2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #8

Day 4 of my social media Lent. I’m still doing ok – and I have finally put my new craft room into operation. Result: a junk journal and a chaotic desk 😂. That was to be expected, I guess. I intend to tidy up and then do a craft room tour video – so I have everlasting truth that *once* I had a beautiful new craft room. I am also currently working on a few goodies that I intend to take with me to London the next time I see UV. The fannibals have inspired me in that respect – I loved that they kind of came laden with bits of fan art and all sorts of goodies from hand-made, dangly book marks to stickers and badges which they handed out to fellow fans. And that also included “impostors” like me. What a lovely idea to spread some fandom fun that way.

Let’s get to the round-up!


  1. Oooh, this gif set by riepu10 of Guy with a bow and arrow makes me think of RA saying that he’d love to be a good shot with the bow
  2. That first gif in this set also by riepu10… well, if you *only* knew that Adam was in the bathroom, you might get the wrong idea 😂
  3. Fan art by theelvenvalkyrie of RA as an elf – convincing
  4. Deepestfirefun has screen capped the Audible interview. Ready-made material for next Valentine’s Day, with *that* pink backdrop?
  5. And here we are with moving pictures. Thanks to riepu10 for the fan service!
  6. Sorry, I am bit riepu-phile today, but this mailbox scene from TS just *has to* be included here, too, it’s just too grate
  7. A gorgeous piece of Thorin fan art, posted by eldamaranquendi but attributed to Ksenia Zelentsova. Reminds me of Jim Fitzpatrick’s colourful and gorgeous Celtic inspired glass art
  8. For a bit of fluff, read this head canon of ‘sleeping with Thorin’ – as in: sleeping, not the indoor sports falsely labeled that way. By mouseymatchmaker
  9. I can fully get behind What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  10. Any chaRActer appreciation post, random or not, is always welcome. Thank you to fizzyxcustard

Hm, that was short. Maybe I should’ve paced myself last week. So, well, shall we talk about something else? No doubt you have already watched this:

Some interesting questions there – no doubt they edited things a bit to get some nice questions that would also suit the promo for The Patient Man 😉. In any case, it’s always cool to recognise names in these Q&As. Two old northern birds 😂 👍🏻. And it’s nice to hear more about the process of recording an audio book. I thought it was interesting when he said that the interpretation is basically his, and that he likes this process because it means he is basically the director of the piece. Ties in neatly with his interest in directing, I guess. The Jackman & Evans answer was not new to me – he said exactly the same thing a year ago at RDC5. Fingers crossed that something will happen on that front. It might help that he is now the headline actor for a hit show; and that he has also renewed his contacts within the UK-based film industry through the show. (Did somebody also mention that he was seen going to dinner with producer Gina Carter after a recent UV performance?)

Generally loved how casual he was in this Q&A – including trademark dead-pan humour. That extends to the woolly jumper. Jumper, Richard, jumper. Not sweater, as you called it in your tweet. *tuttuttut* Are you losing your accent? That would be rather unfortunate, as it is one of your best assets!

This jumper has great potential of becoming another well-loved asset   Photo: Dan Kennedy

Back to the Q&A – if there was one thing that slightly irritated me, it was the way Richard kept slinging away the little question papers with a flourish. Yeah, I guess it was meant to be flamboyant and funny. I am a mimosa and way over-sensitive when it comes to RA’s rare interactions with fans but I felt that his gesture *could* come across as dismissive of both the question and those who inquired. Even though my question was not chosen as usual, that little gesture made me feel a bit like Bridget Jones.

Right. That’s it for today. Sorry it’s been so short.

Enjoy the weekend, lovelies!

Sonja ❤



21 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #8

  1. It wasn’t the ‘throwing away’ action that bothered me as the lack of his other hand whatever was he doing, was he holding tight to the stool was he in a windy environment, was he having to hold the microphone or had he suffered an injury that he was trying to hide my mind was boggling 😂


  2. I thought the throwing away the slips was ironic and making fun of the genre — which won me over again for something that increasingly grates on my nerves (Audible interviews in which nothing is said). In general learning he’s doing something with Audible is now a big turn off for me, though.


    • You are right. It was meant to be ironic. It just didn’t appeal to me.
      You’re also right that there is not that much said in those Audible interviews – or any Twitter-based Q&A, for that matter – not least because they vet the questions and choose the ones that fit their respective marketing campaign. The answers are very short, too, but yeah, I did like the ones where he talked briefly about his process. Because that was what I was interested in. I like what he does for Audible because I have discovered audio books as a nice entertaining distraction while I am doing something with my hands. But that only works because the material is not challenging.


      • Yeah, they’re just not for me and I’m glad I’ve divorced myself from any obligation I used to feel to be automatically interested in them or the marketing around them.


        • I like the way you have put that. “divorced from any obligation to be automatically interested”. Funnily enough, with the audio material I wasn’t interested in the beginning and resisted a long time. Then I got into it. I feel that way when it comes to his film/TV work. (Or stage – due to geography.) The Lodge is something I am definitely not going to see. Just not interested. But I have to say it has taken me a while to get to that point. Certainly in the first three quarters of my fan journey, I felt obliged to watch *everything* in order to be a fan. Not anymore.


  3. Thanks for the grate round-up Guylty, quality over quantity.

    Number Two: your comment about RA’s bathroom activity did make me lsugh.

    10:  It’s always staggering to see the many varied guises of RA and how different  he looks.

    He looks so cuddly and relaxed in this Audible video – and handsome, even bearded. I also thought that, though amusingly flippant, his gesture of throwing away the slips did come across as a bit dismissive although thinking about it I don’t know what he could have done with the slips – eaten them?

    Oh it would be so wonderful if the success of The Stranger brings quality work for Richard, it should do. It is ironic this new wave of RA admiration happened after the Sunday Times?  UV Interview when he suggested that his success was waning.

    When I was at UV last week, Rachel pointed out Gina Carter in the audience. She was sitting surprisingly quite far back.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe, yes, sorry about that particular instance of toilet humour…
      That woolly turtleneck combined with #romanticherohair and beard really makes him look like a cuddly teddy bear.
      I completely concede that the gesture is amusing – it wouldn’t have been as funny if he had just dropped the slips of paper on the floor…
      Did he suggest his success was waning? Poor dear… no chance of that, quality will always prevail. But yeah, maybe it felt to him like that because his last major project (BS) never really got the traction that a headlining gig could bring? The Stranger is definitely going to change that, I feel.


      • In the article he suggested something charmingly self-effacing about having peaked and I thought oh don’t say that and give that impression but it just shows that we don’t know what is round the corner. Yes, I reaaly hope The Stranger will bring him some quality work.


        • Tbh I always hate it when he takes the self-effacement *that* far. Without getting too far into APM, I always worry that someone might read it – and believe it. If there’s one thing I learnt from the time when I worked for a large US corporation, it is to never hide one’s light under a bushel, but to spout one’s “greatness” – well, in realistic terms, of course. You have to inspire people’s trust in your abilities by appearing confident. Humility and modesty are admirable qualities, but they can definitely also work against oneself…

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  4. Mimi NEVER disappoints! I also enjoyed all of the artwork.

    I enjoyed the interview. Maybe he didn’t have a trashcan…. or it was his grandiose way of saying ‘Next!” I don’t know.


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