Distraction Challenge 4 #ADC

How are we holding up, everywhere? I tackled some more kitchen stuff today while Mr Guylty continues to paint the windows. (Craft room is still not usable – window wide open to let the paint dry, and it’s cooooold. Incidentally, Mr Guylty’s painting project has struck just as I had started working on a couple of RA pocket shrines. I got up from my desk on Wednesday evening thinking I would sit back down at it on Thursday. So I left all those yummy print-outs of Armitage strewn all over my desk, not expecting the dear husband to prance in there. Um. No word yet from Mr Guylty about that. I guess he knows I am a lost cause.) Besides household entertainments, daughter and I amused ourselves by filming a mini video today, a birthday video for my goddaughter. We devised our own little Sesame Street skit. Sorry, can’t share, but just to say it’s another project to pass the time…

Before I get to question 4 of the ADC, I wanted to give a little link love to our fan sisters who have taken up the challenge for everyone’s entertainment. Esther has done questions 1 to 13 in one fell swoop HERE and Armidreamer has followed suit on her blog HERE. Zeesmuse has posted individual answers on her BLOG. If there is uptake on tumblr, I’ll get to it in tomorrow’s round-up. Thanks for taking part 😘

4. What’s your favourite episode of your favourite show?

Dang. What’s my favourite show? Ok, I am interpreting “show” as “serialised TV show”. I can’t believe I am saying this, because soldiers are usually not my thing, but for a little while already and at this point in time, my needs are for hunky, chunky heroes, so Strike Back it is. In the interest of identifying and affirming my favourite episode, I had to go through the entire SB gallery on RAnet. Actually, I am lying – even before the image gallery finally appeared on my screen (little note here for everybody: don’t despair if you are trying to access the RAnet picture galleries and the page appears to only be empty – there is a lot of data in those galleries, and depending on your broadband speed, the page will take a little while to load!), I had already remember which episode I used to pause for scrutiny.

Episode 3 of Strike Back (excerpt)

No, it’s not because of the disrobing and disinfecting scene in the prison yard, although I confess I always have to laugh out loud when I see this screen cap:

No. Not what you are thinking!!! It’s just RA really doesn’t have much luck with water etc… 

It’s not the erotic dream scene, either, although I find it quite nicely done.

It’s actually because I love the ending of that episode. Charged to eliminate Masuku after springing him from prison, Porter has everything ready to shoot and dispatch him in a ready-dug grave. But Masuku successfully plants doubt about Porter’s superiors’ motives in his head, and Porter decides to believe him and disobey the order. It just shows that he is a man capable of independent thinking – apart from being a pretty hot, effective operator, too. As in: He’s not just a clever killing machine, but he knows what is right and wrong, and he is not afraid to make his own decisions.

So there, a thinking hero. Besides – this episode also has some of the nicest cinematography.

This particular short scene, filmed with backlight in an atmospherically lit room with plenty of smoke, is quite aesthetic. Plus: sharp profile and backlit forearm hair porn.

Talking of porn: Eyelashes.

I leave it at that.

PS: I noticed while perusing the gallery, that the pictures do not appear in order anymore. Meh. I’ll have to investigate that. And in case you are wondering how to download the images: That is still possible. I have described the process on the gallery’s main page, but just FYI: To save an image, right click on the thumbnail of the image on the gallery page (NOT the full size image) and choose “open in new tab”. In the new tab you can then right click on the image and save as usual.


30 thoughts on “Distraction Challenge 4 #ADC

  1. Ooh I hope Mr Guylty didn’t dribble paint over the Armitage. Thanks for the link and for the yummy JP pictures. Strike Back is certainly one of RA’s series that I go back to time and time again – and there is no better time for his heroics than now! I tried to get some basic supplies in the supermarket today and have come to the conclusion that the stockpiling culprits are vegetarian ( like me) or vegan because all the soya milk and meat-free foods have disappeared. Grrr.


    • I need a hero. I’m holding out for a hero til the end of the night… he’s gotta be strong and he’s gotta to be fast and he’s gotta be fresh from the fi-hight…


  2. Thanks for the great photos of RA! Hope you get your craft room back soon. My faves are some of the Berlin Station episodes. Richard did such a great acting job on that series. I like some episodes of Spooks as well, but Richard’s clothes were so Ill-fitting in that series, it would make me mad when he didn’t look his best in the ill-fitting suits. It may have been deliberate since the Lucas North character was supposed to be undernourished and unhealthy looking from time in the Russian prison. I love the last episode of The Stranger as well. Great job by Richard.
    I’ve occupied myself today, along with lots of cooking. by adding various photos of Richard to my Pinterest “Gorgeous Men” page. Just when I thought I had pinned every photo of RA ever, I found some more lovely ones. Definitely a great way to pass the time!


    • Oh, you are one of the few people who liked BS!!! Well, I actually am not arguing with you re. RA’s acting in it. He was great, as always. But he was pitifully underused, and that really grated with me.
      Spooks and suits – I have to admit that I never noticed. Probably because I always prefer the casual look.
      And isn’t it great how much pastimes RA provides? Those pictures are infinite, indeed. And you can never have enough of them… 😍


  3. I really need to watch Strike Back, right now. My fav… idk, maybe episode 2 of N&S, when tough Mr. Thornton starts acting like a poodle.


  4. I have a lot of favorite scenes but no favorite episodes…
    I especially like every movie sequences where he is walking…


    • I’m not sure what I think about his walk, he moves so gracefully yet he can have such a plodding walk. Saying that, I’ll never forget seeing him live for the first time in the Crucible when he lumbered up the theatre aisle in one of the early scenes. It was so excitingly recognisably Richard Armitage. It’s him, it’s actually him!


      • I loved his walk when he appeared for the first time as Lucas North. Guy of Gisborne slowly and sensually sauntering was quite a sight too. But generally there is just something about his gait that I find… IDK… less than attractive, I guess.

        Liked by 1 person

        • “I loved his walk when he appeared for the first time as Lucas North. ”
          perhaps one of my best scene, with the scene where he was eating with his fingers (no virus around…)
          i LOVED when he walked with the dogs in Ocean 8 too…


        • I think very tall people generally have a kind of lumbering or loping walk. They are so far from the ground-LOL Another very handsome tall fellow, and great actor, Idris Elba, has quite a funny rolling walk in the Luther series. Not sure how Idris walks in real life, but I would doubt that it is excessively graceful.
          I, however, would love to have any kind of wacky walk without my cane, which I require after having to have a complete femur and hip replacement due to bone cancer some years ago. Cane free walking of any type would work for me. 🙂


          • Interesting theory, Ricky. Although it is definitely true they have longer legs – and that makes them walk differently, bigger strides.
            And I get what you are saying. Walking without any assistance seems so normal to every one of us – until it is taken away from us.


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