Run, RA, Run

Need I say more? No.

Picture by An Le Studios – who also took the picture for the recent Sunday Times article. (see below) The setting looks like New York to me (which would also make sense as An Le is based in NY.)

Looks as if there was a whole long session. Would love to see more because I really like this.

In other news: RA’s latest audio book is out. Or should I say – CJ Tudor’s latest audio book narrated by is out. I have already downloaded it. Gotta do *something* with those Audible credits! Mind you, just the thing that I need as I am still working on my craftroom/office re-do. A new audio book is a nice motivation to get stuck in with the last changes in my new room.

ETA And the fan forensics are in full swing. Fellow fan and NY resident Armitagebesotted has located the location of the An Le photo shoot. The cobbled streets are in Plymouth St and Jay St in Brooklyn. Here are some images sent to me by Besotted. Click to enlarge. Many thanks!



35 thoughts on “Run, RA, Run

  1. Press night must be an anxious time for all.
    I was showing some ladies at a charity event yesterday the gorgeous HD photos of the play one said how handsome she thought RA was but the name meant nothing to her she knew Toby Jones lol


    • He’s been off British screens for too long but I think people will start knowing /remembering who he is again very soon! I mentioned on Twitter that every single tv magazine in the newsagent had full page articles on The Stranger and some on the front page.

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    • I was thinking the same. (Both about the stress of press night AND how handsome RA looks *haha*). But joking aside, at least they had more than a week to hone their craft, to gauge reactions and to make adjustments. Hopefully they are all beginning to settle in their roles. I found RA pretty perfect on the first night – no fumbles from him (whereas a few other actors spoke over each other’s lines). But that’s to be expected of him… Nevertheless – break a leg to all of them for tonight.


    • Oh hooray – have lots of fun, and don’t miss the SD.
      Hehe, since I do not know Stephen King, I didn’t really mind when I listened to the first CJ Tudor. Horror is not really my genre.


  2. I like the running photo of RA. However, the portrait accompanying the Sarah Compton Sunday Times article is terrible IMO. RA looks like he is wearing a lot of makeup, sculpting his cheekbones, and his lips look fuller, a bit pouty. Can’t help wondering if he’s had some filler in his bottom lip? Maybe it’s his stage makeup but the overall effect reminds me of Rylan Clarke, one of the presenters on This Morning on UK TV! To me he looks camp but maybe it’s deliberately theatrical?


    • Absolutely agree with you. I really didn’t like that Sunday Times picture at all. Looks artificial to me. I can’t believe it’s make-up – I’d point the finger at too much photoshop. It looks sanitised to me. The running picture OTOH – b/w is always good in my book, and I really like pictures that have background and context, and show a kind of “natural” pose. Not that I imagine RA all suited up and running through NY all the time – but at least it makes more sense than having him sprawl suggestively across a couch like he did for the pictures during the Crucible press.


  3. Re An Le: I was wondering if his insta photo for Christmas was also An Le? Has there been any hint so far?

    I bought the audiibook mit expecting much as I didn’t like the 1st. It’s the credits but Im not sure how long I’ll keep the subscription. 😉 His voice and the way he narrates do a lot for me though . 😎😉


    • I would hazard the guess that the Christmas pic was An Le, too – just because it looks as if it is taken in the same location. It wasn’t tagged with An Le like today’s photo, though.
      You know, horror is not my type of thing *at all*. But I found the first Tudor surprisingly “doable” for me, so I didn’t hesitate to buy this one, too. Like you, I enjoy hearing his voice. He is an exceptionally good narrator – and if it really gets too much, I have no scruples fast-forwarding 😉 I haven’t started yet, have you?


  4. I’m in rapture over the running man – even bearded. I love it when he looks potent and cool. I know what you mean about the Audible credits, mine are stocking up. Its a shame we can’t pause the membership without losing them. I’m sure we used to be able to.


    • The running man is definitely a goer 😂. Beard? What beard? I only saw the flapping fringe, the flapping jacket and the big stride…
      Yep, audible is pretty much only for Armitage – and the free content they provide. It would be great if Audible was part of Amazon Prime…

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