Fangirl Is Ready for #UncleVanyaPlay – ‘Mach Was!’

Every time Herba and Die Pö announce a new ‘Mach Was!’ topic for their community creativity project, I enthusiastically scream “yes” – and then never get ’round to it. Not this time! I am getting ready for a trip to London to see Uncle Vanya next week. And I decided to make a few goodies to bring along for the friends I am meeting up with, and for the yet unknown people I *might* meet at the SD.

For our RAnet Rescue Fundraiser I had made some UV mini book brooches.

That was *before* the actual script of the play’s new adaptation by Conor McPherson actually came out, and I worked with the provisional image as it was provided back then. In the meantime, the book has been published and the cover relates to the play’s poster design.

As you can see, I have made a miniature copy of it. The colours came out a little bit pale, but well, it’s still discernible, right?

It’s a 3cm mini version of the script – it has actual pages, but they are, of course, not printed with the text. However, there may be a little surprise contained in the book, somewhere…

I made 40 mini books, all ready to be pinned to a fan bosom 😉.

So, should anybody see me in London between Thursday and Sunday next week, do say hello to me – I have a freebie for you, if you want it. No questions asked, no charge – these are just freebies to share. 

Should there be left-overs (which I strongly suspect), I will pass them on by mail later on.

I also made a custom UV book for a fellow fan – personally, I like that cover design better… You can guess why…

So yeah, here’s hoping that the trip to the theatre will not only be entertaining but also yield a few nice encounters. As I said, do talk to me when you spot me. I am a respectable middle-aged 😬, chubby, blond spectacle wearer. Will be dressed in a dark brown half-length jacket, with a blue handbag that has a “deRAnged” pin on it 😂. Will probably be loud and bubbly while waiting at the SD – and then completely clam up when RA turns up 🤐.

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone, and see you soon, I hope!





23 thoughts on “Fangirl Is Ready for #UncleVanyaPlay – ‘Mach Was!’

  1. Could you please save one mini UV book for me 🙏🏻 I still hope nothing will prevent my trip to London at the end of April and I see the play and we will meet… 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻


    • Of course I will 🙂 And that’s a good point, Olga – there will be another opportunity to see the play then, so other left-overs will go into that. I’ll put the pin into the pile of things already waiting for you 😉


  2. I’d love to have one if there’s any left after your trip. I’m going to see the play at the end of this month. If they won’t cancel our flights. I was so scared this morning when Finnair announced that they cancel lots of flights between March 20th and 28. Luckily our flights weren’t in that list..


  3. Such a lovely way to show support for UV. I’d love one but your list is getting mighty long so no worries if you have none left. I am going to London on Easter Sunday and the play on Monday (for my birthday) Keeping my fingers crossed no cancellations or illness. I’m excited to bring my daughters and my best friend for their first London visit. Sorry I’m going to miss seeing you this trip. I hope you have a great time. Enjoy ❤️


    • I don’t mind that list getting long. I will actually make sure I have enough for everyone. It makes me happy to give them away.
      So wonderful that you are celebrating your birthday with a trip to see RA on stage. And even better for bringing your daughters and best friend along. That is a special trip. I am also sad that our dates do not overlap 😦


  4. i would love to see you in London, but I’m not traveling there till the end of April and 3rd of May. Have a great time. Looking forward to all your pictures. Dele


  5. You kindly sent me one of the first mini books. It went to London in the preview week, sitting in the Pizza express (my friend and I know how to push the boat out lol) I suddenly was aware that it had gone from my coat lapel horror! Luckily it was on the floor , I must have caught it and ripped the brooch pin off the back . I have managed to repair it but I would like to say be very careful when you wear them or don’t be as careless as me!


    • Ha, great to know that the pin has already been at the play! Glad you found it again – these things are small and flimsy. Oh, and they are also not waterproof, so the printed cover would probably disintegrate if exposed to rain… But well, they are just a small little fun fandom badge 😉


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