#RAnetRescue Fundraiser: First Update/Overdue Milestone

Good morning all. I let things go their way yesterday rather than start the customary Twitter barrage of updates and milestones. But now the time has come. We are basically half way through the fundraiser at this point, and after the first stats yesterday morning, I’d like to give you a little update on the developments since then.

Micro Mini Books

As mentioned before, the micro mini books on Etsy are all sold out to the tune of 470 Euro. However, I have added the opportunity for you to get two of those mini books as a special deal: I am auctioning a two-for-one deal for you. The winner of this auction decides on her own TWO custom-made micro mini books. You choose the work(s) of literature/film/show/role, and I produce them as *exclusives*, i.e. they will be one-offs. No other copies of those micro minis will be made. (Note: For copyright reasons I may have to create a new cover design of the piece in question. To be discussed with the winner.) Attention: This item is *not* auctioned off on eBay but by e-mail. Bids can be placed by e-mail to me, Guylty. This is the procedure :

  1. Send an e-mail with your bid to guylty@photographer.net, subject line “Bid for Custom Micro Mini Books”.
  2. To make things easier for me, please convert your bid to Euros. A handy converter is here.
  3. You will receive confirmation from me that I have received your bid (in case of delay, please bear in mind possible time-difference)
  4. I will update you on the bids on the blog and on my Twitter.
  5. Please subscribe to the comments of this post in order to get notification of bid updates.
  6. You may raise your bid, but please only bid if you really are prepared to win the auction (and pay).
  7. Bidding is open from now until 4pm GMT, Monday 02 December 2919.
  8. The auction winner will be notified by e-mail.


Thanks to you generous fans out there, donations have now risen to more than 450 Euro! I know that no price can be put on the work that Ali has put into RAnet over the many years that she was at the helm of the site, and neither on the enjoyment that we each individually have gotten out of visiting RAnet, but seeing these generous donations coming in, is wonderful and gratifying. It’s a beautiful thought that you are all clubbing together to keep RAnet going. It reminds me a bit of Daniel Miller in BS, saying “the only club where the fans built their stadium themselves”. He was referring to football club Union Berlin – I am referring to your involvement in the continued availability of RAnet.


For those who like the fun and suspense of Ebay, this is what has happened there so far:

Out of 31 active auctions, 20 have received bids so far, i.e. 20 items will be sold. The proceeds from those sales so far are over 380 Euro (before Ebay fees and postage). The Master of the Mill RAPS remains the leader with 107 views and a price tag of 67.50 Euro.The Shakespeare Retold DVD has also received some nice bids that have gone higher than the starting price, as have some of the Zox straps such as Wanderlust, Starry Night or Creation. Thank you to all bidders!

We have 11 auctions in the running that have not got any bids yet. If you would like to get some gift bang for your donation buck, you could consider bidding on one of those. Access HERE.

Overdue Milestone

So, if you have counted all the Etsy proceeds, the donations and the current Ebay proceeds together, you will come to a total of

1,300 Euro

at this point in the fundraiser. This is before fees and postage, so hopefully we can raise the donations and bids a little higher before the end of the fundraiser tomorrow at about 5pm. Suffice to say there is still time to bid.

And for those who have read until here: You have earned yourself a RAdvent Calendar! Today is the first of December, so head over to tuerchen.com. Number one, right beside the Igelfutz (hairline above the nape) is now open. Hope you have fun!



14 thoughts on “#RAnetRescue Fundraiser: First Update/Overdue Milestone

    • You are absolutely right. I am just too impatient. Previous experience shows that the last day is always particularly busy… I look forward to waking up tomorrow 😉


  1. Guylty, I don’t know if it’s just me being in the UK rather than Ireland, but on the ebay site if I click on “other items” nothing comes up… when obviously there are lots of other items. 🤔


    • Thank you for that, Helen. This is really weird, because I was just having a similar conversation with Kate who is on the IE website and can’t see all the auctions. For me, even when I am signed out, I can see *ALL* 31 auctions on *every* site I tried (.com, UK, IE, and DE). Not sure what that means.


        • Actually – I found the mistake – and it was my own. Apparently some of my listings were not set on “ships worldwide”. That has now been adjusted. ALL items will ship WORLDWIDE (even if the note says otherwise). But hopefully the listings will now show up internationally, too.


          • The only way I can access the auctions is via your links here. Even if I search for a particular item, nothing comes up either on eBay.com.au (with worldwide filter on) or eBay.com.


            • Dang – that’s all really messed up. It’s weird, too, that the look and feel of the eBay backend seemed to change during the afternoon. Looked entirely different when I accessed it early evening.
              Might have to do some more link spam on Twitter tomorrow.


  2. I hope I don’t influence anyone else’s enthusiasm, but, honestly: I don’t have the patience to deal with auctions, but I will send you some money later. (I’m a “checkbook activist,” too, this is my pattern.) The first image in the advent calendar is hilarious. You’ve got me hooked on that and thank you for it!

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