2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #6

Today is a special day for me. After a month of moving old chests, dusting in dark corners, sawing wood, painting walls, drilling holes, sorting and tidying – and then stalling because sometimes even a self-induced change is somewhat overwhelming – I am finally moving my laptop to my new office/workspace. I have taken all the crap that had accumulated around my chair in the sitting room where I used to have my laptop set up, and now that it has found a new home in my office, there is absolutely no reason for me anymore to work from the sitting room. Well, the only reason might be that I currently have no heating in my new office, so it is a little bit chilly in here (12.9°C/55.2F) while the sitting room is a toasty 22°C. Another reason for stalling was also – the room is now so tidy and clean. I know that that will change the moment I start working in here 😂. But no, this is what I wanted, and now it’s time to use it. The peace and quiet up here – although interrupted by passing cars and the storm that is currently battering Ireland – is wonderful. It’s also the white desk and wall, which I have kept mostly without decoration. But the disco ball is there, as you can see, and when I look up, there is the portable shrine to make me smile. Sir Guy is also still in situ. Here he is, hanging from his branch, an incentive to keep my door closed 😉

Oops, that door really needs a clean…

Anyway, I have digressed. Let’s do the round-up!

  1. Here is a nice reaction post to TS by harrychalamendes
  2. Hooray, let the giffing game begin. Close-up of Adam snooping on Corinne by mezzmerizedbyrichard. Where are the pants????
  3. I think riepu10 ought to impose the words “Armitage Army” on Jennifer Saunders’ forehead in this gif… I mean, in all honesty, wouldn’t we *all* love to hand-hoover the man? 😂
  4. From the same interview, here are mezzmerizedbyrichard’s screencaps. Any interview where the man laughs, is a successful one imo!
  5. For the tongue lovers out there, riepu10 has the poison for you
  6. More pretty screenshots, this time of Richard in the BBC Afternoon Live interview and capped by richardarmitagefanpage
  7. Always welcome – a Richard Armitage character appreciation post. This time by fizzyxcustard
  8. Modern!Bagginshield artwork by luluxa. Cool!
  9. Hahaha, “Royal Assness”… Guess who that refers to? Comment by yenneferofyengerberg
  10. Oooh, nice gif set by leepacesource
  11. Where projects collide… spotted by idontfindyouthatinteresting
  12. Purely for record and the plot. And no, I think this is perfectly alright. Eternal thanks to riepu10
  13. I wonder whether he has that written in his contracts *muhahaha*. Post by daylightcoffee
  14. And finishing up with this most eloquent of posts by fizzyxcustard 😉

That’s it for now. Now that I have “broken in” the office, I might go on and do some crafting. Did I say somewhere that I wanted to create Adam RAPSes for every episode? Well, now might be the time to collect inspiration. I am on rewatch at the moment, because – wonders of wonders – Mr Guylty last night agreed to watch the series with me. We had run out of further episodes of GBBO and Antiques Roadshow. Yeah, I have totally dated ourselves right now. Middle-aged empty-nester couple porn. We like to watch serials and I threw TS in there. Mr Guylty watched the trailer on YT and gave green light. After episode 1: “I’m intrigued. Shall we watch another one?” You can guess what my answer was. Episode 2 over, hubsie launched into a whole series of theories and ideas re. how the characters interconnect and what their motivations are. Then this morning after waking up, hubs immediately started talking about TS again. Hm, looks as if the show has really drawn him in. Current theory: “There is some feminist revenge going on, i.e. the stranger and her friend dropping bombs. Main target, though: nasty property developer guy. The kids’ story: just a red herring, not connected to Corinne vanishing.” I have left it all uncommented. Are you watching with your SOs? What’s their verdict?

Have a lovely weekend,

Sonja ❤️


23 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #6

  1. Oh great! Lets hope the new space dials your creativity up to 11!

    Thanks for the roundup (#12 & #13 🤣). Just finished TS – WOW! I think I need to start it again to pick up things I missed!


    • While I was still renovating the space, I was itching to get into it and craft. Now that it is finished, I feel reluctant to get the pristine space dirty *haha*
      Yay, glad to hear you liked the Stranger so much. It really is compelling to watch. Not just RA, that goes without saying, but the whole show is just addictive. And it‘s actually quite fun to watch it a second time and to now look out for hidden hints…


  2. I wish I would have the energy like you to renovate our rooms. I have changed our kitchen ultimatly and this was already exhaustive for me. Compliment for your office
    My hubs also shows some interest to watch the show. The subject is really interesting.


    • Oh, it is exhausting, alright. And it took ages, mainly because I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I had. However, I managed to declutter a bit and took three or four big rubbish bags full of stuff to the charity shop…
      Hope you get to watch TS with your hubs. It definitely is a show that is also compatible with “Army husbands” 😉


  3. I have a problem with my husband, because he saw the first 2 episodes which he didn’t comment on then he went off with two mates while I watched a lot more, then he came in just at the end of episode 8 so he saw the end, now he won’t discuss it saying ‘ I saw the end’ as though the subject is closed which is annoying me greatly.
    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised as I if could never get him to watch Spooks I don’t know if it Armitage related or if he is only interested in war films and old cars lol


    • Grah – that is annoying. Why is he not curious to know what happened in between? Or is it just a general rejection of watching anything that his wife’s favourite actor is in? (The latter is often the case with my dear hubs. At the moment he is certainly not in a hurry to continue our rewatch of the show…)


  4. I love your fresh crafting room, guarded by Gorgeous Guy, here’s to lots of inspiration. I had to watch the first episode of TS on my own to acclimatise to seeing new Armitage then I watched it again with my SO, and all the other episodes ( as I think he’s trying to share my interests!). Now I’m watching it again, mostly fast forwarding the kids’ plot, making notes of places to screenshot (there are loads). You’re right about watching it again, there are so many obvious signals …
    Thanks for the round-up – it’s exciting to see more TS images appearing. I loved the interview with RA and JS . Richard seemed so relaxed and even frisky. I think JS quickly changed direction of her hoovering finger to avoid RA’s crotch in that clip! (I seemed to be fixated on his crotch at the moment – which doesn’t interest me ‘aesthetically’ as much as his face – I blame it on his habit of man-spreading.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is so lovely – your SO wanting to share your interests. I wish my hubs did that a bit more. But he has developed a general distrust of RA’s abilities, just to rile me.
      I have some notes on the first 4 episodes of the show, too, from my second rewatch. I think we can now safely start discussing the show.
      LOL – crotch… JS was hilarious in that interview, and RA seemed to enjoy the shenanigans. Always great to see him in a good mood.


  5. I gave in: ordered Netflix’s free first month. It was after midnight. Yesterday. I had been warned, I knew better, don’t even start now. Did start, and get sucked into finishing it all in one 7-hour go, slept a few hours, and am now itching for someone to break the spoilers ban.


    • Hooray – and hehehe, yep, that’s the typical reaction to the show. I mean, honestly, it is very hard to resist bingeing. Not just because of RA but because they really are very clever with their cliffhangers in it.
      So yes, let’s get into discussing the show. Maybe it’s best if I start a new post on blog rather than disperse the conversation across old posts.


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