A Closer Look at #FlatRichie

Hello world! Rather than posting challenge answers in written format every day, I am trying my best to create some variety and switching up content here on the blog. Today I am going “movie”. As promised, I have taken a closer look at the Flat Richie log book with all its beautiful pages. Follow along in the video and you can see some of the creative things that were put into the book.

So, guys, what do you think? Shall we raffle this off among the participants? The postal service still works, and a parcel is always a happy occasion, right? I could even add a couple of little gifts from the stash! Vote in the poll:

Stay safe, everybody ❤


49 thoughts on “A Closer Look at #FlatRichie

  1. I’ve voted yes but wouldn’t you like to keep this for yourself? You are so generous with your creations but in many ways this is all the participants giving a very little something back to you! 😘

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  2. I would like to see you as the keeper of Flat!Richie. He could maybe travel with you to future fan events and meet new people.

    That was very interesting. As the first, I never got to see any of this. My entry looks positively boring. There are, however, some photos hidden behind the green paper I added in there.


    • I was thinking of all the initial hosts who only had a handful or less entries to enjoy.
      Grah, I suspected there was were more hidden gems. I’ll have to have another look 🔍
      As for me holding on to Richie – could be done, but could also apply to other potential owners 😊


  3. I love that some of the postage stamps were saved and included in the journal! a really nice touch that reminds us of all the physical traveling that Flat Richie went through 😎


  4. I’m saving the video to enjoy this evening when I can relax. Looking forward to it! Just wanted to echo Kate and Ilaria. It was a lovely idea of theirs, and you’re the ideal custodian for Flat Richie.


  5. I’m saving the video as a reward for surviving physical therapy this afternoon (assuming that I do, lol) and am looking forward to it. Thank you for giving us yet another treasure to enjoy!

    I voted yes but would like to change my vote, please. #FlatRichie should stay with you! His perfect home is with his kind and generous creator. 😘

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  6. I voted yes, but honestly, I think you should keep him! You made him, you made this possible and honestly, I feel this should be YOUR keepsake of everyone of us. So I can’t change my vote in the thing, but I still think you should keep him for yourself!

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  7. My first reaction was “oooh yes please!” but no, he definitely belongs with you. I’m happy to save this video as a keepsake of FR’s journey and the lovely ladies who contributed to the journal xx


  8. I think he should stay with you. You have had this great idea, you have created him in such a lovely manner and we have had such fun.

    I have a little idea but don’t know how to realize. Could it be possible to make copies of FR for each participant? Because I think everybody who was at the beginning of the journey is curious what is written after the stay and the others or all would be pleased to reread the journey of FR


  9. Ode to Flat Richie.

    Far and wide did Flat Richie roam, He’s finally returned to his Irish home.
    Back to where he started from,
    Are his globe-trotting days over and done?
    Hard to say,
    Who can tell?
    One things is clear,
    To those far and near.
    Richie is still very flat,
    As a matter of fact.

    Kathy Jones

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  10. Thank you for the video Guylty, it is wonderful to see our the contributions in all their creative variety (even though it confirmed that I have the worst handwriting – ugh). I agree that you should keep the Flat Richie chronicle, although I wish Richard could see it. Maybe we should tweet him the video link, would you be happy with that?


  11. I’m here to echo the votes to to keep him in your care. Traveling might be fun but there’s no place like home. There’s always the chance to meet again digitally. 🥰


  12. You know, and I just remembered this, when I wrote in it and added the pictures, I did it in the frame of mine that Flat Richie was yours when it was over. As it should be! Just sayin’.


  13. Just got round to watching the video! (How come with self isolation I seem to have less time on my hands instead or more???)

    It’s so great to see all the messages and additions! And it really brings home the amazing journey. Did you ever tot up the miles? 😃


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