#FlatRichie’s Christmas 2019

In case you have been wondering – Flat Richie spent a lovely Christmas back on home soil. British soil, that is. So he has crossed the Atlantic for the very last time. At least on this, first journey. He is on his last few stops now, with only three more hosts before he returns to the starting point in Ireland. But that’ll be a story for a different day. Let’s hear about his Christmas holidays. His host, Rachel, tweeted about her visitor over on Twitter. So, in her own words and images:

Best part: Rachel actually took Guy/Thorin/Richie to a real castle. You can read all about it here (and in the thread following the first tweet):

There are more fun tweets and pictures if you search for #flatrichie on Twitter, but I won’t deprive you of the most important question of all: What did Rachel find in the parcel to keep? This:

Great choices! That sign is hilarious, btw! Thank you for documenting Flat Richie’s stay, Rachel, and sharing his latest visit with us.

And now Flat Richie is travelling on. He only has a short distance to go, staying in England for the next stop. I hope he arrives there soon. Meanwhile, here is the criss-cross of Flat Richie’s travels so far:


28 thoughts on “#FlatRichie’s Christmas 2019

  1. Ah it was fun and it got me out of the house despite the cold weather and my runny nose! Would have been fun to take him up to Celtic Manor and the huge Red dragon up there, but I really wasn’t feeling up to it.
    It’s feels a bit disconnected because when I signed up, I was really motivated and made two of its items really quickly. ..so it feels a bit odd to have finally popped them in the box! Without being too cocky, I’m actually really pleased with what I’ve put in there, Richard is very good at sparking my creativity!
    Well I posted bum a couple hours ago an parcel force 48 ..so I reckon should be there Thursday (what with New Years Day)

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  2. Not keeping an eye on my Twitter I missed Rachel’s updates, so thank you for the catchup! I love that she took Guy to a real castle. I wish I lived somewhere where I could just casually throw that into a conversation lol

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      • My husband and I loved Wales. We visited as many castles as we could squeeze in during our short time there…..Caernarfon, Chepstow, Conwy, Raglan……didn’t make it to Caldicot, even though we were in Monmouthshire. It looks fabulous!

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        • Conwy is such a pretty town! And Chepstow is only 15 minute drive. You certainly got around to do all that lot! Did you go to Cardiff or Castell Coch?


          • No we didn’t. First time around in 2011 we skirted Cardiff because we were headed to Bridgend for a quick overnight stay to see where his grandmother’s family came from, and in 2013 we drove straight down from Conwy to Monmouth before returning to England. We were in Wales for at least a week and would’ve liked to stay longer, so much to see! Such a beautiful country.

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