Richard as a Writer/Actor?!

The news are coming thick and fast. This piece in Digital Spy is really interesting. Apparently Richard did more for this show than “just” act. His customary character bio was so cohesive, the writers included bits in the final script.

BTW, the beginning of the text up there (“Speaking to DS and other press“) – makes me wonder whether my hunch re. a round-table style set-up for the Stranger interviews has just been confirmed. Sounds like a group kind of setting, with several journos present who all ask questions in turn. Hence they all get Richard’s heartthrob hate on record…

Anyway, I am kind of chuffed for Richard to read that Brocklehurst has never come across a lead actor before who prepares in this literary, creative and in-depth way. I’d love it if that made Richard unique in the business. Anything to make producers, writers and directors see what this man has to offer, is good. Bonus: Love me a literary man!


31 thoughts on “Richard as a Writer/Actor?!

  1. Richard seems to go to great lengths when it comes to researching characters , I think it’s part of his job that he really enjoys . All that hard work at the beginning shines through when we see the finished product whether on stage or screen. He is unique for so many reasons .

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    • You are right, he’s said it often that he really enjoys his prep for new roles, and since he has been doing this character bio thing for such a long time, for *every* character, it must be something that is not a chore. I love that he does it – I like a literary man 😉


  2. It must have been gratifying to have his preparation efforts rewarded like that. Not that I think that’s his goal. I believe he does it for himself as part of his process, but it must be nice to know others consider the work worthwhile.

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    • Yep, if he wanted to be a writer, he’d write for the public. But as you said, it must be rewarding when those from whose mind the original character and storyline come, actually take on board what he suggests. Once again, sign of a sensitive mind.

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  3. Tatsächlich passt das zu Aussagen, die ich gestern gelesen habe und die mich zuerst irritiert haben.
    “Shindler says that the process of adapting a book for Netflix – where all the episodes are released at once – differs to a terrestrial channel. She explains: “Richard and Harlan spend a long time extending the story and looking at where we put acts, breaks, and episode hooks. We structure the whole story along the episode hooks so that you’re always going to come back.”

    Ich hab dann den Artikel noch zweimal gelesen auf der Suche nach einem anderen Richard 😂. Sorry Richie, ich hoff, du kannst mir nochmal verzeihen, dass ich kurz gezweifelt habe 🥺.


  4. I can think of two events, one recent involving the homeless guy living in his bin store and the other from years ago when his car was vandalised in London.


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