Greetings from Between the Years

Three days without posting seems like such a long time nowadays πŸ˜‰. How is everybody? Did you all have a good time over the Christmas days? I have just taken my mum to the airport again. She only had a short visit here this year, but I think she came for the best days. Because the days “between the years”, as we call the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day, is always somewhat tricky. Not that much to do in terms of sights and shops, and wintry weather that makes walks a gamble. We mostly stayed among ourselves this Christmas, foregoing the usual celebration with my husband’s family on the 25th, or the traditional Christmas walk on St Stephen’s Day. However, we put on Irish Christmas for my mum on Christmas Day – with all the trimmings. We have turkey and ham left over to last us til the new year πŸ¦ƒπŸ₯ͺ…

After much waiting, Mr A also graced us with his Christmas message, which you undoubtedly have already seen. I’m just keeping it here for future reference.

Best part: the word count 🀣. 

Now comes the quiet part of the holidays. I have been updating my December diary, and to get the customary Richard pics in, here are some pages from it.

The RA pictures all came from Christmas post this year and last. Many thanks to the senders – you spoilt me ☺️.

I had hoped to use the holidays to finally tackle my study/craft room and turn it into the inspiring work space I really want, but unfortunately I feel under the weather right now, with a horrible dry cough and a constant tingle in my throat. Typical – as soon as the stress lets up, the body shuts down. Good thing that I can blog on my laptop, from my bed. I’ll take it easy now. The plan is to actually reply to all the lovely wishes and comments that have come in over the last few days, and which I haven’t answered yet. So, enjoy the rest of the year – chill and take it easy!




30 thoughts on “Greetings from Between the Years

  1. You are right about it being an awkward time, lots of my friends and family have returned to work and the sales are dreadful, with more shops discounting before the big day bargain hunting has lost much of its appeal. LOL
    I hope you feel better soon.


  2. Take it easy Guylty, you do so much I’m not surprised your body wants a break! I’m backmin the studio now and steeling myself to sorting out my accounts πŸ˜– Not my favourite occupation. Your craft space will wait for you 😊

    Have a very happy new year! Xxx


    • Oh 😬accounts. There’s a reminder. I need to write my December invoices… Not quite as bad as doing the accounts, but also the kind of admin stuff that is always last on my list.
      Thank you and happy new year to you, too xxx


    • Nervig – aber andererseits auch wirklich mal die Gelegenheit, alles ganz langsam anzugehen und sich voll zu erholen. Obwohl ich zugeben muss, dass mir im Bett echt langweilig ist. Ich bin auf und am Computer.


    • And soon a very gorgeous card will be kept in it – received your beautiful Christmas card, and those lovely gifts. The towels are so cute, I feel tempted to turn them into cushions. The ornaments are hanging in my kitchen. They have a slightly Russian feel, and they remind me of Uncle Vanya πŸ˜‰ Thank you xxx


  3. Hope you are feeling better now and having a lovely relaxing time in the inbetween period (it is one of my favourite times, the stress of Christmas is over but there is still new year to look forward to and I can squirrel away with my new books). I love the idea of your diary with RA pics. You yourself do so much in creating wonderful Richard memories for the fandom over the year, with Flat Ritchie, auctions, sillies, blogs, the advent calendar etc and soon the archive.


  4. This is a lovely post (the pics of your diary drew me in) though I’m sad to hear you’re ill. I appreciate seeing Richard’s message about Uncle Vanya. Have just read the play (not Conor’s version yet, still waiting on that) and it strikes me how appropriate the Woodland Trust is for Astrov! No doubt this is not an original observation LOL. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Happy 2020!


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