RAnet Rescue Update

Finally I have something a little more tangible to communicate about our rescue of RAnet. The developers have been working hard on making RAnet accessible again. When I say “accessible”, I mean the backend of the site, i.e. the software that allows the admins to update the site. As you may have noticed, RAnet has still been online even though the developers have been working on the site for almost two weeks now. It took a bit of digging and other administrative research to access all the hosting info etc., but eventually the developers received all the logins needed and were able to get into the code of the site. So they updated the software RAnet was built with, thereby creating the foundations for the migration to a new platform.

Yesterday I received a first screenshot of the current dummy site, i.e. a provisional WordPress site in which the developers are building the new home for RAnet that is offline for the moment and will only go live once every last bit of data has found a new place. Bearing in mind that this is only the dummy site and neither menu nor design have been finalised, I wanted to at least share with you where we are at now.

This is just a screenshot from the developers’ computer, and as I said, the menu and design have not been fully populated and finalised yet, but we can at least see where we are going. Naturally, because we are moving to a different platform with different website templates, RAnet will look slightly different. But those are cosmetic changes that I am sure we will get used to. Not sure whether Guy’s leather chest will stay where it is – although it is nicely fitting that he is “welcoming us in the bosom of his bosoms” 😉

The first instalment of the fee has become due, too, and I duly transferred 800 Euro for the work done so far. The developers have not given me a timeline yet, and since there is a huge amount of data gathered on RAnet – we are talking 213 pages and 5987 individual pieces of media – it may take a little bit longer. But the upshot is that we are well on our way of soon getting a shiny, new home for RAnet, thanks to the developers, and thanks to the money you raised which is allowing us to pay for the developers. I’ll keep you posted with the progress as we go along.




23 thoughts on “RAnet Rescue Update

    • Thanks 🙂 – it was a great thrill yesterday when they sent me the screenshot. Just knowing that the site will be accessible again via WordPress (a platform I am well familiar with), is such great news.


  1. Looks great so far! Definitely keep us posted if there are extra costs and you need more money for the developers. Also, this may have been covered already, so I apologize for a repeat question: Will the RAnet Twitter account still be active when the new site officially transfers over?


    • Thanks! I’ll definitely keep that in mind. There is still money in the kitty, so I hope we are covered. (I’ve even set aside a contingency… just in case.)
      No apologies necessary for an important question. The answer is: I’ll set up a new Twitter account for RAnet because Ali has requested that she keep the old account herself (with name change) as that is where she is connected with a lot of people. Makes sense. Once we have the website up and running, I will connect it with a new Twitter account and let you all know!

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  2. To see things already in development is very exciting. I think it goes without saying that you only have to signal for further financial assistance and many will answer the call. Also FYI I would not be opposed to a smoldering Sir Guy greeting me at each visit to the site…just sayin’ 😉

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    • I like your bias, Mimi 😁
      I’ll have to see though, whether Sir Guy is going to be the first sight on the page. Iirc, when RAnet was still in working order, the pictures used to rotate. It is pure fluke that it settled on Guy for the last couple of years, I think 😉

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      • Rotating pics makes good sense. He has a variety of great looks for the different characters he’s portrayed and if would be a shame to not showcase them. I have my fav of course, yet not everyone is gonna feel the same. Good thing we have a level headed person like you to decide.

        I just noticed I haven’t been here for a while. Keep falling into work holes 🕳 and not noticing the time. When I show up at home, hubs always thinks it’s his chance to get everything he wants. You know, like food, laundry, attention or something. Haha 😁
        Hope your Christmas 🎄was wonderful and the New Year 🎈is better than ever! 💕


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