Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/45

That’s it for this year. No, not the blog, but my RL. I wrote my last news article yesterday and I don’t have to report for duty again until the 2nd of January. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to just simply *be* for a change. No set meal times, no early mornings, no obligations. That’s as good as a beach holiday, if you ask me. With things winding down for the festivities, I wonder whether there will be much to report from Armitageworld next week. So don’t be surprised if there is no round-up.

But this week, there is:

  1. I actually think I have posted this before. But just because Richard just re-tweeted the news that RH is on BBC Player, I thought I’d remind you of the plotline of the series. Edits by it-comes-in-venti
  2. Another old one that somehow showed up on my dash this week. There apparently was some sort of RH fandom event in April. This contribution by lyledebeast is actually worth reading – the misogyny of RH
  3. Some eagle-eye observation by RA-of-light. Is he *really* wearing those trousers??? I can’t tell, the pictures are just too blurry. What do you think?
  4. Very naughty What a Guy Wants, but oddly apt. By nfcomics
  5. Just in case you missed this little post from Joy Ellis, thanking Richard. Posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  6. Mininottingham is always fun. This is not quite wintery enough, but certainly cute
  7. I can’t help but agree with cratytxgradstudent, but would also like to raise her the black jeans at SDCC
  8. Look at this!!! Apparently there are already flyers for Uncle Vanya out and about. We need to get our London-based fan sisters on the case. Thank you for finding, richardarmitagefanpage
  9. A Guy for every weather. Which state of aggregation do *you* prefer? Edit by randomfangirlingposts
  10. Mezzmerizedbyrichard is currently re-issuing some of her old gif sets. This is just gorgeous RA at his best. Nape curl mane but jumper and leathers. Perfection!
  11. *sniggers* Apt. Manip by steff-swims

Do you think we’ll be getting a Christmas message this weekend? There’s no telling exactly when he might drop it – in the past it has come early, and then late, too. I am hoping that he will keep up his little tradition. It is something that I find very special about him – especially in light of the fact that he is otherwise a rather shy and modest star who doesn’t acknowledge so very clearly the fact that he has a whole fandom devoted to him. If the message has not turned up yet by the time you are reading this, why not go over to RAnet and read his historic Christmas messages? Yes, you can still read them there. Ali collected them (up to 2016), and the website is still accessible, even though work on the new home for RAnet is continuing in the background. Click HERE.

Otherwise – have a lovely weekend with the fourth candle.



Guylty ❤️


23 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/45

  1. Here school holidays are finally begun, two weeks, then nothing until Easter. I’m going to be busy, so Merry Christmas to everyone! 🦌🦌🦌
    2 It’s true. Guy’s misogyny it’s nothing compared to showrunner and writers contempt for they unlucky female characters. Don’t forget the abusive relation between Guy and the sheriff, that set off a lot of alarm bells. Probably all the money for the show was spent on drugs for the writers. Really a bad trip!
    11 is lovely, but to face a dragon the best is Fluttershy 😄


    • LOL on the drugs for the writers… For a show that was mostly aimed at kids, it was definitely not very well thought-through in terms of the treatment of women or other role models.


  2. Thank you for the inclusion in the roundup once again. As my old gifs turn up with the wrong aspect ratio I correct them. Back then I was learning how to make gifs as I went along, so to leave them that way when I know better now irritates me no end!
    Enjoy your break! Even as someone who is retired, I always love the quiet time between Christmas and New Year after the busy preparation, when there are no obligations and our days don’t run to a timetable.


    • I am glad you got the aspect ration wrong *coughs*… I love seeing the “old” gifs again.
      Yep, retired, working or between jobs, it is nice to relax over the holidays because you know that it is a general holiday where no one expects you to work. No guilty conscience. And after the Christmas rush, it is always well deserved.


  3. Just being is the best state, isn’t it, enjoy. Thanks for the smashing round-up, it’s great to see gorgeous Guy rejuvenated as in the UK at least Robin Hood is on the BBC iPlayer ( which is hideous and impossible to rewind favourite Guy bits) . Watching again despite having the DVDs. Very good point by lyledebeast about male.possiveness in RH, although Marian and Guy just being friends would remove the vital tension of the triangle . Btw I’ve been mesmerised by the last three advent calendar pics. It’s funny, I’m familiar with them but seeing them transposed on different outfits does something to me. Happy Christmas all


    • It’s nice that the BBC are bringing back an old favourite. Yeah, the whole love triangle was essential to the story line. I don’t really mind it as such. And Marian was given a bit of spunk and action, too, so she wasn’t too bad as a role model. They also made sure to have a female gang member. But some of the other female characters were really horribly done.
      Glad to hear the advent calendar is making you chuckle. Definitely not my greatest work, but certainly fun.


  4. i’m also looking forward to just chilling, don’t really have any plans this year apart from Christmas day and going to see Little Women with some friends on the 27th. Hope you get to enjoy yourself!
    the round up is really good this week, lots of interesting thoughts-just started watched Robin Hood -so will have a look out for the misogyny. Looking forward to seeing the new Armitage et al interview and see if they are the same trousers! the jacket doesn’t look quite right


    • It’s lovely to look forward to some quiet and easy days, with no obligations and just peace.
      Oh, you have just started watching RH? Pity you can’t fast forward through all that forest boy stuff 😉. But you’ll be rewarded with some Guy intensity – he’s just so gorgeous, even when he is bad.
      Oh yes, looking forward to some Armitage promo soon – after that group picture a couple of days ago, I am curious to see his big mane 😄


  5. I knocked off work early tonight to watch some screeners and noticed that RH is also running on AppleTV. Not that all the various streaming services are worth the effort, if I wasn’t given pass codes to watch, I wouldn’t bother.


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