#TheStranger Trailer Drops Like a Bombshell

If the daily news from the SD of UV wasn’t enough, we now have the trailer for upcoming Netflix thriller The Stranger. Whoa! I had to watch this five times in a row to actually catch everything. The trailer definitely makes me want to see more of this show. It’s got everything you want from such a show – a mystery, betrayal, ordinary family happiness, beautiful Richard Armitage people, blood, tears, confrontation. I’m exhausted, just watching it.

Where is it all gonna go? (No spoilers please.) Just from a look at the trailer, this might just be a show that I cannot resist binge-watching.

Counting the days!

PS – I’m amused how Adam Price’s continued search for his wife results in a new hairdo. If you ask me, his “husband in despair” do looks much better on him than the sombre British, happy family man side-parting!


21 thoughts on “#TheStranger Trailer Drops Like a Bombshell

  1. 💥 🔥💥🔥💥

    I always make a visit to the hair salon my priority in a family crisis. Doesn’t everyone, dahling?

    Thanks for the heads-up, Guylty. This looks like a good ‘un. Sans shrubbery too.

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  2. Oh wow. So compelling!! I keep watching it over and over again! Can hardly wait for the 30th. It all looks amazing. Yup. Binge watching here I come! 😲


    • Same here, Teuchter. I don’t do this with *every* trailer I see RA in, but this one had me rewind several times because there was so much to see in it, and I was hooked by the story. Really looking forward to this!


  3. Yes I’ve watched it several times too. Gorgeous clean-shaven beautiful Armitage – finally. And wow, he does suit a crimson (cyclamen/magenta?) t-shirt, particularly against the matching leaves. I agree about his hair, prefer the shorter style. (I’m getting a little bit peeved that Jennifer Saunders’s name keep being put before our man’s. No, it’s starring Richard Armitage!) But ooh! So exciting! Great to have an RA buzz again,


  4. I will definitely be binge watching this! Can’t see myself dishing it out sparingly one episode at a time lol. Does Netflix do DVDs? Because this looks like it will be a keeper. #TeamLawn

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  5. This one look like something I would see at least once… actually like something I see once, get a crush on the main character, and spend a lot of time digging in his filmography. At least I’ve already done the most part of the work.


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