Last Hours of #RAnetRescue Fundraiser Have Started

Good morning everybody. Have you opened the second door of the 2019 RAdvent CalendRA yet?

I am having a busy day today. It’s annual invigilation season again. As you are reading this, I am overseeing exams – an annual gig that will this year take me to my old hunting grounds in the college I graduated from in 2012. Then it’s back home to bake a birthday cake for my son. He has today reached true and irreversible adulthood. 21. We’re preparing a big meal for him and his friends this evening. And then there is the finale of the RAnet Rescue Fundraiser. The last of the auctions on eBay is finishing at 4.22 pm. Maybe you will want to join me on Twitter where I will try to live tweet the last minutes of the auctions. Speaking of which – let’s see where we are currently at with the donations and auctions. The donations have risen to 590 Euro at this point. Fantastic result so far!

On Ebay, there was a bit of a glitch because some of the listings hadn’t been set to ship worldwide – and hence not all listings did not show up for everyone. I corrected the issue and hope that every item is now viewable. However, I have been told that the safest way of accessing the auctions is by way of the links here on the blog. There are 31 auctions in total. Once I adjusted the settings yesterday, more bids came in for the items that had previously not found any bidders. We reached a nice milestone on Ebay last night – when a bidder pushed us to a clean 500 Euro. Hooray. And at this point we have reached an auction proceeds total (before fees/postage) of 526 Euro. Can we better that? Here is a short overview of all the available items – with link and current bid.

Robin Hood DVD – Season 1

14.50 Euro 

This auction ends 15:12:43 GMT



RIII Fan Pack

22.00 Euro.

This auction ends 15:14:24 GMT


Shakespeare ReTold DVD – Including Macbeth

18.50 Euro

This auction ends 15:16:07 GMT



Tolkien Fan Pack – Zox Strap Outlook

12.50 Euro

This auction ends 15:19:11 GMT


Last Kingdom book

7 .00 Euro

This auction ends  15:21:07 GMT


Pilot TV Magazine/Empire Dec. 2019

15.50 Euro

This auction ends15:24:34 GMT


Venetia audio book/CD

27.00 Euro

This auction ends  15:26:03 GMT


Master of the Mill – Pocket Shrine

67.50 Euro

This auction ends 15:28:26 GMT


Vintage Thornton – Pocket Shrine

60.50 Euro

This auction ends 15:30:02 GMT



Richard Armitage Colouring Book

14.50 Euro

This auction ends 15:32:43 GMT



Zox straps – twin pack – No Mountain High Enough/No Valley Low Enough

30.00 Euro

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:34:45 GMT


Zox straps – twin pack – William Blake – Ancient of Days & My Brother’s Keeper (white star)

20.00 Euro

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:38:43 GMT


Zox twin pack Tolkien – Afterglow and Onward

20.00 Euro

This auction ends Monday 02 Dec, 2019 15:36:15 GMT


Zox Straps – Wanderlust (2x) [links below]

#[03278]                  15.00 Euro

#[0799]                     17.00 Euro

This auction ends 15:41:51 GMT

Zox Straps – Galaxy in their eyes (4x) [links below]

#[1620]          13,50 Euro

#[1003]          10.00 Euro   

#[0986]            no bid   

#[0148]           14.00 Euro

The last of these auctions ends 15:51:08 GMT

Zox Strap – A Better Life

no bid

This auction ends 15:54:29 GMT


Zox Strap – You are enough

10.00 Euro

This auction ends 15:57:03 GMT


Zox Strap – Fight Back

10.00 Euro

This auction ends 15:59:13 GMT


Zox Strap – Imagination

10.00 Euro

This auction ends 16:01:19 GMT


Zox Strap – Globetrotter

10.00 Euro

This auction ends  16:03:29 GMT)


Zox Strap – Starry Night

16.00 Euro

This auction ends 16:05:38 GMT


Zox Strap – Flamingo

no bid

This auction ends 16:08:14 GMT


Zox Strap – Abundance

10.00 Euro

This auction ends 16:14:14 GMT


Zox Strap – Creation

14.50 Euro

This auction ends  16:16:31 GMT



Zox Strap – Renewal

no bid

This auction ends  16:18:44 GMT


Zox Strap – Serenity

no bid

This auction ends  16:20:36 GMT



Zox Strap – Growth

10.00 Euro

This auction ends 16:22:28 GMT



It would be fantastic if we could get *all*items sold and pass the 500 Euro mark. 

Lastly, the update on the custom mini books auction: Currently at 35.00 EuroIf you are interested you still have time to place a bid via e-mail at until 5pm GMT today.

I’ll try and peek at my phone if I can.


2 thoughts on “Last Hours of #RAnetRescue Fundraiser Have Started

  1. Way to juggle all the tasks you have G. 📚 You’re my real life hero girl! Hope your celebration was fun and the fundraiser sounds like it reached the minimum needed, minus expenses I hope. ☃️


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