More Adam Price & RAdvent Calendar Hump Day

Herba and Servetus have already reported on the few extra trailer bits of The Stranger that appeared yesterday. (They both have the clip on their blogs, in case you haven’t seen it yet.) Lots of angst and mystery, and Richard does both well. I’m just taking the opportunity to add a couple of screen shots I took yesterday.

Close-up emoting. Gratuitous lash porn included. The 30th of January can’t come quickly enough!

And while we are picture posting, I thought I’d celebrate hump day on the Christmas countdown with you. Half way through this year’s Fashion CalendRA. If you haven’t opened the daily door on the calendar website yet, here’s what you have been missing, in order of appearance.

Can I just add as a disclaimer that I know that my photo shopping skills are deplorable? It’s kind of deliberate, though – the laugh is as much on the crappy edit as it is on the jumpers. – Any favourites yet? And definitely watch out for tomorrow’s offering. You’ll get one of my favourites.

Party on!

32 thoughts on “More Adam Price & RAdvent Calendar Hump Day

    • Upside down snowman? Hehe, it’s proving to be a big hit. I wager the guess that most of us would not approve of our RL loves to sport such a jumper – but all is fair when it comes to a bit of fun in the fandom 😉


  1. Die Frage ist ja, Favorit in welcher Kategorie 😉? Ich nehm Nummer 6, obwohl die 1 definitiv auch was hat. Bin schon gespannt, welche Perlen du in den restlichen Tagen noch bereithältst.


  2. Firstly I can’t believe that jumpers like these are for sale, and people actually buy them?! They aren’t a thing here of course because it’s summer.
    I agree with Besotted, it’s fun seeing which faces you’ve matched with each jumper, and your comments too! Hard to pick a favourite, but I think #2 has the edge for me 😉


    • I think the Christmas novelty jumpers are a fad that is past its prime tbh.
      Yep, the matching of the faces was really fun. Tomorrow is a great one, I think.
      Hehe, #2 is another naughty one…


    • In fairness, it’s very hard to decide when it comes to RA. #6 is just so bad, it’s good. (And yep, I had to choose a Guy look picture for that… although maybe it would have looked particularly funny with RA making a shy and sheepish face…)

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  3. Hehe…6 and 9 are my favorites so far. As far as your edits go- yeah he’s a bit off his neck at times but that’s what makes them such quirky silly fun 🤪and those jumpers are a hoot 😂 And now back to intense drooling over lash porn 😍


    • Quirky silly fun – that’s exactly it. It’s an officially prescribed anti-depressant *hehe* I mean, who could *not* laugh about such abominably ugly sweaters on such a gorgeous guy?


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