#RAnetRescue Fundraising Items Are Now Live!!!

Who would’ve thought that we have another auction fundraiser before the year is over? Well, there is a need, and therefore the latest collection of donated fan items will now be auctioned and sold – just in time for the holiday season.

So the fact that you are reading this post now, means that we are live with the RAnet Rescue Fundraiser. Running for the next three days to conclude on Monday, 2nd December, we have a total of 31 auctions running. *oof* After the latest round of birthday auctions I had actually sworn never to have so many auctions running at the same time again, but well – we need the money. Among the range of auctions you will find some fan packs, some individual fan items, and a large number of Zox straps. They are not fan items as such (although there are a few in there that appeal to me as a fan because they have a connection to Richard’s work) but since they have been donated by our fellow fan LoLo, I think it only fitting that we now try to raise funds with them. All Zox straps are new and unworn, and are considered collectibles. Hopefully they will also attract attention from non-fans aka the Zox community itself. Many thanks to LoLo at this point! Some other Zox straps have also been donated by Helen and by Kate. I’d also like to thank Esther and Kelly for donated items that are now available in the auctions. This fundraiser would not be possible without you all. Thank you!

Apart from the eBay auctions, you will also find items for a simple purchasing transaction in my Etsy store. These are the micro mini books I created for fans. They have a set price and are all priced to include regular postage anywhere in the world. 9 different types of books are available. You can buy multiples of the same book as there is a “quantity” button in the individual listing. The shopping process is pretty self-explanatory on Etsy – and you don’t have to register for an account there in order to buy. (Learn more about checking out on Etsy as a guest user HERE.) Note: Only the micro mini books are part of the fundraiser and will be labelled as such.

As a little disclaimer, please bear in mind that the fan items are pre-loved unless described otherwise. That means there may be signs of use on the items, as per item descriptions. For the hand-made items it goes without saying that they might deviate in details – but are perfect in imperfection! Please also note that I have taken the liberty of setting a starting price for the auctions. These reflect regular prices of the items as researched on eBay/Amazon and are an attempt by me to guarantee a nice minimum donation. The benchmark is 800 Euro, which would be reached if we sold *all* items at the minimum and set prices. It would be cool if we could better that.

The proceeds of the auctions and Etsy sale are intended for paying for web professionals to update RAnet’s software and migrating the site to a new platform.  Postage costs and fees for eBay and Etsy to be deducted from the proceeds. If you do not wish to bid on an item but would like to contribute with a donation, you can do so via a click on the donation image below. It will take you to the Paypal site where you can donate a sum of your choice. Note: The donation button is linked with my Paypal account in order to collect all proceeds/donation in one place.So please check out the auctions and the sale! Bidding and buying is open for all, anywhere in the world. As always, I also appreciate your non-monetary support in the shape of tweets, FB posts, blogs etc. Your voice is just as important as your purse! Let’s have fun and do good in one fell swoop.

You can find all auctions in an overview on my eBay page HERE and all Etsy offers HERE. But for your convenience I have written a summary of all the auctions. You can find a picture, description and link to each individual auction in this post below. Larger and more images of the items as well as further information on the actual items you are bidding on, can be found in the respective eBay/Etsy listings. Click on the numbered headline to be transferred directly to the respective listing. I have grouped them in chronological order of auction start:

Ebay auctions

Robin Hood DVD – Season 1
An item for fans of the man who came in from the scold: This is a DVD set of the BBC’s 2006 season 1 of Robin Hood. It’s a region 2 (Europe) DVD, so bidders need to be aware that their DVD player is compatible! The cover notes are in Dutch but the DVD is English language. The DVD is used and in good condition.

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:12:43 GMT



RIII Fan Pack
Immerse yourself in history: This fan package contains a second hand copy of Sharon Penman’s fictionalised account of Richard III’s life. A highly readable book, the sympathetic biography was once recommended by Richard Armitage as a great introduction to this much misunderstood and misinterpreted English king.
If you become or are a Ricardian already, you can wear your conviction on your lapel – with the accompanying badge picturing the famous portrait of the king, held by the National Portrait Gallery.

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:14:24 GMT

Shakespeare ReTold DVD – Including Macbeth
The BBC’s Shakespeare ReTold series on two DVDs. Richard features as Macduff in Macbeth. An early performance in a small role, but the production is definitely worth seeing. A used item but in good condition. (Donated by Esther)

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:16:07 GMT



Tolkien Fan Pack – Zox Strap Outlook
A package for Tolkien fans that contains a used DVD and one Zox strap – to show you are a fan when you are not watching your favourite trilogy. Perfect for aspiring Tolkien geeks, this pack provides you with the end to the LotR saga, i.e. Part 3 of the trilogy, The Return of the King. Bonus: Included is the Special Features DVD from Part 1 of the LotR saga. Plus, wear your fandom on your wrist – with a beautiful Zox strap with a Tolkien-themed design. The set contains two matching straps with an individual design each.
Card reads: ‘All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.’ J.R.R. Tolkien

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:19:11 GMT

Last Kingdom book
The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell was one of the first audio books that Richard Armitage ever narrated. Called Lords of the North in the audio version, the audio book is considered one of Richard’s best narrations. The book is used but in good condition.

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:21:07 GMT

Pilot TV Magazine/Empire Dec. 2019
Richard’s upcoming Netflix show The Stranger is due for release early next year. Pilot TV Magazine is one of the first publications to report on the forthcoming show. The article features a large image of Richard Armitage as main character Adam Price. This is actually a double pack as Pilot TV comes with Empire Magazine. The magazines come in its unopened, original packaging.

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:24:34 GMT

Venetia audio book/CD
It doesn’t get more “romance” than a Heyer book. This is a CD set of Heyer’s Venetia, one of Richard’s early audio book projects. Almost 5 hours of Richard’s velvet voice. Yum. The CD set is used but in good condition.

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:26:03 GMT


Master of the Mill – Pocket Shrine

Mr Thornton was the gateway drug. Well, for many of us, at least. All the more reason to put him in a shrine. This one commemorates his unforgettable first appearance in the BBC’s North and South. 15 years ago – and still resonates. More pictures on my original reveal post HERE.

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:28:26 GMT


Vintage Thornton – Pocket Shrine

And another hand-made piece of RAvotionalia – or should we say “Thorntonalia”? This is a vintage themed RAPS – and what better to put into it than that imposing profile? Of course, we all prefer it when he takes his cravat off… More info on my original reveal post HERE.

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:30:02 GMT



Richard Armitage Colouring Book
Your chance to get this fun little booklet with b/w images to colour in. This booklet is otherwise not available to buy anymore. This is a used item – and one picture has already been coloured in. But plenty of fun still to be had with this fan item.

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:32:43 GMT



Zox straps – twin pack – No Mountain High Enough/No Valley Low Enough
Two straps in one pack: These are two Zox straps with a quote from English poet Elizabeth Barrett-Browning. Ideal as a romantic gift: Keep one for yourself, give the other to your loved one. “No mountain high enough, no valley low enough”. Both cards read: ‘How do I love thee? Let me count the way. I love the to the depth and breath and height my soul can reach.’ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:34:45 GMT

Zox straps – twin pack – William Blake – Ancient of Days & My Brother’s Keeper (white star)

What do Lucas North and Francis Dolarhyde have in common? Right, they both have tattoos featuring William Blake’s paintings. Now you don’t have to get yourself a tattoo too, to show you are a fan. Instead you can get these Zox straps that feature imagery from two William Blake paintings.The set contains two matching straps with an individual design each. Cards read: ‘[Ancient of days] You are beautifully and wonderfully made.’ [My Brother’s Keeper] I’ll always have your back, bro.’

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:38:43 GMT

Zox twin pack Tolkien – Afterglow and Onward

Wear your fandom on your wrist – with a set of two beautiful Zox straps with a Tolkien-themed design. The set contains two matching straps with an individual design each. Cards read: [Afterglow] May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.’ J.R.R. Tolkien [Onward] Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.’ J.R.R. Tolkien

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:36:15 GMT

Zox Straps – Wanderlust (2x) [links below]
Did you enjoy Richard’s performance in the Wanderlust audio book? Why not remind yourself of his turn as Griffin by wearing a colourful wrist adornment that spells WANDERLUST? Or if the book was not to your taste, maybe you love travelling – then this strap is perfect for you! Card reads: ‘Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers.’

Zox Straps -Wanderlust #[03278]                  #[0799]

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:40:28 GMT and 15:41:51 GMT respectively

Zox Straps – Galaxy in their eyes (4x) [links below]

This is the Zox strap that started it all for me. Way back last year fellow fan LoLo gifted me this very strap, saying how the quote on the accompanying card reminded her of Richard. I completely concur: On the card it reads: ‘His eyes were like galaxies, and everyone could get lost in them. How many stars flickered there, no one knew, but every time he glanced upon someone, a new star ignited, a new star was caught in the gravity of his stare.’ . Truth.com! Hence, this strap has become my unofficial fandom bracelet. Maybe you would like one, too? There are four of these on offer in the auctions.

Galaxy in their eyes #[1620]      #[1003]      #[0986]      #[0148]

The last of these auctions ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:51:08 GMT

Zox Strap – A Better Life
A Better Life #[0919]
Card reads: ‘Follow the path that leads to a better tomorrow, whether for you or your neighbour.’

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:54:29 GMT


Zox Strap – You are enough

You are enough #[03541]
Card reads: ‘If only you could see your strength the way I do.’

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:57:03 GMT

Zox Strap – Fight Back

Fight Back #[00449]
Card reads: ‘For there is no folly of the beast of the earth which is not outdone by the madness of men.’ Herman Melville, Moby Dick

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:59:13 GMT

Zox Strap – Imagination

Imagination #[0729]
Card reads: ‘The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.’ Albert Einstein

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 16:01:19 GMT

Zox Strap – Globetrotter

Globetrotter #[2547]
Card reads: ‘Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.’ Dalai Lama

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 16:03:29 GMT)


Zox Strap – Starry Night

Starry Night #[03675]
Card reads: ‘For my part I know nothing with any certainty nut the sight of the stars makes me dream.’ Vincent van Gogh

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 16:05:38 GMT

Zox Strap – Flamingo

Flamingo #[01638]
Card reads: ‘Live fast, die old.’ David Brent

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 16:08:14 GMT

Zox Strap – Abundance

Abundance #[01232]
Card reads: ‘There’s enough love, enough time, enough healing to go around. Give what you wish to receive.’ Jewel

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 16:14:14 GMT



Zox Strap – Creation

Creation #[01409]
Card reads: ‘In the beginning’

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 16:16:31 GMT



Zox Strap – Renewal

Renewal #[01232]
Card reads: ‘Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?’ I.M Montgomery

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 16:18:44 GMT



Zox Strap – Serenity

Serenity #[01232]
Card reads: ‘With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.’ Shakespeare

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 16:20:36 GMT



Zox Strap – Growth

Growth #[01232]
Card reads: ‘It’s well known that a vital ingredient of success is not knowing that what you’re attempting can’t be done.’ Terry Pratchett

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 16:22:28 GMT

Micro Mini Books – Etsy

You may have already seen these in an earlier post of mine. The micro mini books came about after I had made a tiny mini book to fit into one of my pocket shrines. They are all handmade and relate to a variety of plays/shows/films that Richard has been in. Some display the original cover art of the project in question; some have new covers that were designed by me. The mini books come either with a pin attached at the back for wearing as a brooch, or as a plain mini book. Each mini book features a fly leaf and/or a picture of Richard in the respective role. Some may also have another printed picture inside. Note: The mini books do NOT contain the text of the featured work of literature/film! They do contain individual pages that can be turned and thumbed through – but they are blank. Also note that this is a handmade object intended as a decoration. They are somewhat fragile; i.e. if you break the spine, the pages could potentially fall out.

I have created 48 of these mini books as tokens to be received in return for a donation. Therefore these items will not go into an eBay auction but will be sold for a fixed price. To that end I am offering them for sale via my Etsy store. The price includes shipping. Hopefully this way even those of you who have missed out on previous charity fundraisers when prices skyrocketed, have a chance of catching one of the items.

The available mini books are:
Urban and the Shed Crew (7x)

Red Dragon (6x)

The Gisborne Chronicles (2x)North and South (12x)
The Crucible (4x)
Spooks (6x)
The Stranger (4x)
Uncle Vanya (3x)
The Hobbit (4x)

Note: The same cover may appear in two different shop items – one as a brooch/pin, the other as mini book only. Check whether you are at the correct item for brooch or book. If you do not want a book pin, you need to buy the mini book only version. Conversely, if the pin versions are sold out and you can only get your hands on a mini book version, you can get in touch with me after purchasing and let me know that you would like me to add a pin – at no extra cost, of course.

And now you can enjoy the fun – while I have a lie-down. This listing business is a full-time job 😂

PS: Small Print HERE.


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  2. Hee-hee! I just snagged one of the Spooks mini brooches! Figured I don’t have a prayer of having the winning bid on one of the shrines, but wanted to help anyway.


  3. Ermehgerd! The mini-books are selling like hotcakes! Do you have a similar saying in Germany and Ireland? Thank goodness I was able to snag a North and South and The Stranger. Maybe instead of the custom RAPS, you could offer a chance to buy a custom mini-book? Not a brand-new design, just one of the ones you’ve already designed but it is sold out?
    Fingers crossed that we get good results! Thank you for all of your incredible work, dearest G.

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