#RAnetRescue Fundraiser – First Tally

Dear all – that was exciting! And everything came together. I was barely home from my invigilation gig and I received an immediate translation job. Coupled with the fact that I had mistakenly believed the *first* auction would end at 3.20pm, I suddenly found myself in the middle of the auction live tweet while I was still translating. *eeek*. But have no fear – it all worked out. We have a first tally that I am sure you are all waiting to hear. So I’ll spare you the waffle and get into it straight away. I have worked out the fees for Etsy and eBay and deducted them already. Here is our tally:

This is our provisional result – because the postage has yet to be deducted. However, there is always a chance that some donations may still come in overnight. (I am leaving the donations open for the moment.) Nevertheless it is already time to say thank you to you all. Wonderful results on all items, whether on Etsy or eBay, and of course an amazing donation sum that trumps all. I am very grateful to you all – and as soon as I have the final, final tally, I will go to the developers and finally give them the job of updating and migrating RAnet to its new shape and home.

Finally a quick word to all of you who bought an item on Etsy and/or won an auction on eBay: Apologies for any delayed answers to questions/request this afternoon in the aftermath of the auctions. There was a lot happening at the same time 😊. I will now start the process of packing and shipping the purchased/won items. They will go out asap tomorrow and the day after. A few items will be sent to the auction winners directly by the donors. Once the item/s are shipped, an automatic notification will be generated on Etsy or eBay. That way you will know that your item is on its way to you.

Once again I would like to thank everyone who got involved in this fundraiser – by commenting and signalboosting, by donating items or money, by bidding on items, by buying items, and by winning items on eBay. All who involved themselves in any way, monetary or not, are part of the new ownership of RAnet – a proper community effort. I think that is worth celebrating in its own right. 

Thank you!




18 thoughts on “#RAnetRescue Fundraiser – First Tally

  1. Wonderful news G! 🎀 You know how to bring it, rock it and make it all happen right! 💕

    How difficult would it be for you to leave the donation button open? You know, in case we (some of us) might be able to make donations at another time?

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  2. Many thanks to everyone who gifted items and to Guytly for her skills in crafting and computer abilities ( I needed my husband’s help with the auction lol)


  3. I spent 10 mins digging through the auction posts for the link to donate money without buying anything. Nada. May I be bossy and suggest you make a new post that just says “If you want to donate money to the save-the-website project, click here (with underline). I promise I will use it (assuming you take Paypal). No story, no photos…well maybe one nice photo of you-know-who….but don’t bury the link, please, thank you.


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