#FlatRichie Braved the Storm in France

It’s been a windy weekend. But Flat Richie sat it out over on the continent, well looked after and entertained by Squirrel who has hosted him for the last week. Befitting for Flat Richie’s last holiday before he returns to me, Squirrel pulled out all the stops and took him on a big excursion. She wrote it all up for us to enjoy, too. I have tried my best at translating the French original and hope Google Translate has not got it completely wrong. There is a fantastic crop of images to go with the log, and I will try my best to put them into the right places in Squirrel’s report:

FR arrived on Monday February 3, 2020 in the morning (too bad, I watched TS at home), in the arms of our usual postman, directly at the pharmacy. This man had merit because the Sarthe river was on the road.


On Monday evening I opened the package and I quickly chose, without hesitation, 3 excellent gifts:

– the tea bags (Welsh) yum yum, thank you from my husband, and an image of Francis Dolarhyde alias Red Dragon pasted on it (great for keeping the page in the UV book).

– a very nice cotton bag (organic!) from Zagreb, intended for shopping at the bio co-op)

– a wooden box with a brooch of yellow roses, engraved with the inscriptions: Gaskell’s Jewelers Helston – “I found it in the hedgerow.” Not only am I addicted to brooches but also to N / S …

Well done my friends, very good choices.


Wednesday I worked.

Thursday I went to the 24 Hours of Le Mans museum.

FR met

Steve McQueen

Matt Damon

– two Citroën 2 cheveaux cars which have been around the world. Jacques Séguéla and J.C Baudot

Citroën 2CV World tour Baudot-Séguéla (1959) | Four Cylinders …

Sunday I took pictures inside and outside

No visits due to storm Ciara.

Wow – what a stop. I would imagine that a visit to the car racing museum in Le Mans was a massive highlight for Flat Richie. A great report, Squirrel, thank you for all your efforts. It is so lovely that you actually gave us a glimpse of the place where you live and took so many pictures of Flat Richie everywhere. Hehe, did you get a few funny looks in the museum for posing a book in front of all those exhibits?

As for the gifts – oooh, that brooch and box sound fabulous. What a lovely idea!

So, once again – many thanks for such a detailed, illustrated report, Squirrel. I loved reading it, and I am glad that you had such fun with Flat Richie. Stay safe in the storm for now – there may be more on its way to you.



58 thoughts on “#FlatRichie Braved the Storm in France

  1. Thanks to Squirrel from me too for the great photo-story of FR’s visit. I see he made some new friends while he was there. 🙂 And soon he’ll be heading for home. Three cheers for everyone who’s taken part. It’s been such fun to follow along with him on his world-wide travels. It was a humdinger of an idea.

    BTW, I hope everyone is safe after Storm Ciara. I was just watching some footage of planes coming in to land at Heathrow and having to abort at the last minute. Scary stuff, so I hope FR didn’t lose his lunch.

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    • Jenny!!!! No way, did you watch the YT footage by the plane spotters? I spent all afternoon watching airport footage for storm Ciara. (One of my guilty pleasures. I like haul videos, diy tutorials, and cross-wind landing footage… The latter reassures me that pilots are extremely well-qualified and -trained professionals, even when whether conditions are tricky.)


      • Yeah that was it! I was a FlightRadar24 addict already but someone on Mumsnet mentioned these from Big Plane TV. I just love planes, full stop.


      • My, my, what a peek into your psyche. What it means, I don’t know, and was going to make a quip about, but I just watched a few of those videos and HOLY HELL I hope I am never in an airplane in one of those situations. Or I hope I am on one of the planes with the landing gear being pulled up as the nose climbs for the go-around, because I know that pilot is on the radio saying “send me to an airport that has a runway at 90 degrees to that one I just rejected.”


        • Hehe, well, living in this windy hell-hole, I have had a good number of bumpy approaches to Dublin airport. In fact, there was a particularly memorable one in February 2014 where the bumpy descent seemed to take forever, we had to do a go-around, and on second approach there was praying, screaming and vomiting in the cabin. Awful!


    • 🙂 My husband with Flat Richie help have cooked a Sunday appetizing stew (sausages, carrots, chinese gaggage, browned onions in olive oil, laurel, thyme, salt, pepper, water). My left arm hurts (tendinitis)… blurred pictures of FR too.So sorry!

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  2. Flat Richie certainly knows how to travel in style. Even his cardboard box is decorated. Squirrel picked some fine presents. I am also curious about the treasures that remain unclaimed. I am sure one of my contributions didn’t make the cut. But I think you can use it, Guylty. This was such a fun project I hate to see it end.


  3. Wow, FR’s last holiday stop? He’ll be home soon. What an exciting time he had though with Squirrel. I loved the pics, particularly Flat Ritchie with Steve McQueen, and the yellow rose brooch is great.


  4. 🙂 Between 24h Le Mans Museum and the tempest he was not alone.
    One Chinese + oneThai restaurants and stew at home put his feet up with.
    I have a few more planned trips around here and pictures too…
    But my mind is still elsewhere between Ciara versus Indian Ocean news. So a lot of hugs and squezzes with FR and Thorin plush to make me feel better.




    • Tuesday morning, sailing alone for her dailing fishing work on the high seas, my daughter faced a wave of 3 meters high. Becoming only her navigation license for a short time, it was her baptism. Fortunately the boat was facing the obstacle. It was the fear of her life, she told us. I thought she was calling us because of the earthquake or the volcanic eruption. Guylty, children make us even more anxious when they grow up …


      • OH goodness, that sounds really dangerous. I am glad to hear that she is safe and got back to shore. Also, hope she is safe from the volcano…
        You are so right – even when the children are grown up, it doesn’t get much easier. If anything, we worry more because we are not around them to make sure they are fine. Well, we have to trust that they will be careful and responsible.


  5. Great little trip to France with Squirrel! So pleased she liked the brooch and box- there close up pictures on my twitter account too. For me flatrichie was such a great crafting project, and even nicer to see things go to appreciative audiences! Lol
    Enjoy the Welsh tea and the red dragon accompanying it, lol.


  6. A Great thank you CraMERRY , who sent the parcel to France. I hope You will have fun with your bookmarked-set too.
    A GREAT thank you Guylty for the report You created with my writtings and pictures…


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