„Trademark Intellect and Brooding Intensity“ – Sunday Express Article

Just quickly because I am up to my teeth in my craftroom re-do. Have just been out to buy up all available copies of the Sunday Express. The headline is already spot-on – “perfect” indeed, but I liked the subheading even better.

For your perusal, here is a quick pic of the article.

I have to say the little “heartthrob” reference on the cover of the magazine is misleading . The article does not focus on the whole heartthrob thing at all, inly mentions it in passing. I am wondering whether all the latest interviews have come from a round-table type of interview setting – or whether the journos are just copying from each other? But this article is written by a male journalist and it seems to be slightly different in tone. Or maybe I just imagine that because we were discussing how female journalists again and again bring up the heartthrob topic – the new circus question, if you ask me…

Anyway, nice interview, interesting glimpse into his thoughts on Britishness and on dividing his time between NY and home.

24 thoughts on “„Trademark Intellect and Brooding Intensity“ – Sunday Express Article

  1. I like the ‘heartthroby’ reference here much better. The Darcy angle feels less limiting. Yes, it’s about looks, but it also has another dimension: Thornton made him part of a proud BBC costume drama tradition and that’s a bit of an acting knighthood IMO. Like a bit part in Doctors early in a career, being part of a successful costume drama ticks a certain British actor box without reducing him to totty.


    • You’ve put that really well. Yes, he’s kind of gone through a whole apprenticeship via the various franchises and/or genres he has been in, and somehow being compared to Mr Darcy is not nearly as bad as “heartthrob” sounds. I don’t like it when he gets defensive about that – Thornton was never a one-dimensional role. It was a challenging role, and the “brooding intensity” only once facet. To say that Thornton was totty, would be a gross misinterpretation. And neither were any of his other major roles… (Yeah, that whole “totty” thing still rankles with me.)

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      • Absolutely. He was never just totty. Even Harry has other dimensions—kind, caring, patient, honest. He wouldn’t take a pure totty role or he would and rework it until he squeezed every bit of substance out of it and made it a true chaRActer.
        Of course I’m biased, but I’m not wrong.


  2. Thanks for the heads up, I only bought one copy lol
    I wanted it for the nice photo really.
    I had a lovely time at the Theatre last night, enjoyed the play more than expected, good SD experience.
    CH and TJ came out with RA

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    • I bought three – to have a couple for future auctions. 🙂
      Great to hear you made it to the SD as well! Despite hubster? The important thing is that you enjoyed the play, good SD a bonus 🙂


      • No husband, but my best girl friend she is a good sport and has indulged my hobby! over many years lol
        However I know if I had arrived home without trying for an autograph he would have said why ever not!


        • You hubster is great! And yes, good decision, and obviously really good friend, to accompany you to the SD. I totally accept that it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s nice when they indulge you nevertheless.


  3. It was an interesting interview and I love ‘trademark intellect’. You may be right about the round-table interview because he does appear to be banging-on about not being a heartthrob, and I’m sure that’s not his doing. I wish RA did some interviews for more left-wing papers then I wouldn’t be filled with such self-loathing for buying them.

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    • Spot-on, J – Daily Express, Telegraph and Sunday Times are not my usual newspapers. There was a part of me that screamed “I can’t believe you’re throwing money into their coffers”, but ok, fanservice and all that. Like you say, I would really like to read an interview with him that tries to be less sensational than all these tabloids. The Guardian would do nicely. Or maybe a cinema magazine again, like Empire, where the politics are not so important.


      • Yes my principles just go out of the window with the Armitage. And it felt furtive and grubby buying it. I don’t know where I would draw the line – the Sun? Alhough the other papers are no better really. It would be surprising if he did an interview with that paper and they would probably prefer Jennifer Saunders anyway!

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  4. Thanks for posting a nice clear photo that we can easily read! He is again minimizing the impact he had in N&S, with the idea that there’s a next Mr Darcy every year. Too bad he can’t just embrace it — but then maybe he’d come off as being cocky.


    • Pleasure, Sue.
      You are so right – minimising the impact. I honestly don’t know why he can’t accept that he did something that resonated with the audience. I think there are ways of accepting it graciously that *doesn’t* make him look like an arrogant arse. But well, yeah, we know he is Mr Modest.

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          • As far as period pieces goes this one reason I had really hoped for Summer I saw his role a little like Atticus Finch in To kill a Mockingbird ( I loathe the idea of Ifans getting this role in a stage production, sorry to any fans lol)


  5. Thanks for the clear shot so I could read it. I did bring up the female/male issue recently and I believe there is a different tone with this male reporter. I do take issue with his comment about American’s, we are always asking how you are doing. I thought there was an earlier interview where he said the opposite.


    • I thought it was an odd comment too. In the UK, the usual response to “how are you?” is “I’m fine”, which takes the question no further. I seem to remember him saying the opposite too.


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