It’s Good to Be Green

Green is not my favourite colour, but I am fond of it because it is associated with my chosen country, Ireland. And maybe I am also fond of it because it looks lush and soft on this:

Romantic hero hair at just the right length. Dreamy… *sigh*       Pic by An Le

That session in New York with An Le has yielded lots of yum. And this is very nice, because it is a pose that is different from previous photos. Currently used as RA’s IMDb profile picture. Thanks to Richard Armitage Bulgaria on Twitter where I first spotted it.

That’s it. Enjoy.

(Flat Richie news later today!)


21 thoughts on “It’s Good to Be Green

  1. This green is especially good on him but I wonder if HE knows it is? Dressers/ stylists know bc he shows up in it occasionally. It looks great on him and IS one of my favorite colors. After all, what else would a forest lover like him as Astrov wear, right, except maybe some essential oil of Siberian Fir?


    • Such a good point – green and Astrov. Fits. (Although I wasn’t particularly convinced by the green/brown check suit he wore for the UV prem. Looked a bit too much like park ranger-gone-wrong to me 😉). Not sure whether he is much aware of the effect of his clothes. I have the impression he wears what the stylist tells him to wear. And otherwise it’s just comfort styling.


  2. Love him in green! It’s my favorite color, so any time I see him in it, I smile a bit wider. 🙂

    Also, I don’t think this is a SPOILER, but just in case anyone hasn’t seen The Stranger yet, STOP READING …..

    I need screencaps of those last scenes in TS because I loved him in that simple green t-shirt!


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