Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/43 – and Sums

No need to chase, Lucas. I’ll happily wait for you to catch me…

Hello there! You probably think I have gone and done a runner with the money. Nope. I am still here. (And with plenty of packages arriving soon at those of you who have bought or won something in the fundraiser, you’d have my address anyway to send some law enforcement my way… Um, come to think of it – *that* idea sounds pretty good, in case you can get Lucas North on my case…) Truth is – I had no idea how much time it was going to take to parcel up all those items! At last count it was 36 individual packages that went into the post… All auctions and sales have thus been closed on the two platforms and you should’ve received automated notifications that your items are on their way to you. Keep an eye out for them!

The good news is that the postage costs were way less than I had feared. That is due to avoiding any tracking charges this time ’round. (An Post is particularly expensive when it comes to tracking. It is 7 Euro per item – which means we saved 252 Euro by not having the packages registered. Fingers crossed that everything will arrive safely, nonetheless.) So, with everything in the post and charges already previously worked out, I now have a final number as regards the fundraiser. Based on the number I already communicated, i.e. a total of 1875.57 Euro from auctions, sale and donations – minus the postage costs, our budget for the final migration of RAnet is…

1738.77 Euro

I’m afraid that various work commitments over the last few days have prevented me from having the overdue call with the developers to give the final go-ahead for the website rescue. (I was working off-site Tuesday to Thursday and was buried under back-to-back translations on Friday.) I need to write a document with the web development proposal this weekend and will send it over to my contact asap.

i’m afraid the round-up has suffered a little bit, too. But for completeness’ sake, here is a short round-up for this week:

  1. I call that self-medication under the guise of taking care of a friend, notthatmelody 😉
  2. Including this picture set of Richard by loverichardarmitage mainly for the third picture of a sugar-sweet Daniel Miller
  3. Somehow I have missed quite a few “hat a Guy wants posts by nfcomics. Here is a recent one
  4. Totally love the long neck with the exposed sternocleidomastoid muscle (yeah, I admit I had to look that up) on Porter. Set by RA-of-light
  5. Note to self: Keep this gif by peneigh-dzredfohl for future use when announcing auction milestones
  6. And yet another instalment of Dr Miller by riepu10
  7. I initially only saw the very first picture in this set by notthatmelody, but there is so much in here, I had to include it
  8. And riepu10 delves again into Richard’s early work – smug man at party
  9. Finally, I have to say that nitocrissss really has a point. Wjat do you think?

Apologies again for a short round-up.

Have a lovely second of advent weekend.

Guylty ❤️


36 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/43 – and Sums

  1. I don’t remember the Dr Miller pictures, or was it series three of Berlin Station which didn’t come to the UK?
    I shall watch out for the post.


  2. Once again thank you so much for the mentions ❤

    What an awesome result. And it’s always so thrilling to follow the whole auction! And not only because I was lucky


    • The whole auction is very entertaining – no matter whether one is bidding or not. I mean, I can never bid myself, but I think it is a real thrill to follow the progress…


  3. That’s an amazing amount raised! Thanks for managing to fit in the round-up – there are some gorgeous pics. Re 9) whenever I see a picture of Richard Armitage it’s not those noble characteristics that run through my mind, it’s baser ones I’m afraid. Talking of which, your advent calendar is hilarious. I splurted my tea the other day when I saw the meat and two veg.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My Zox straps have arrived safely, I wore the Starry night one yesterday to our Carol service , it’s very smart and comfortable I had no idea what it would be like, but I am delighted with it!


    • Hooray – great news. Yours is the first auction package to arrive, I think! Thanks for letting me know, and I am glad to hear you like the straps. Word of warning: Zox straps can become addictive 😉


  5. What a fabulous result! You are an amazing lot for doing so much to save RAnet -with special thanks to Guylty for all her hard work in organising it.

    Thanks too for the roundup. Why have we seen no smug man at party fanfic? A sadly neglected chaRActer IMHO. 😂


    • I have a copy of This Year’s Love it’s watchable lol and shows that RA had beautiful thick hair when it was allowed to run free lol


    • A great result – that makes me feel good about this fandom.
      LOL – smug man at party fanfic. Now, that is a great idea, not least because he is a completely blank canvas. We could turn him into the ultimate dream character, who is a hero like Porter, a brainbox like Lucas North, a forthright hunk like Proctor, endowed with royalty like Thorin, a tender soul like Standring, a fantastic kisser like Thornton…


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