2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #9

Before the weekend is over, I have finally managed to put the round-up together. Can’t let that old tradition slip just because I am busy making other posts, right? You’ve read enough waffle from me the last couple of days, so here goes…

  1. Riepu10 congratulates you to International Women’s Day
  2. Wrap up warm, baby. Richard models the latest and greatest in male outerwear. Courtesy of RA-of-light
  3. Please join me in encouraging mezzmerizedbyrichard to raid her old gif folders more often
  4. Oooh, I don’t think I have seen this still from The Lodge before. Posted by fizzyxcustard – would also fit #2 above
  5. I am including this mini review of TS by booksbooksmorebooks because it contains an interesting contradiction: She (?) says she enjoyed the show, yet wouldn’t recommend it. Read the review to find out why
  6. Sinnaminie is just great at reacting to shows she has watched. See this latest RA-related plushie/doll
  7. Riepu10 has also giffed the little clip from Richard’s Red Productions interview. I mean, even without hearing the words, I am fascinated just to watch him talk…
  8. Spag bol 😂. Sweet little scene from TS, giffed by riepu10
  9. Don’t you just want to reach out and tuck that stray lock back under his collar? Screenshot of an interview with Richard, posted by jassy2101
  10. Richardarmitagefanpage has reposted a picture of Richard and others, taken on the occasion of the Red Productions interview
  11. I think this is a question that Richard should be asked at the next Q&A opportunity. Posted by owlpen-redruby
  12. LOL, not sure whether that is really how *that* scenario goes down. By the look of things, RA jumps at the opportunity to take his kit off. But still, thanks for the laugh, call-me-aureum
  13. Theelvenvalkyrie has reposted some Thorin artwork by x-celebril-x. *fistbite* Thorin in the bath…
  14. This piece of fan art by the lovely aninomori is just too cute. Love it, want it on a t-shirt. Actually, want it on everything 
  15. Richardarmitagefanpage posts from the Price family album. Cute!
  16. Leaving you with “goofy” Armitage by deepestfirefun. Love it!

Hope your last few weekend hours just got brighter!

Sonja ❤️


26 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #9

  1. #5. I totally agree with this person, whoever he/she is. And I’m glad someone finally said it out loud.
    #6. Wow. I wonder if the animation artist responsible for the original has seen this yet.
    #8. All three of them were fabulous with each other. And I wanted to climb into the tv and give that youngest son a cuddle.
    #9. Stray lock? I’d be happy to have an opportunity to touch ANY of what’s in that photo.


    • Oho, interesting, so there are several of you who were not fully convinced by TS.
      The chemistry between RA and his TV sons was really great. I thought they looked really believable together. Kudos for RA for pulling it off without drawing from own experience for it.
      #9 🤐😉


  2. Some goodies here, thanks Guylty, and Tumblr magicians. Yep too about 5. my thoughts too – TS is bingeable but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone but a fellow RAbid fan (objectifier).


    • I have absolutely no issue with your opinion (although I disagree, as you know from my previous posts on TS), but would you like to explain why you found it bingeable, yet not worthy of recommendation? The question is genuine. It just felt contradictory to me that the tumblr poster said she binged it and liked it but would not recommend it.


      • Yes I am being contrary – and maybe a bit unfair because TS is thrilling to an extent. I suppose I mean that, when each episode finished, I was intrigued to see what would happen next (leaving aside wanting more of Armitage). We are manipulated into wanting more by the cliff-hangers but, when the series was finished, there were so many dead-ends, disappointing outcomes and silliness (to be discussed!) that as a whole I wouldn’t really recommend it.

        Also, I am not saying The Stranger is trash, not at all, but I have a very high trash threshold and can watch/enjoy all sorts of things that I wouldn’t dream of recommending to anyone. I blame my mother for restricting my television when I was a child to only instructive quality TV with no adverts!


        • Hehehe, I completely know what you mean. I was addicted to TV as a teenager, but later actually banned the TV from my student flat. I just loved watching anything, really. So kind of the opposite of you – with the same outcome.
          But I can see what you mean. There is truth in that – the cliffhangers are somewhat manipulative, and the ending had me slightly disappointed, too. You are right, we need to discuss that. Maybe I’ll abandon this laborious episode-by-episode series.


          • Banning TV? The horror! But wise. Contrary me, I’m enjoying your episode by episode Stranger blogs – and it is interesting reading other viewpoints ( plus we get to rewatch newish RA work each episode!).


              • Absolutely not. I am interested in contrary viewpoints, too :-). It’s what makes the whole discussion interesting. So please *absolutely* continue voicing your doubts and criticisms, J 😘


                • #3 Thank you for the roundup inclusion. I’m being lazy not making new gifs, but I figure it won’t hurt to give the old ones a run, otherwise they’re just taking up space on the hard drive and not earning their keep! 😉
                  #5 Son’s partner told me last night she was disappointed in the ending of TS. We have similar tastes in TV and movies, but she doesn’t have a vested interest in Richard so she can be more objective than me! Her irritation was with the multiple plot threads, some of which weren’t resolved satisfactorily, Katz’s storyline, Johanna’s marriage problems (although I think that was a segue into her future plans with Heidi) and she felt the whole thing just fell flat at the end.
                  #13/14 Wonderful art work.


                  • I always enjoy seeing gifs from former projects again. Please do put them to work, Mezz 😉
                    As for TS – even though I really, really liked the whole show, I do agree with your son’s partner. Some of the secondary storylines seemed to fizzle out. They were just red herrings in the overall plot, I suppose. But it irritated me, too. And the ending totally took me by surprise, too. It didn’t really sit right with me, because it felt as if it was just a little too easy. But I think you are really putting your finger on it – the “vested interest in Richard” tainted my overall opinion of the show.


            • Yeah, well, when I was a student and living on my own for the first time, I brought my TV with me. It got so bad that I eventually noticed I was kind of scheduling my lectures depending on the broadcasting schedule of some silly daytime soap. So I decided to send the TV back to my parents asap. It definitely worked.
              LOL – glad you are contrary in such a nice way, J. Happy to continue giving you some fodder for the eyes 👀😁😉

              Liked by 1 person

  3. Sorry sorry sorry, I’m so behind it’s ridiculous. I’m still averting my eyes from TS posts, so I don’t know if I agree with #5 or not. 😂 Thanks for the roundup, a generous haul this week, and the Flat Richie unboxing video was fabulous. It could have gone on for hours as far as I was concerned though I realise you needed your voice for other things than talking to us. And the clever camera hack worked perfectly.

    It’s been such fun watching his progress albeit in a vicarious way, so a big thankyou to all the participants and to you too Guylty, for making it possible. I loved reading all the reports and learning little bits about who you are.


    • There is no half-time on posts, so whenever you feel like commenting, is the right time, Jenny 😘
      Hehe, glad you enjoyed my little venture into spoken word/moving picture. At least the camera wasn’t showing my face while talking 😂


  4. My assessment of TC is: overly hyped, so-so writing camouflaged by exquisite performances of a uniformly top-notch cast (every single character, except maybe a few of the secondary teenagers, but that’s a quibble). So my kudos go to casting director, director, actors. Definitely not to writer: too many plot holes and flat, not credible ending.


    • Hehe, I think I have contributed to the hype with my early assessment. (I even saw my enthusiastic “I binged” tweet included in several online publications 😬.) I completely take your point. Thinking back to my initial reaction, I certainly loved the show – but also disliked the use of too many secondary plotlines that did not really get resolved to my satisfaction.


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