What a Donation!

A big thank you to Storm Ciara! After quite an odyssey, I received two packages yesterday that had been travelling for far too long.

One was happy mail for my own pleasure, containing lots of bits and pieces for crafting with gorgeous Tim Holtz ephemera and super cute charms and stickers. My hoarder instincts are hard to suppress, but after discovering tons and tons of material in my stash during my office re-do, I have decided that I am neither going to buy new things anymore, nor hoard the best bits. Kisses to LoLo!

Anyway, that was more or less my private pleasure (although the bits and bobs will find their way into the RAPSes, I am certain), but at the same time another parcel reached me that had me gasp with astonishment. You see, fellow fan Jenny asked me a while back whether I’d be interested in some fan memorabilia. She was decluttering her home and had decided to let go of some of hoarded (!) fan items. Rather than have them sitting in a box on top of her wardrobe, she felt that perhaps some other fans might enjoy having these items. I happily agreed to receive the items for future auctions.

If you think that is it, you are wrong. That is just the heap of items, cleverly photographed from above to give you the false impression that it only consisted of three items…

After an unsuccessful first attempt at sending me the parcel (it was returned because the courier service claimed there was something wrong with my address *pah*), the box arrived yesterday. When I picked it up in the hallway, I nearly buckled under its weight! I had to lug it up three flights of stairs, but boy was it worth it.

I am deliberately not going into details with the items, but you get the gist. These are predominantly Hobbit fan items, hardback and soft cover books, magazines, misc, and original newspaper and magazine articles from all the way back in 2010 etc. It’s an amazing cache of fan items, and I am sure there are some much coveted items in there. Huge thanks to Jenny for letting go of them and donating them for future auctions.

Talking of which… Future auctions. After the auction is *before* the auction, right? It is six months until the annual birthday auctions. We have just recovered from the expense of Christmas. Is there any point and interest in an auction between now and August? When would you suggest another auction to be held? For a particular reason/occasion/charity? Would love to hear your opinion!

Until then, I have lots of reading material to get through…



15 thoughts on “What a Donation!

  1. Hello everyone. First time posting on Guylty’s great blog. I’m a long time fan of Mr A and I’ve just realised that the 8th March is International Friendship Day. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has made friends through a shared interest in RA and his work. What do you think of an auction around that date? Be nice to celebrate Armitage Amity. No problems if not. Just a thought.

    Also, when you arrange the next auction, will you be opening up the paypal donating function again, Guylty? It could be a RANet maintenance/hosting fees and techy stuff fundraiser (by donations to paypal)

    I’m waffling so I’ll be shutting up now. LOL.

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    • Doh! I’ve made a mistake. I’m a ninny.
      8th March is International Women’s Day not Friendship day.
      Forget all what I’ve waffled about in the post above. Sorry Guylty, I’ve bodged up your comments. Please feel free to delete these posts. Ta.


      • You are not a ninny and never mind the mistake. International Women’s Day is just as good a reason, seeing that we seem to be mostly women who are active in the fandom.
        Please don’t feel you have botched up anything here – the comments are there for “thinking aloud”, brainstorming etc. Your suggestion is great. Women’s Day, Friendship Day, same difference!!!


    • Hello and welcome Jen! Fabulous idea, I like the idea of celebrating ourselves ;-). “Armitage Amity” – nice adage too.
      And yes, I’ll definitely open the Paypal donations. It would be great to get some of the fees covered that way.
      And you are not waffling!!!! Any comment is welcome here!

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