#FlatRichie On The Way

Now, quick official announcement that Zee has posted her Flat Richie update. He actually spent a whole holiday with her 😉. Hop over to her blog – she has a big long post with lots of pictures and she discloses what she took from the ‘box of love’!

Just what I would imagine Flat Richie to do when in the deep South 😉

So, who’s next???? I’ll only say that Richie is heading back towards Europe.

RAnet Rescue Update

I have already mentioned it over on Twitter because I just had to share the excitement, I had communications from the developers re. RAnet rescue again. They told me “We are getting closer to a stable version which we can transfer online”. Hooray! At this stage they are working on the galleries. Tbh, that is one of the website elements that I am most anxious about. I want each and every photo to be transferred and continue to be available as a fan resource. If I had done that myself with a copy-and-paste job, I’d get carpal tunnel, so I am particularly glad that this is something that can be done by the developers. No exact dates for online premiere, but it is good to hear they are progressing… Just thought I’d let you know.

And a little note on my own behalf – ladies, you are great. Honestly, there I was whining yesterday after the craft market, and your comments really uplifted me. Reading your brilliant ideas, as well as your own experiences with markets that didn’t result in many sales, have put things into perspective for me. I really feel much less discouraged. Thank you thank you thank you 😘. I forgot to say that the market was a good experience in the sense that it had given me a project when I badly needed one. Remember a few weeks ago when I was talking about feeling somewhat down about everything? Well, the market was a project that I had to get busy for and work towards. It gave me purpose, motivation and drive, and that made it worth-while. So, all good 😘.


15 thoughts on “#FlatRichie On The Way

  1. It’s lovely to hear about Flat Ritchie again and it’s really good news about the development of the site – although I must be too tied up with Christmas and the Nativity as a stable version conjured up images of donkeys, hay and RA as Joseph! (I’m glad you are feeling more positive about the crafting, it’s the journey rather than the arrival that matters sometimes in creating things, isn’t it, although you also produce beautiful things.)


    • Even though I know a little bit about the chosen design etc already, I am as excited as you all to see the finished website… Would be a great Christmas pressie if they got it done until then.

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  2. Nice to hear the exciting news about RAnet, Flat Richie’s travel update and especially that your spirits have been lifted up with lots of encouraging messages. 😘


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