2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #5

So, where are we all with watching The Stranger? Is this weekend the cut-off point for spoilers? I am still holding back on details, but looking forward to talking more about it, soon. Thanks to the show, we are getting lots of promo interviews and clips at the moment. Tumblr is full of it, too, so be prepared for an overload 😁

Time for a new round-up header. We’ve had Richard while rehearsing for UV the last while, so now it’s back to the Stranger. While searching for a new image, I had to laugh out loud when I came across a “Product Placement Blog” that faithfully lists all brands and products that make an appearance on the show. No wonder the production values were high 😉.

  1. Is TS hampered by Richard Armitage’s attractiveness? Post by tenthousandfilms
  2. Richardarmitagefanpage has lots of screen shots from the Lorraine interview
  3. And thozaarmitage has giffed lots of scenes from the same interview
  4. I love little dash coincidences like the one posted by goingonanadventuremaybe. Delicious indeed
  5. If you haven’t seen this on Twitter yet, riepu10 made lots of those Dolly Parton memes with Richard’s chaRActers here are Chop and Gary
  6. But these two, also by riepu10, are more to the tinder… eh… point. Find more in riepu10’s tumblr
  7. Chokit-pyrus rewatched TH
  8. Fizzyxcustard’s mum is on UV‘s case. Do your loved ones enable you, too?
  9. Mezzmerizedbyrichard combines a b/w still of Adam Price with a quote from Richard
  10. Is this an edit by mzperx0506universe? I like it
  11. Gatissed fondly remembers Richard at RDC5, which was exactly this weekend one year ago
  12. Riepu10 has giffed the short appearances of Richard in a mini clip from BTS of tonight’s Loose Ends on BBC4. I love that Richard likes to put himself in unflattering poses to make fun of himself. He can lose the bloody cap, though
  13. Much nicer: This BTS photo from the same show posted by riepu10, too. #romanticherohair Richard looks a bit pale and exhausted. Is Astrov getting to him?
  14. Spoiler alert: A scene of Richard with Anthony Head from TS giffed by 51kas81. #sexysecretaryspecs
  15. Ausschweifendemotte has screen shot the many faces of Adam Price
  16. And sorry, one more gif by riepu10, from Lorraine because laughing man in gif 1 😍

Yep, pretty much dominated by TS. Not a bad thing, if you ask me.

But lastly, on the first day of a changed Europe: I just want to express my hopes for a better future of Britain and Europe not because but *despite*  this new configuration. I still believe that the Brexiteers have made a grave mistake. They will have huge challenges ahead of them. And the EU will have to work hard, too, as there are bound to be many consequences that haven’t been premeditated in the exit negotiations. I just don’t want this to end in bitterness. Geographically, Britain remains in Europe, island or not. Its ties to its nearest neighbour, Ireland, remain strong because and despite historical issues. And it will always remain close to my heart, not least because of the many friends I have in Britain, whose life I fear will be strongly impacted by this move. This sounds as if we are separated forever, but that’s not true. You are still only an hour’s flight away from me, and I can’t wait to see you again in March.

Sonja ❤


30 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #5

  1. Thanks for the roundup and your sentiments, Guylty. I had to turn the radio off yesterday and this morning as it was so depressing. And then some idiot in my village let off fireworks last night … 🙄😢😳😖

    I haven’t started TS yet as I’m totally gripped by The Other People and I don’t think I can cope with two RA thrillers at once! I will start tonight or tomorrow…


    • I did find the news depressing, too, and it takes a lot of effort to write anything nice and conciliatory about it, tbh. But then again, I know that half the population did not want this to happen. I just wish you all well.
      As for two thrillers at once – yep, I had to put Other People on hold for the duration of TS. But have finished OP in the meantime. Actually liked it better than the first CJ Tudor audio book. More thriller than horror.


  2. As you know, I got through *TS* on the first day. What a ride. I love all the caps and gifs from the show and the promo appearances. #13 is wonderful. Disheveled romantic hero hair FTW.

    As for #1, I am actively trying to avoid any negative comments about *TS*. There aren’t many, but I am determined not to let anyone yuck my yum.

    Brexit—sigh. A tragedy.


    • Thankfully, I also haven’t really seen any negative comments about TS. And I don’t really think the quip about RA being too handsome can actually be taken seriously. It’s more of a “you so pretty, I HATE you” comment, I guess.


      • It wasn’t the hot bit. They called the show as a whole silly or ridiculous or something. I forget. I’ve seen very few negatives, but some Twitter comments were bad. I try to move on quickly and repress the memories. I just want to bask in my joy.


  3. Thanks for this Adam-rich round-up Guylty. 1) Too pretty? Well, recently someone on Twitter did describe Richard as ‘on another level of beautiful’ – yes, he is! – and in his performances he does seem like a god striding among mere mortals, but I don’t think his looks detract from the believability of his characters (distract maybe!). 8) Loved ones enabling? He he he, that’s a very good word. One friend always buys me something Armitage-related for my birthday and my kind sister always rings me when he is on the TV ( sometimes while he’s on, hurrumph, “Yes, I know he is on, I was watching him when you rang!). 14) It’s wonderful that there is so much buzz about how handsome Armitage is in The Stranger. I feel punch-drunk with all the stunning shots of him, I love his fawn mac and his white shirt in particular.
    Guylty, wise words about Britain. We have to be positive and make good of the situation – as well as be extremely vigilant. There was a lot wrong with the EU too and it is this partnership we have left, not Europe ( the idea of our island floating away does make me laugh).

    Liked by 1 person

    • “Another level of beautiful” – I like that. And I agree. Because he really isn’t superficially beautiful. There are moments, when he doesn’t even look all that great. (Very few moments. Hardly noticeable moments. I mean, split-seconds. Only if you look as closely as *we* do.) But that is actually what elevates his attractiveness. Good point about the difference of detract vs. distract!
      And yay – that is a great friend you have there!!! I guess I can say that I have fandom friends who do the same ;-). LOL about your sister’s kindness actually *detracting* 😉 from the enjoyment of seeing RA on screen.
      14 – oh yes, the whole look. All good. Because it is all so relatable. Man, the man is one attractive specimen…
      And yes, a lot wrong in the EU, too. Will the union learn from this? One can only hope so.

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  4. Just a quick thank you for the roundup as I madly try to avoid spoilers. Good to know TS is doing so well. Absolutely no criticism implied about anyone here, and I’ll probably cave myself in a week or so. 😀


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