RA Pocket Shrine 210/? – Chop Cares

After a rather mad week/end, some sad news (see also at the end of this post) and vague frustrations with technology, what is better to enhance the mood than a little shrine post? This one has been sitting in my media library for a little while because the package took an extra long time to reach the recipient. The story behind the shrine is this: Way back at the beginning of September (!), fellow fan FantasticRCA aka Jacqueline suggested a swap: She had inadvertently bought a German language keyboard for her iPad that she couldn’t use and wondered whether I might like it in return for a RAPS. And like it I did – in fact I had been looking for just such a thing for my mum’s iPad. (The wireless keyboard I had bought for her did not suit *her* because it was an English language keyboard.) So we arranged the swap and Jacqueline sent me the keyboard. – A month later in October I was ready with the shrine. Two shrines, in fact, because while I was at it, I had created two Guy RAPS. I was going to give Jacqueline the choice between the two. Either “Man of the Night” or “Country Boy“. Jacqueline gently pointed out that she had requested a Chop shrine. *eeeek*. To my defence let’s just say that Jacqueline is well-known as a great lover of Guy’s…

So back to the drawing board I went, and this is the result.

If anyone is chilled, it is Chop, right. (Never mind the original lid of the tin. It doesn’t quite relate to Chop, although the iconic photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt of a sailor kissing a nurse on VJ Day in 1945 reminds me a little of the flirting scene between Chop and Greta in UASTC.)

Ok, not getting distracted here…

So here we have Chop in his natural habitat (by a brick wall, that is), with a special appearance by someone else. There’s also a tiny UATSC mini book in there that can be removed.

The chose images actually came from a number of inspiration images that Jacqueline had sent to me. I chose the above one because Chop looks so sweet, it really matches the tagline of the film… I gave him a little halo of sparkly love hearts 😉

So here we are, a shrine for Chop. He well deserves it.

By the way, check what Jacqueline did with the Gisborne mini book:

Lastly, just a tiny little note in memory of our fellow fan Dede (aka Dotti) who I was shocked to find out she had passed away at the end of November. Dede was a kind supporter of the birthday auctions in the past years, had made many a donation and purchases, and sent me many gifts, too. I last heard from her at the beginning of November when she let me know that, despite feeling healthy and fine, she had unexpectedly been diagnosed with advanced cancer. The situation was bad, and her e-mail was short, but she closed with the words “I love you both” (the “both” referring to Zeesmuse). Wherever you are now, Dede, I hope your favourite RA films are running on repeat, and you are only surrounded by smiles. This candle is for you…

28 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 210/? – Chop Cares

  1. That is a lovely shrine, i do miss seeing Chop, i think he will always be one of my favourites and really wish a DVD or some other permanent copy was available for viewing, sigh..
    These are very very sad news, i can’t believe it happened so quickly 😦 … This year seems to just continue bringing bad news and difficulties 😦 Another one of my close friends has been diagnosed with breast cancer just yesterday. It’s just the most horrible disease of our times 😦

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  2. You get used to seeing familiar names on the RA blogs, so even though I didn’t know Dede, it’s a shock that she will no longer be here, It was so sudden. I feel for her poor family, losing both her and her husband so close together.
    Chop…….I love the little I’ve seen of him. One viewing *sigh* I’m sure that given the opportunity of having a DVD this would be one chaRActer I would come back to regularly.


    • Even virtually, all the names that regularly pop up (or even at longer intervals) somehow are very real. There is a person behind the avatar, and knowing that someone has not simply just moved on but is gone, is harsh and sad.
      I’d love to have UATSC on DVD. I can hardly remember the film…


  3. Lovely shrine. I wonder if I will ever be able to see the film? Seems unlikely at this point. sorry to hear about Dede. I did not know her, but we are all in sort of a RA sisterhood.


    • That’s exactly it, Kathy – there is a feeling of sisterhood to some degree, and to see one of the sisters gone, is very sad…
      Hoping for a DVD release – eventually – of the film, too. I have almost forgotten what it was all about…


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