2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #3

Today I am really torn about what to post. There is so much to say – the UV photos that dropped yesterday for one. Isn’t it all gorgeous? The stage setting. The man??? *deaded* And something else exciting that I *really* need to write a proper post about. Excuse me while I have to embed the most drool-worthy evocative pictures here and now, though.

But no, we’ll go with the expected and dip into this last week’s offerings on tumblr. If I find the time beside my ongoing office renovation – and the new full-time attention required by the other exciting piece of news – I’ll make a second post today. But no promise. Here, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of tumblr.

  1. Let’s jump in with a gif set from The Stranger by serik27. Total wedding ring porn in the first gif, btw
  2. Stranger fan service courtesy of riepu10 – more gifs, yay
  3. Clematis70 has some screenshots from the TS trailer that are perfect reaction memes 😉
  4. This comment by thismustbetheblog had me thinking. Pan? Interesting thought, actually
  5. ICYM the latest on the schedule clash between Richard’s commitment for UV and attendance at Magiccon, here’s a post by richardarmitagefanpage
  6. Mezzmerizedbyrichard goes back to BS for some bts shots of Richard
  7. Draco9236 received an autograph back from Richard via mail. I always enjoy reading such stories
  8. This is fab: Riepu10 has created photo sets of all of Richard’s IG posts 2019. Makes for a very nice collage
  9. Some pretty screenshots of RA from the UV interview. Posted by ausschweifendemotte
  10. I always have to sneak a bit of Guy in… Gif set by riepu10
  11. Richardarmitagefanpage links to the Soundcloud clip with an extract of CJ Tudor’s new book The Other People, read by Richard. Haven’t listened into that yet – but mhhhh, chocolate!
  12. Quality drop? Is that even possible? Comment by blackaquokat
  13. Here’s a little Guy photo set by featheredomen, especially for Louise, in case she is reading here
  14. *giggle* I think hamletistheoriginal-emo has a massive point there

That’s it. Returning to drooling over the UV pics now.

Enjoy the weekend, all!

Guylty ❤️

22 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #3

  1. Yes. The wedding ring! WRP is now a new subcategory. Adam can plight me his troth ANYtime. Phwoar!

    Love all the gif(t)s from TS and a little Guy is always, always appreciated.

    Enjoy your Saturday! 😘


  2. Wow what a dazzling crop, thanks Guylty. The UV photos look great but I can’t get over the beard. With his hair he really reminds me of my dad still ( not my son this time thankfully). Adam on the other hand is just , oh, ravishing. I love the slow-mo with him pushing the door, which is rather erotic. Pan, hmm, yes that is a thought. And his Astrov incarnation does look a bit like another Pan. He just needs some hooves and pipes. Fab to see Daniel again, he is one of my RA favourites ( hands in pockets too!). And quality drop? No, don’t know what they mean.


  3. Sieht so aus, als wär ich nicht anfällig für glänzende Dinge aus Metall (keine Chance der Drachenkrankheit) 😂😉. WRP lässt mich völlig kalt.
    Aber musste ich da dezente Kritik am Bart vernehmen? Hallo!?! Wer beim Blick auf diese Bilder nicht endgültig zum Anhänger von Bearditage wird, dem ist nicht mehr zu helfen.


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