Bay, Астров, Bay

Richard Armitage rehearsing for Uncle Vanya Photo: Johan Persson

The hair may be a tad too long for my liking, and you know what I think about shrubbery, but that open shirt is distracting me from all the detractions.

PIcture from this tweet here:

And then there is this slice of cream tart on the Uncle Vanya official website where they have a dedicated photography section:

Das ist die perfekte Welle! Photo: Johan Persson

And some fuzzy background RA, with the formidable Ciarán Hinds in the foreground:

Photo: Johan Persson

Oй bay bay bay Астров! 😍

ETA: Just found some other versions of the pictures above – with a bit more to look at.

Blue and black work quite well together, especially when placed on orange chair.

I can’t get over the luxurious, wavy hair.

Very handy boots, Mr A. No tying laces for you, eh?


56 thoughts on “Bay, Астров, Bay

  1. Hatte mich eigentlich vor den Computer gesetzt, um noch was Produktives zu tun. Vor 45 min. Hat sich für heute erledigt, bin zum klaren Denken nicht mehr fähig. Dabei sind mir die Haare eigentlich zu lang. Tja, eigentlich… der Mann schafft mich 🤤🥰.

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  2. I just noticed the zip up boots. I won’t judge – all of mine but one pair have a zip up along with the lace up. Easy to get in and out of. The ONE pair I have that don’t zip – don’t lace up either and getting into them is a cardio work out I’d rather not do!


  3. Good lord, my fingers are just itching to run through his hair……I am always a little envious of those who can see him on stage, but I’m bloody jealous now!!!! 😉😆


  4. Reacting literally, I don’t think his shirt is that tight. Even over the biceps, it’s not stretched to the usual extremes. Maybe he’s re-learning 19th c.-style looseness. It has been awhile since he wore Thornton’s clothes, mind. 😆


  5. If you zoom into the beard it looks so soft, and I love the long wavy locks. Having the time to grow his hair is a definite bonus to me.


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