Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/42 – Plus: First Update on #RAnetRescue Fundraiser

Good morning all. The round-up today is slightly shorter – mainly for time constraints. I was pretty busy yesterday. Despite preparing as much for the listings as possible, the actual clicking and activating of auctions and items always takes so much more time than you would think. Hence I only finished uploading the items at 5pm yesterday… But as soon as the listings went live, things started to happen. We have received bids, and the little mini books have proved to be a hot seller. So before I launch into the round-up, here is a first update on the fundraiser so far:

Fundraiser Update

First of all thank you for your participation so far. I hadn’t even activated *all* listings yet when the first bid on one of the items came in.

The vital statistics:

  • At this point we have received bids on 14 items.
  • Highest bid is currently on the Vintage Thornton RAPS, followed by the Master of the Mill RAPS and the Venetia audio book.
  • The hottest item – in terms of bids – seems to be Vintage Thornton with 16 bids and 57 views.
  • Donations have also come in. The total from donations is currently over 300 Euro! Thank you to all you generous donors!
  • On Etsy, we have sold out! The 47 micro mini books were all gone within 6 hours! Without having deducted fees and postage yet, that means we made 470 Euro on Etsy alone. Massive thanks to all buyers!

Talking of the clean-out on Etsy: LoLo suggested that I might offer a “Custom Micro Mini Book” auction for those who missed out on the sale and might like a shot at getting one of those mini books/pins. I am happy to facilitate that. To make it worth the bidders’ while, I am offering a TWO-for-one deal: The winner of this auction decides on her own TWO custom-made micro mini books. You choose the work(s) of literature/film/show/role, and I produce them as *exclusives*, i.e. they will be one-offs. No other copies of those micro minis will be made. (Note: For copyright reasons I may have to create a new cover design of the piece in question. To be discussed with the winner.) Attention: This item is *not* auctioned off on eBay but by e-mail. Bids can be placed by e-mail to me, Guylty. This is the procedure :

  1. Send an e-mail with your bid to, subject line “Bid for Custom Micro Mini Books”.
  2. To make things easier for me, please convert your bid to Euros. A handy converter is here.
  3. You will receive confirmation from me that I have received your bid (in case of delay, please bear in mind possible time-difference)
  4. I will update you on the bids on the blog and on my Twitter.
  5. Please subscribe to the comments of this post in order to get notification of bid updates.
  6. You may raise your bid, but please only bid if you really are prepared to win the auction (and pay).
  7. Bidding is open from now until 4pm GMT, Monday 02 December 2919.
  8. The auction winner will be notified by e-mail.

If that is not your cup of tea, bidding on eBay items continues to be open. Check the auction overview HERE.

And now… the round-up

  1. In case you like to have Richard’s current project prominently displayed as a banner on your SM or page, richardarmitagefanpage has four different banners for you
  2. Blasphemy indeed. Fizzyxcustard proves the point with this picture post of gorgeousness
  3. Not the most favourite of all chaRActers, but fizzyxcustard shows off her top 5 Raymond moments
  4. “Doctor Miller” was quite a success last week. Riepu10 follows up with more medical goodness
  5. My top gif this week! Mezzmerizedbyrichard proves why she loves Richard when he laughs. Convincing argument
  6. I can totally see why peneigh-dzredfohl uses this picture of Guy to illustrate Wolverine
  7. Sir Guy has such an expressive face – the micro expressions get me every time. Gif set by riepu10
  8. Is anyone a writer here and need a pep talk? This might do it. Or not. *distRActed*. Posted by thewarriorandtheking

Sorry – the round-up got short shrift.

With the fundraiser now up and running, I am planning to get the house ready for advent. After producing the cookie dough for two types of Christmas biscuits *last Sunday*, said dough has been resting in the fridge for six days *eeek*. It needs to be baked. And then there is the rest of the deco that has to go up… I’ll be keeping my phone close by to check into auctions and mail intermittently during the day and to possibly give updates.

Thank you for your support of the fundraiser so far – as always, you are simply *great*.

Guylty ❤️


23 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/42 – Plus: First Update on #RAnetRescue Fundraiser

  1. Great idea Lolo had! I will have to review my available funds for a possible Sir Guy mini/book et al.

    Off topic question, but thought you might have a quickie answer.

    Currently in bed reading w/hubs a book on Jethro Tull. He asked me what a “bed sit” was. Like I’m gonna know, his ancestors are from Ireland/UK not mine. My guess is, renting a room in someone’s house?

    Great news on the fundraiser. Did I mention I thought your video was cool? 👍🏼Busy day, so might not have. ☃️

    Liked by 1 person

    • A bedsit is a room that is individually rented in a house. Has no kitchen or bathroom of its own, so the occupier has to share those with the other people in the flat. Typical student accommodation 🙂
      And glad you liked the video – hehe, I always get sidetracked into stuff like that 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank You! I’ll wait until he wakes up again to tell him. 💤

        Can totally understand getting side tracked when making something like that. The images you choose have to help convey they message of why people should want to invest in the project but be compelling enough to keep one interested. You kept my interest, (which can be hard to do sometimes) so I think you did good! 💐


          • He’s lived like that when he in university. (When I met him, he was in an apartment/flat.) He says it makes sense that Ian Anderson as well as probs the other Jethro Tull band members lived in bed sits. There was a session musician that lived in the house my future hubs rented (before I knew him) with four other students. Only the musician wasn’t a student.

            Then he told me about when Jethro Tull was on tour, they were in the same hotel as Joe Cocker, who came up to them excited to tell the band their LP Stand Up had gone to #1. However Ian Anderson was more interested in asking if he could have some of the huge pile of bacon Joe Cocker had on his plate.

            Note to self; Don’t talk to someone with a big plate of bacon in your hands and expect their attention.


  2. Thank you so much for the mentions! It always makes me happy to those.

    I thought about couple items (Lego Gizzys and reflectors) to the auction, but long postal strike messed up my plans. Maybe next time

    Liked by 2 people

    • And I am always pleased when I can include links to my “old” tumblr mates. Thank you for continuing to entertain us.
      Damn that postal strike. It’s been going on for ages, has it not?
      Would be lovely to get some Lego fun into the auctions at some stage. Whenever and if possible. No stress!


      • The strike ended last Wednesday after lasting two and half weeks. But things are still messed up. Yesterday I read a news that Posti has returned uncollected parcels to the senders during the strike after Posti itself failed to deliver the arrival notices…


    • You’re welcome. And as I said to Riepu – thanks back to you creators who keep the fun and goodness coming. It’s especially nice when I can include people I actually *know* xx


  3. Thank you for squeezing in a round-up Guylty with all you have going on. Happy to see pics of Raymond. In the first one, I thought he was saying “You are a burly little monk” but it’s ” You’re up early little monk”, which makes more sense. It’s a fantastic start to the auction and I’m not surprised that the gorgeous micronbooks are flying off the shelves. You are an absolute 🌟 for all you are doing – thank you.


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