A Little #FlatRichie Update

Remember I asked last week what should be done with the Flat Richie logbook? Well, there was a result in the poll, although it was pretty tight.

In the comments quite a few of you suggested that Flat Richie should actually stay with me – in my archive, as the safe-keeper, as my gift for having created and started it. I would have happily passed him on, but I do think that maybe this is the easiest and most obvious solution. I will have the pleasure of keeping all the nice messages that are in the log. But I have decided to share it with you in more detail.

The idea: Since I only did a quick flip-through in the video last week, I am going to show you the individual pages in pictures. And I will do so on the respective anniversary of the entry. It’s almost like following the journey once again. Don’t worry, it won’t always be a post on its own. That may be a little bit too repetitive. When it coincides with a posting day, it’ll be tacked onto whatever I am posting about. Today, however, the “Flat Richie Revival” is the main point of the post. So here goes…

On the 27th of March 2019 Flat Richie was in Los Angeles, California, hosted by LoLo. This is what she wrote in the log book.

For reference: Tyrone Power and Guy of Gisborne.

LoLo’s guest post HERE.

In other news – just as I was beginning to whine about the lack of non-advertising and/or non-celeb tweets, Mr Armitage has posted on Twitter/IG. Life has the best coincidences, eh? More audio coming our way, as RA has now set up a recording studio in his spare toilet 😂. I can’t help but think that that is wonderfully fitting, considering Armitage’s penchant for toilet humour. Let’s hope this is going to be a funny book – and that he has got toilet paper to last the journey.

Still advertising… meh

Sorry, not a hugely original post today. To tell you the truth, I am not in top form today. Usually I feel better when I manage to accomplish some chores, but despite dusting the picture ledges in the bedroom and baking an apple cake, I feel listless and off today. Has cabin fever reached me? I don’t know. Better sign off today and hope for a better day tomorrow.



43 thoughts on “A Little #FlatRichie Update

  1. Good! I’m really glad you’re keeping him 😊

    I suspect we’re all having “meh” phases in this weird situation. There are so many things I should be doing about the house… but it’s awfully easy to put them off until tomorrow.

    Here’s hoping you’ll feel chirpier tomorrow. 😘😘😘


    • Luckily the “meh” phase passed quickly. Not sure what it was. I have also given myself permission to *not* accomplish anything but to simply deal with the situation in my head every once in a while. It’s a difficult time, we worry and we are feeling helpless. That needs some care, too.


  2. I can donate a couple of loo rolls to complete the decor, being as it’s him. 😉

    Great idea to show us FR’s journal pages like this. I loved reading Lolo’s entry in her own handwriting – it made it more personal somehow. Tyrone Power might well have been a distant relative of our Sir Guy – going on that pic he got the brooding looks down pat.

    And I’m sorry to hear you’ve got a touch of the social isolation blues. You’ve done more than I have today. An apple cake sounds delish.


    • LOL – that’s a generous offer, Jenny. (Just imagine – if all his lovely followers stopped sending him chocolate and flowers and sent loo rolls instead 😂)
      ‘Social isolation blues’ – that hits it. I got it back under control yesterday. But it’s to be expected, I guess.


  3. Sursum corda! Tomorrow will be better. If you are not used to have your husband always at home probably you’re only a little tired! Men are cute but a little challenging.
    I can’t wait to see all those lovely pages. Hugs xxx


    • LOL – husband trouble. I had to laugh at that suggestion. In fact, though, I can’t put any blame on him. He has been home for two weeks but he is the type who always has to do something. So he hasn’t been under my feet, really, but has been painting our windows over the last couple of weeks. Plus, he made every attempt at cheering me up yesterday. So if anybody was challenging, it was unfortunately myself…
      More pages to come on April 1st!


  4. I’m glad Flat Richie is staying with his creator. Am looking forward to seeing the early contents of the journal again and the contributions after I sent FR on his way. Between the post updates and people’s own handwritten notes, I feel as though I’ve come to “know” my RA sisters a little more. 😉


    • Those entries are just lovely. And for anyone who was among the earlier participants, they won’t have seen many entries yet anyway. So yeah, I may be milking it a bit, but I have a reason 😉


  5. i somehow missed the poll (last week was intense/stressful regarding work though tbh) but i would have voted for him to stay with you anyway
    regarding his mini-studio-i don’t think that’s his spare toilet! lol


  6. I am glad you bowed to the majority and are keeping FR, as you should. I loved Lolo’s account of the glamorous time the boys had in Tinseltown. It’s only natural to have wobbles, many of us are probably having them I’m glad you are feeling better today.


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