I Love That Look

Beard? What beard? Seriously, I had to comment BTS that Richard looked absolutely gorgeous in his appearance on Lorraine. No, unfortunately I could not tune into it. ITV doesn’t like Irish users (and I haven’t got a tunnel to get me a UK IP). But I have seen the official pictures via Shutterstock. For a quick look for you:

As for the pink mark – hm, I don’t really want to be mean about Lorraine because I think she is actually quite sweet and possibly an associate member of the Armitage Army 😂, but I really think she should change her tune a little bit. The circus question? Honestly? And waterboarding for Spooks??? I also read a comment on Twitter that she brought up Vicar of Dibley again. I think she has asked those questions every time he has been on her show. Just a pity to waste airtime with things that are a) long in the past and b) already well-known.

You can see the watermarked images in bigger version HERE.

I think I am getting on board with the chunky cardigans. But only because of the white tee. And I can’t wait to see the cooking segment 😂. Here’s hoping our lovely fan friends will have recorded the interview and make it accessible to us, soon. Otherwise, Lorraine has her own YT channel, which you can access HERE. Nothing there yet – but the channel is updated with clips every day, and it looks as if they usually appear the evening of the early morning recording.

ETA: Lorraine YT has now uploaded a clip from the interview. Kind of feels as if it is not the whole segment – I am missing the kitchen footage? Or was that just the waiting room?



9 thoughts on “I Love That Look

  1. Ratty white T kann für dich also den Bart wettmachen 😂. Wobei das hier gar nicht so ratty ausschaut… Die Strickjacke sieht bequem und kuschelig aus, so könnte er sich bei mir auf die Couch setzen. Sind ein paar lecker Bilder dabei, leider stört bei einigen die Schrift quer überm Gesicht etwas.
    Nach den letzten Enthüllungen könnten sie ja nun vom Kochen zum Backen übergehen 😂.
    Hoffe, wir kriegen das Interview heute noch zu sehen. Ab morgen bin ich nämlich beschäftigt.


  2. Ooooh, he looks so cuddly in that cardigan!!
    I’m with Zee, I love the longer hair but am yearning for stubble. Stubble + romanticherohairdo *sigh*
    Haven’t seen a new Lorraine interview in some time – for anyone – she’s just the same as always. I rather wish she would talk less (and not so quickly!) and allow her guest to talk more. She’s still around so she must be popular for all that. Doesn’t she have a researcher or someone who prepares her questions? They’re not doing their job properly – either that or she enjoys doing an interview on the fly.


    • I am really coming around when it comes to that cardigan… The whole look… dreamy. Dark blue?
      I agree with you – Lorraine likes to talk. But it makes for a very conversational style which is probably popular with a lot of celebs, too? Especially celebs like Rich, who seems to be quite happy in this interview, despite Lorraine’s “obsession” with VoD 🤣
      But I agree – they covered a lot of old stuff. I’d say she probably didn’t rely on research.


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