First Winner 2020

So, happy new year to you all! I hope you all had a the kind of New Year’s Eve that you wanted. Mine was surprisingly good, with a trip to the early evening showing of Knives Out in the cinema and then a bite to eat at a local diner. That still left a lot of lounging time on the sofa, culminating in watching the live stream of the London fireworks. – New Year’s Day has been quiet. Just as I like it.

Oh Bono!! So young… And a classic Gizzie mullet there! Is it really possible this song is 37 years old? A veritable oldie…

And the first post of the year is to be a happy one in the sense that I can post the name of the winner of the New Year’s RAPS. I’m delighted to give the RAPS to


Congrats, Lurkie 😉. Will you please get in touch with me via e-mail at and let me know your address so I can pop the shrine into the post for you?

Everyone else – thank you for your lovely new year’s wishes yesterday, and your participation in the raffle. There’ll definitely be more coming up, soon!

Have a wonderful 2020, all of you!


12 thoughts on “First Winner 2020

  1. Congrats to Lurkerella!
    And I love that song, it’s one of my 3 favourite songs of U2. I must admit I forgot to post it and greet new year with it, like I do every year. But will do now, it’s never too late for that lovely music.


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