#FlatRichie Is Heading To The Continent Again

And by continent I mean Europe. I have had a lovely e-mail from Yve with a couple of pictures and a little account of Flat Richie’s stay with her. In her own words:

It was kind of quiet at the start of the year but I tried my best to entertain the boys, I offered to take them to the cinema but they raised an eyebrow at Little Women perhaps Little Men would have been successful so they tucked into a box of Thornton’s chocolates and watched a re run of The Desolation of Smaug on TV.

When sun came out they went for a woodland and we discussed tree planting, Guy thought he should have servants to do that task!

Later they enjoyed a lunch at the local pub, The Green Dragon
Now Flat Richie is going deeper into Europe.
Because I was towards the end of the adventure I had the pleasure of seeing so many lovely comments in the journal.
I think we all deserve a ‘pat on the back’ for a successful project, special thanks to Guylty for the idea and her organising skills.
The choice of gifts was overwhelming but in the end it was easy
I chose the cross stitch pictures because they reminded me of Lucas North an iconic character, the collection of Canadian goodies because I loved the Moose key ring and the beaded bracelet with the R and A charms , I shall wear the bracelet on Saturday when I see Uncle Vanya.

Such cool pressies. I love the little cross-stitch frames. And the bracelet is cute, too. A big thank you to Yve for hosting the boys and sending them on their way safe and sound again.

So, this is where we are at. Only two stops to go before Flat Richie returns to me. I have to say I am very, very excited. And I have to laugh – oh goodness, how long it took! I have just edited the title of my Google map above – and added the numbers “20” to it. But then again, Flat Richie has crossed the Atlantic at least four times, and not only that. He has also crossed the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. Amazing!

Otherwise – my thoughts are with RA. Last day before the play opens tomorrow in London. Dress rehearsal today? Well, break a leg to all the performers and crew!

20 thoughts on “#FlatRichie Is Heading To The Continent Again

  1. Love the idea of a real pub named The Green Dragon, Yve! Thorin will have felt right at home. He may have trod lightly round those trees though, in case there were any baby Ents. And Mr Moose is cute.

    FR certainly gets around, he reminds me of that old Beach Boys number. 😂. What a brilliant idea this has been, Guylty. I can’t believe the places he’s seen.

    Oh and break a leg wishes go out from me too.

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    • I am glad if you enjoyed the whole process – especially considering the cost it all incurred. But then again, a nice little community project like this is (almost) priceless. I’m still delighted that so many people wanted to take part in it!

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  2. Glad you had fun when the boys stayed Yve and I like your choices. Hope you have a great time on Saturday. And yes, the Flat Ritchie tour has been brilliant fun, the excitement of receiving the parcel (nearly a year ago for me), reading all the great adventures and watching FR;s progress. Thanks so much Guylty!


  3. ah neat story-especially Little Men, lol.
    Yeah, the cross stitch are mine- literally within a week of you announcing the whole idea of FlatRichie they were my first idea! i like the idea that they don’t make much sense unless you know Lucas. I made a new one at he weekend and have a few more ideas…i just enjoy the process! and it’s nice to know they have a good home!

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    • The cross-stitch minis are such a great idea. And I totally love that they are kind of stand-alone – the sentiments work pretty well for *anyone*. Looking forward to seeing what you made recently – and in the future!

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  4. Thanks for the lovely report Yve. It´s always fun to follow FlatRichie´s adventures. Great choices btw.

    Ich finde, zum Schluss gehts jetzt doch überraschend schnell. Soviel über ein Jahr ist er ja noch gar nicht unterwegs. Schade, dass bald Schluss ist.


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