2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #2

Before we get to this week’s round-up, a couple of updates.

Flat Richie

has arrived at his next destination. No pressure on Yve, I am sure we’ll hear about her choices in due course.


Like all of us, the developers had a Christmas break but have been back in touch with me. We are close to migrating the site now but before that happens, all links need to be checked. Internal links, that is, because they are harder to correct (for me) than external links, which I can still check at a later date and update myself. I had a little snag list with menu corrections, too, so that is (hopefully) also being taken care of.

And now the round-up, preceded by a little picture.

My cropped screenshot of a picture posted by the Uncle Vanya account on Twitter

Richard is right there at the top, together with Toby Jones. I hope he’s got his pants on now…

  1. Starting off with a gorgeous piece of fan art for Astrov. First seen on Twitter, this is by aninomori
  2. If you want to gauge the reaction to the ‘big reveal’ on Tumblr, check this post by ellrond. I has garnered over 3,000 interactions, and in the notes you can see what people are saying
  3. Riepu10 has giffed the recent UV cast interviews
  4. A very convincing manip that makes RA smile in the photo that accompanied the Sunday Times article
  5. Oh dear, that’s depressing. What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  6. Short. Apt. Samsgoddess
  7. Starts out fluffy, gets hot. A Thorin Oakenshield fan fic by darthglitterfanfiction
  8. LOL, I haven’t seen this one before. Posted by firefoot22
  9. Reposted from lucife56 on deviantart, this is some sexy blacksmith Thorin
  10. Mezzmerizedbyrichard reunites Daniel and Esther in this homely scene
  11. Not sure whether you need to be German/Austrian to get visions of Empress Sisi in this little manip of the Thorntons. By maraid

Just about made it to 11. But 11 is good, isn’t it?

Hope this will segue you into a nice weekend. In Fawlty Towers aka Casa Guylty, last weekend’s bookcase project has been finished.

As you can see in the picture, furniture is encroaching into the newly arranged space – because now it is time for the room next door to receive a make-over. We are talking a 3 meter desk/worktop for all my writing/RAPSing/journal making needs. The walls have already been painted, and Mr Guylty has gathered the wood to build the carcass of my worktop. Meanwhile, yours truly has started on a revamping project of her own. That ‘library’ has a cute little fireplace beside the bookcase, which is screaming for a comfy armchair. I am recovering an old, comfy number.

Extreme shabby chic? No, only half-way there.

Enjoy your weekend, keep fangirling, and remember: fantasy knows no rules!

Guylty ❤


32 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #2

  1. Woo hoo, good luck with that chair – it looks as if it’s fighting back 🤣

    Thanks for the roundup! #6 set me daydreaming, #8 made me laugh out loud, and I love #11 though I don’t know about Empress Sisi. Gorgeous dress though… ❤️


  2. Oooh, actual empty bookcase shelves and a lovely roundup – such stuff as dreams are made on!

    Seriously disappointed with Guy though in #5. I’m not being funny, but maybe this is why things went so wrong with Marian.

    And I love your idea of *homely* in #10. 🔥💥🚀💫🌟

    Nice outfit in #11 and Margaret’s dress ain’t so bad either. Do I spot a flower crown?

    Hope the reupholstery goes well. All flame-retardent of course? We fangirls have to take good care of ourselves. 😎

    Thanks for looking out all these tasty morsels for us. Much appreciated as always. 💐


    • Still plenty of space in the book case – and the one on the wall and another one that is placed behind the spot from where I took the picture. So I can add to the collection 🥳
      That does indeed look like a flower crown on Margaret in #11. I approve.
      Good point on the fire retardent fabric. Hm, no idea whether my assigned fabric is actually so. Bought it long ago to make a little alcove for my son when he was a baby, and it is ideal for this recovering project. But your point is very good.


  3. Thanks for the round-up. 2) A comment that RA might be trans gave me serious pause for thought. Never entered my mind before. 6) Yep. 11) Glorious.
    Your study is looking great. All those lovely books, it’s true that they do furnish a room. Have to say that your chair is rather disturbing me. It looks – alive!


  4. 4. Can anyone tell which other photo the more smiley face is from? It’s a scarily good manipulation.
    5. Ouch
    11. That movie was sooooo funny. Reiner and Guest both, keeping straight faces, my god, how did they do it? “Eleven.” Christopher Guest could put that one word on his tombstone. Everyone would know it was him.
    The photo of that chair: are those a vintage radio and CYLINDER RECORD PLAYER on the shelf behind? You and I were sisters in a prior life, girlfriend. I have a cylinder record player, with records. We gotta talk….


    • I love that movie, too – so convincing!
      And yes, well spotted, Besotted, they are a radio (broken) and a grammophone (still in working order). I love old things like that, but unfortunately they take up so much space…


  5. Thank you for the inclusion once again, I find I’ve been looking for Daniel and Esther constantly lately.
    That chair looks like it’s going to need a lot of time and patience to restore! Your bookshelves are fabulous. All that shelf space, I’m jealous! 😆


    • The shelf space is actually larger than I thought. I was worried that it wouldn’t take all the books that I had on my moving list. And now there is even some left-over space.


  6. “Avoir de l’or dans les mains” pour ainsi réussir à bricoler et créer de nouveaux meubles, à partir de l’ancien, est une chose précieuse, de nos jours.


  7. Ich beneide dich ja sooo um diese Bücherregale, sowas hätt ich auch gern 😍.
    Bei dem Sessel musste ich an TBBT denken. Da gibts ne Folge, wo Penny einen Sessel von der Straße mitnimmt und etwas darin lebt 😉. Wünsch dir viel Erfolg und Geduld bei dem Projekt.


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