One Day Til RAnet Rescue Fundraiser

Are you ready?

Just another gif to prove that my multimedia abilities are way less impressive than you seem to think!

What you see in the gif is just a little teaser. There will be more items available. At the last count we will have a range of 26 offers on eBay and 47 sale items on Etsy. That’ll be a lot of copy and pasting for me tomorrow as I manage the individual auctions/shop items. But no complaint from me! I am glad we have so many items available. Because we are young and we need the money!

RAnet Rescue Update

So, here’s a little background for you to explain why we need to raise a pretty pound with the auctions: I spent an hour on the phone yesterday with a developer. I explained what we need and want from the developers – namely to preserve *all* the contents currently on the site, and to transfer them into a platform where an admin team can continue to update the site. Once again it was confirmed to me that it is indeed possible to preserve RAnet. However, due to moving to another system – WordPress – the look will necessarily change a little bit because we will have to move to a different software and a different template. But as I said: All existing contents are to be saved for continued access!

I am basically waiting for a proper estimate how much the technical work is going to cost. The developer is currently looking at the databases and structure of the existing site to determine that, so she was only able to give me a rough ballpark figure. But we are looking at a few days’ work – so we are probably talking of an estimate of 1,500 Euro. (I had expected something like that, tbh, so I was not shocked. Even a moderate hourly rate of 50 Euro would already accrue a 400 Euro daily bill…) Based on our previous charity auctions, I know it is *possible* to raise such an amount. (However, those were auctions to benefit those in need via a charity; I do not know whether the generosity of the participants will be affected by the fact that this fundraiser is “only” aimed at a service that benefits us ourselves, as fans. I hope it will not be.) Depending on the fundraiser proceeds, it may be possible to make cuts (*not* affecting the contents) that can bring the costs down. But we will deal with that when we get to it, i.e. when I have a budget that I can pass on to the developers.

So, that is where we are at. For the moment, I wish all my US-American readers a wonderful Thanksgiving. And I hope that you will all have a look tomorrow when the auctions and sales items go live! *Gobble gobble*


6 thoughts on “One Day Til RAnet Rescue Fundraiser

  1. I’m trying not to forget, as I usually do when I’m in Work mode. So forgive me if I missed you saying already. If one can’t bid on one of the great items you will have on offer; will there be a way to donate a few bucks, (not have I have much at the moment) you know, to show you a little support and solidarity?

    I’m really glad you are doing this G. 💕


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