Catching up with #FlatRichie

This is an overdue catch-up with good ole Flat Richie. He arrived in Germany at CraMERRY’s last week, and I was just too distracted by The Stranger to get to this update. So, CraMERRY received Richie in a massive parcel on the 22nd of January. He took a bit of a detour because the parcel service failed to inform CraMERRY of his arrival. It was only when I passed on notice from his previous host, Yve, that CraMERRY found out, and before they released him from their parcel facility, the parcel service wanted all kinds of info about sender etc… Anyway, he arrived safe and sound.

Here he is, taking a breather in CraMERRY’s sitting room.

Quote CraMERRY: “Sonja, you will howl with enthusiasm ☺ An incredible journey with an incredible amount of kilometers 😂.”

CraMERRY has already sent the parcel on to the next – the final – recipient, so I can post the gifts she chose from the package:

Love it – the little baggie is not made by me but by another talented seamstress. I am intrigued about that bookmarker kit.

Anyway, Flat Richie is now already received at his last stop, but before we get to that, here is the obligatory map:

I can disclose that Richie is now only travelling within Europe before he goes on his final journey back to his starting point. I can’t tell you how curious I am to see the parcel when it gets back here! Thank goodness the distraction of the last few days is over…

Talking of distraction – guess what I found?

Oh man, I *knew* that I would eventually find them again. I looked for the badges high and low, went through all my boxes, the Armitage archive, everywhere. And then they finally turned up in a basket that I had kept beside my laptop, in a jelly belly tin. *Of course* I never looked inside. I feel really stupid saying it, but if anyone wants one still, although the UV run has already started, I can now put one in the post for you. Grah. Apologies!


77 thoughts on “Catching up with #FlatRichie

      • Cross Stitch was my first craft love. I still love it and will probably go back to it this year. It’s getting harder to see the linen and my lit magnifying glass with the swing arm broke in the move. (I broke it) and I’ve not seen a replacement anywhere. I should google it. I might go back to the lamp between my feet so the light comes up through the weave.


        • I also went through a phase with cross stitch. I even once subscribed to a cross stitch magazine – and still have all the accompanying projects undone in my craft box…
          Hope you get a replacement for that magnifying glass! Surely eBay would have something like that on offer?!

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          • I have so many magazines and patterns. One of my favorite projects is framed on my wall. For a long time, it hung on my mom’s wall, lol.

            I just googled the lamp. I can get another for ranging from 70.00 to 130.00 bucks.


              • Yeah, if my car would behave!!!!! I’m having to do long neglected upkeep bit by bit. This month’s upkeed (sparkies and tune up) was a miserable 400.00! i’m down to gas money for hte rest of the month! However, if my last w2 (income tax document) from my last employer would arrive, I can do my taxes and hopefully get a decent refund! And if that’s the case – YES I’m buying one because I”m really wanting to finish up at least 3 projects I’ve got in various stages of completion.

                I’m getting ready to put pictures up of my semi-complete but now very clean house.


      • I (used to) have a standing lit magnifying glass lamp that I could put between my failing eyesight and the linen (because I’m all about 25 and 28 ct!) but it broke during the move. (I’ve had it 30 years. I can’t complain) so I need to google another one. My former sister in law bought it for me when they were cheap! Now they aren’t. I have several pieces up that I’ve done and several unfinished pieces.

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  1. Getting near the home stretch… how exciting!!! What a glorious tour this has been -and an especially lovely global fandom friendship exchange. It’s been a real joy to see all of the gift reveals and the host photos proudly showing Richie and friends their corner of the world. Can’t wait to see the final package content. There may be the makings of an awesome RA fundraiser inside. ❤️


    • It’s been really fun, I agree. And it’ll be exciting to see it make the full circle and arrive back here. Great idea about the fundraiser – I will do that. We will also have to think about the log book itself – might be the star item, containing RA’s signature!


      • A fundraiser featuring the gift items would be great. Maybe even include the traveling RAPS- but the journal with RA’s signature is a special keepsake that should remain in your care, imo 😊


        • The traveling RAPS definitely has to be somehow raffled or auctioned off. We‘ll discuss it at some stage, once the parcel has made it back to me. I‘ll put it to vote 🙂


  2. I have to say: with the bookmarked-set I was far too optimistic. I underestimated the smallness if the stitches 😉 Way to challenging for my eyes. Although I have new glasses 😀


  3. It’s been such fun following Flat Richie’s travels. I like Kate’s idea of a collage of all the items that have been chosen as well as what’s in the box when it returns home to you and your choices, so many wonderful gifts exchanged.


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