar Comes Again

Is it too early for presents?

Nah, it’s never too early for presents. For the third year running, I have decided to sweeten up your run-up to Christmas with a RAdvent Calendar. Best of all – all that sweetness without any calories. What’s not to love? So get ready for this year’s advent fun. 24 little doors to open – all with a fun little picture behind.

A click on the image will take you to the advent calendar – since the embedding code still does not work on WordPress. The calendar only activates in four days’ time, on the first of December. But until then you can already have a look and bookmark the page for easy access every day through December 24. The theme this year is – fashion. Huh? How did that happen? Well, I just want us all to countdown to Christmas in style 😉.

I hope you’ll have as much fun with this little time-wasting piece of sweetness than I had when making it. It’s the season to be jolly *falalalalalaaa la la la laaaa*

PS: Countdown to our fundraiser is on! Two days and the fun starts. If you haven’t read the announcement yet, it is HERE. I will let you know in a blog post on Friday when the auctions are live!


12 thoughts on “RAdvent Calendar Comes Again

  1. RA should hire you as his personal assistant. You are single handedly keeping his fandom going. Thank you for your enthusiasm when other sites are falling by the wayside.


  2. 😃 *rubs hands together* Excited for this to start. You always pick out the coolest pics of that handsome fella for the calendar. I’ve added it to my home screen on my phone.


  3. Komisch, mir kommt es immer so vor, als hätte der Tag zu wenig Stunden für all das, was ich so machen müsste. Bei dir scheint es umgekehrt zu sein. Ich schwanke zwischen Neid und Bewunderung. Was willst du denn noch alles machen???
    Bin übrigens ganz besonders beeindruckt, dass es dir gelungen ist, 24 modische Fotos zu finden 😂.


    • Ha, ich weiß, was du meinst. Bei mir ist auch nie genug Zeit am Tag. Aber ansonsten bin ich ein großer Anhänger der Theorie “Wer sich viel vornimmt, schafft auch viel”. (Ok, manches allerdings dann auch eher nur so schlecht als recht…)
      Das mit den 24 modischen Fotos war so eine Sache… Aber das Ergebnis kann sich dann doch sehen lassen. Ist eben Richard drin.


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