#FlatRichie Has Returned

I broke my Lent resolution the day before yesterday because the news were simply too big: Flat Richie had arrived back at my house, and I needed to inform Twitter about that. I had all the best intentions of diving into the package right away and share the big unwrap with you. But in the end it was technology that worked against me. I wanted to film the “unboxing” – more fun, more immediate and much easier than taking hundreds of pictures. But my beloved iPhone is on its last legs and drains the battery quicker than you can say ‘Richard Armitage’. The solution was to use one of my many compact cameras – which all happened to have run out of charge, too. So I charged and waited until today to film the great reveal. That had its challenges, too. I present you with the impressive camera set-up for an over-head table top perspective.

Yeah. Not that I was once a professional photographer *coughs*

That is my funky tourist camera resting between two legs of a flimsy tripod, which is balanced on a shelf, held in place by a heavy quilt *waves at Jennifer*. Well, never mind. The point is, it worked. And that’s all that counts on a shoot. Believe me, photo shoots are all about problem-solving! But the upload restrictions got me then – the video was too long for WP, Vimeo and initially for YT. It took last night to process the video, but now it’s up. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the video where you can see all the details.

After the unwrapping – which felt like Christmas and birthday in one – I chose my own three gifts.

I settled for the funky pair of socks and two crafty packages with the angel wings and the stickers and wooden cut-outs. Love it all. Thank you to whoever added these gifts to the box. There were other things I really loved, too, the choice was not easy!

After that I made myself a cup of tea and settled down to have a read of the Flat Richie log book. Receiving gifts is lovely, but if I am honest, I think Flat Richie is the real star of the show! I had so much fun looking through the book. I read every page, loved the photos you included, the fun stories of what you did with Flat Richie, the decorations, the messages to the readers and participants. I failed to take pictures of the log book, but I am thinking that it might be fun to have a flip through on camera at another time.

However, I do want to show you now what Flat Richie started out with, and what he brought back.

November 2018

March 2020

March 2020

What a loot!

And now, once again, in writing, a huge thank you to all of you lovely peeps who took part in this project. You have been great, keeping the box going, everyone following the rules and doing their part to make someone else happy. That was the main aim of this project – spread a bit of happiness by sending gifts around the world. Along the way we have learnt a bit more about each other, have seen the places where our fan sisters live, and maybe have become new friends. Oh, and we got some gifts 😉.

I am chuffed that this has worked. I don’t want to be overly enthusiastic about fandom or *this* fandom in particular. Wherever people come together, there is also conflict as recently demonstrated, once again. All the more astounding, that this project has been seen through right to the end. Across three continents, three oceans, 16 months and 27 participants. Maybe RA’s own signature, added to the log, helped, like a holy medal? 😉 So, for the last time, here is Flat Richie’s journey. Zoom in for more detail:

There is more to be said and also to be discussed, but for now, once again:

Thank you to (in no particular order)

Riepu, Be66, Tiny Clanger, Andrea, Eugeal, Monica, Armitagebesotted, Mezz, Helen, Rachel, Yve, Nordlicht, Michele, Kate, Kelly, Donna, Kathy, Cramerry, LoLo, jholland, abiwim, Korinka, Armidreamer, Zeesmuse and Squirrel 

PS: We’ll talk about what to do with the gifts in another post.

PPS: Weekly round-up is delayed but will come this weekend, promised.


59 thoughts on “#FlatRichie Has Returned

  1. It was such a fun to be part of this. A lot of great stuff along the way, and those that remained (loveThorin figurine!!) Thank you all, and thank you for doing this in the first place, S. ❤

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    • I had no idea how fun this would actually turn out to be. The pressies are so cool! The Thorin figurine also really spoke to me (I have a little collection of Thorin figurines in my shrine), but I decided that it would probably be more useful in an auction, if we are going down that route.
      Thank you for taking part xx

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  2. What a wonderful video Guylty, the nerve-tingling anticipation at each unwrapping helped me relive opening the box – and your words were lovely . I’m glad you got to experience it finally. And you’re right, FR is in remarkable condition and shows the care, thoughtfulness and good sportsman[person]ship of everyone. It’s been such such fun. Thank you for being the instigator of this wonderful project, which brought many of us together, and mapping FR progress, his journey was astonishing.


    • I hope it wasn’t too long a video. (Well, there is always the fast-forward button >> 😆) It just made more sense to me to actually have everybody look over my shoulder.
      I was absolutely blown away by the gifts in there. So much fun stuff – and just as I had hoped, a great mix of fan items, sort of souvenirs of the respective places we live, and pretty gifts. Something for everyone.
      I was really impressed with the lovely contents of the log book itself – everybody took such great care and made an effort, with photos, poems, decorations, stories – just beautiful.
      It really has been worth it, from beginning to end, and all because of everyone who took part.

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  3. “he’s gotten fat” ….Flat Richie has a Dad bod, lol!
    Kate suggested cutting the lid off to preserve the stamps btw
    glad there’s items in the box that are useful for you too

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    • *giggles* yes, the dad bod came to mind. (Although RA’s alleged dad bod is far from fat…) Well, this is a cutie-patootie cuddly Richie, so he *has to be* a bit chubby 😉
      Oops, yes, Kate made the suggestion. Ha! And now I am left with a “lid”… I am thinking of making something with it…
      And yes, there were loads of lovely gifts in there that I liked. I kind of decided to go for the crafty ones not only because I loved them, but because I reckoned that the other items might be better suited for a future auction…

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    • Rachel FR liked French food very much. Kate you are right. But Guylty, you can disassemble, undress the cover because I put removable transparent tape that can be peeled off. So every fan could discover the different layers hidden under the stamps on the lid.

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  4. Ganz großes Kino! Das auf den Servietten ist übrigens das Äppelwoi-Muster. Das Beste immer zum Schluss (auch out-of RA) 😄
    Ach und btw: neuer Ring? ☺️


  5. Again, what a wonderful box of love. Really, that’s what it is. I really think you should frame the top of the box. it’s just so cool!

    It’s neat – I’m looking at the original set of gifts and I realize that one of those original gifts is now sitting next to my computer! So I have a little bit of you in my home! (And now I know where all 3 of my gifts came from! All of them are in my office where I can look at them!)

    In case you haven’t discovered by now, the post cards are really a set of Traditional Southern Recipes and I think a Savannah myth or two. Key Lime pie. Southern Shrimp boil. Southern fried Chicken. And more.

    My son and I go through several cans of RoadKill Grill spices a year. There is only one place you can buy it, so we take a road trip twice a year to the Charleston City Market. I’m thinking we’ll head that way during Spring Break. My current tin is getting low. You can use it for grilling, baking and frying. It’s just good stuff. Goes on pretty much anything! *nummyyummy*

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    • That’s the ideal outcome – picking gifts and thus being reminded of the givers! I have a hunch where one or two of my chosen gifts came from… not sure about the socks, though?!
      And those recipes are yum! I really should give them a go, grill spices or not.

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  6. Just been zooming into the world map and I cracked up to see i live in Braintree Village , I really don’t live in a ‘out of town shopping village’ but it is pretty close lol
    I loved being part of the adventure.

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    • LOL – whoopsie. That was Google Maps’ fault. Rather than pinpoint the exact address of all participants on the map, in the interest of privacy I opted for the place names… which turned into your local shopping centre, by the look of things.


  7. This was awesome journey to follow and I’m so happy that I had a chance to be part of it. My stop really was the northeast place FR visited. Luckily it was summet then 😊


  8. I’m repeating myself, but it was so much fun being involved in this project. Zee nailed it when she called it a box of love. I’m glad Flat Richie had the chance to visit down under, and I love the idea that there is a little bit of me in two homes! Love your video (the Sarah Dunn autograph print was one of my contributions) and looking forward to seeing the completed journal. With Richard’s signature, it’s a wonderful memento to treasure, a testament to the friendship in this fandom, something I am proud to be a part of. Thank you again for your work in organising this S, and to all involved 🤗


    • “Box of love” – yes. And it was definitely worth all waiting for. Also, I wanted it to be unlimited, i.e. open to all, no matter where. Because that made it even more special.
      Great idea re. the autograph copy. It’s a lovely photo, too, because there are so few of him where he smiles widely.


  9. Wow, that is one big box of goodies! Fun that you were able to do this.
    I met Flat Richie briefly in London two weeks ago, by the way, when Squirrel had it. I think you’re right, he’s the real star. 😊


  10. Above all, a BIG THANK YOU to the person who graciously offered us the reading of her precious USB key! Her labour of love, her painstaking efforts testify to her commitment to our knowledge.
    🙂 🙂 🙂


    • That was such a brilliant idea. I mean, I have all those books through my subscription to Audible, but for anyone who doesn’t, it is a brilliant service.


      • 🙂 Great job according to my IT engeneer student son! Thank you very much! Richard will accompany me every day in my new car commutings. Because I can no longer listen to my vintage audiobook CDs, during my daily pendular migrations in this modern and protective of nature engine…


  11. I can only agree with all the comments. It was and is a box of love. It was so special to have got shipped a parcel with so nice goodies and to think about little gifts for someone you don’t know personally. It spread really joy and fun. Your video put a big smile on my face because it was the same with me the excitement and celebration of opening the box.
    It is normal that FR has gained weight testing all the food of different places in the world offered by ladies who have a crush on him


  12. What a brilliant conclusion to this project. I thoroughly enjoyed the final reveal as well as all of the stops along the way. Thank you so much for facilitating the opportunity to connect with this fabulous group of RA admirers. It was so much fun to be a part of. I have been thinking about the final treasure trove that you picked 3 items from. Since you personally provided the original box of goodies it seems only fair that you should be entitled to choose several more items to keep and then auction a few of the remaining items. Just my personal opinion however- you should do what you feel is best. Thanks again for the lovely video…it was the cherry on top of the sweetest dessert ever! So happy it turned out to be a massive success.
    PS I love the suggestion of framing the box lid. Maybe add a print of the map of FR travel stops to it to cover the address label 😊


    • I am glad the final reveal was fun for you to watch, too. The project needs a big conclusion – a celebration that we actually managed to keep this project going, with no losses or damages. I can only applaud this group of lovely people!
      We’ll definitely have to talk about what is to be done with the remainder of the gifts. I have a couple of ideas, and I will post something soon.
      I like your idea with FR’s travel map and the box lid in a frame. What a lovely fandom memory. I am going to have a look at that.


  13. This was such fun, Guylty! When we started, my kiddo was around 7 months old. Now he’s almost 2 and he’s got a 4 months old brother 😀 I’ve been looking forward to each new stop and loving it. Thanks!


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