Service Sunday

Hello everybody. First of all many thanks for sharing your tips regarding hand care. It really helped me to find a solution for my current skin problem. Keeping your advice in mind, I dug out a mega tub of medicinal skin cream my hubster had been prescribed last year for a persistent dry patch on his shins. I lathered it on last night before going to bed, and by morning it already felt better. I have decanted the cream into lots of small empty lotion jars and left them dotted around the house, so whether it is after washing my hands in the kitchen, in the top bathroom, in the stairs loo, or while I am sitting in front of the telly or at my desk, I can always reach for a little jar and slap some cream on. By the end of all this, I will have hands that are 20 years younger than the rest of my old body 😂.

Yesterday I stayed away from Twitter, still kind of sanitising my brain from the barrage of bad news. No matter how many nice people you follow and who are posting fun stuff, there will also be the other news filtering through. So I gave myself a break from SM yesterday and instead did some spontaneous crafting. That made me feel much better.

These are all rather meh and uninteresting news on my blog today, so I thought I’d make this a service Sunday and instead send some love to other bloggers. A little link list, if you want, although chances are that you are already following all the ladies, anyway. But nevertheless.

The Armitage Distraction Challenge continues on a few other blogs

  • Herba is on her second part of the challenge and answers questions 6 to 10 in German HERE.
  • Armidreamer has finished the challenge on her blog HERE.
  • Did I already mention that Esther wrote the second half of her challenge? HERE.
  • Zeesmuse is on daily posts and currently at question 13 HERE.
  • And Fabo at Whiterosewritings is also still doing the challenge. HERE (Big apology for always missing you, Fabo – Blogspot and WP are just not compatible and make it extra hard to follow cross-platform!)

Other Corona Distraction

  • Check out SueBC’s latest blog entry. She has not only rewritten the lyrics to one of her favourite songs, but she is actually singing it for us. Topical and very funny. HERE.
  • Nellindreams has written a funny piece about Marlborough Mills’ reaction to the corona crisis. Sorry, this is in German (although an automatic translation might actually also work on this) but I really loved it! Link HERE.

Virtual Travel

Squirrel reminded me of some of the photos she took of Flat Richie when he was stopping with her. Here are some fun photos of some of the places Flat Richie visited when in London last month.

I still have a cancelled flight with British Airways to London – well, this gives me some ideas what to look forward to when I reschedule the flight.

Other services

Besides my sanity-saving crafting and daily baking now that my son is back in da house, I am most smugly satisfied about a little hack I have learnt from the interwebs. When I ventured out shopping yesterday, I bought the first bottle of bleach of my life. Wait, I lie. I bought a bottle of bleach circa 1986 in order to splatter-bleach a denim jacket. (Thankfully, no photographic evidence has survived.) So far I have never ever cleaned with bleach because I ultimately believe that heavy chemicals like that are bad for the environment – and household vinegar or baking soda prove perfectly good cleaning agents. However, hygiene is pretty important at the moment, and so I decided to give it a go and make my own disinfectant wipes. It was really easy and seems to work pretty well. Also stores in a prettier package than any of those shop-bought wipes.

Recipe, in case you are interested: You need an air-tight container, some kitchen roll and bleach for this. Dilute 3 tablespoons of bleach with one and a half US cups of hot water. Cut the kitchen roll in half with a kitchen knife. Place the half roll in an air-tight container and pour the bleach mix over it. Let it sit for a moment and then pull out the cardboard from the inside of the kitchen roll. Should be fairly easy. Find the first leaf of kitchen roll on the inside and pull it up, and you are ready to go. I recommend you buy some of the pricier, brand-name kitchen roll for this – loo roll and cheaper brands do not work so well because the wet wipes rip when you try to pull them out of the container. The brand I used is called “Plenty” and works pretty well with this. Disclaimer: Bleachy cleaners should only be applied to non-porous surfaces, I think. Not sure about natural stone, so make sure you research that before you start wiping your fancy marble work top! It works well for me for daily disinfecting of door handles, wiping over the sinks in bathroom and kitchen, as well as toilet seats etc. My cleaning needs have never been more satisfied…

Stay well – stay home – stay safe!


41 thoughts on “Service Sunday

  1. NICE hack!

    And I don’t mean a cough!!!!

    I’ll go look at other distRActed blogs asap. For the record, I”m on day 14 now and for those who don’t peruse my blog on a regular basis, it’s full of silliness and grins. No bad news allowed!

    (Also, be prepared. Almost done with William Edward. One more scene and it’s done and I’m working on the scene!)

    Time for a nap!


  2. Oooh, thanks for the links, which will fill an otherwise boring evening in the best possible way, And the disinfectant wipes tip is just what I needed too. I have a spray bottle but the liquid drips off what I’m trying to disinfect.

    Thanks to squirrel for the great photos. Lovely to see the daffs in bloom, I’ve kept missing them for years, and I grinned like a loon at the RA.


  3. I was scarred, while “Flat Richie” was braving, was struggling against the wind and the rain not to fall into the Thames.
    One month walking around with him was a “luxe incroyable”. I am sorry about the glitch, for who was waiting for him. But, the pictures are explaining why It took so long coming back to his mom.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad your hands are better and that hopefully they will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom ( as a tobacco tin once said!). I think it is a really really good idea to take a break from social media etc for sanity’s sake. I’ve not listened to the news today and benefitted from it ( I’ll tune in tomorrow). Thanks for the great cleaning tip and for the late links.


      • 🙂 The main problem was where I could position FR without putting him in danger, damaging him and being able to take a picture that could be of interest, at the end with a bad vintage phone too (some of my friends never eard my voice or received a phone message from me).
        In Underground or Subway it was too narrow, in the Museums I hated protection glass that reflected lightnings, so lot of pictures are blurred, unusable.
        I can’t remember how many time, I was afraid like a caretaker when I was no more able to find him. He was always falling down (for example in Trafalgar down the wall, on the south riverbank and in the gardens too). Definitly, I was always putting this “precious” tresor in danger.
        But in my bag, he was safety hidden. He was lying packed in several layers of protection. Now he is definitely in good care.

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        • Oh no not in the river! Perhaps a book is in order, ‘The Perils of Flat Ritchie’ or ‘The Adventures of FR’ . Hmm, it would make a nice illustrated children’s geography book, ‘One day Flat Ritchie went on a wonderful journey …next he visited France…’


  4. I’m glad your hands are feeling better. I had chronic dermatitis on mine for years – it was liquid hand wash that was the problem. I avoided it as much as possible, used a hydrocortisone ointment and always wore gloves when cleaning or washing up. Over time they have improved to the point where liquid hand soap isn’t a problem now and I use Sorbolene/Vitamin E hand cream regularly.
    I decided to try your cleaning hack today, went looking for the bottle of bleach I thought I had and instead found an unopened jumbo pack of antiseptic cleaning wipes in the back of a laundry cupboard – no need for the hack now but I’ve made a note of it just in case!


    • Liquid handwash as the culprit – interesting! I’ve been using exactly that, and intensely so, of course. (I’m making an effort to actually get through my large storage of soaps and shower gels… now is the time!!!) I’ve been doing some extensive moisturising and it seems to be doing the trick – even though I handled a good few of those bleach wipes yesterday.


      • For a long time there was no liquid hand wash in my house, only bars of natural soap. Now whenever I can, I stock up on goat’s milk soap – that’s my personal preference of course, but it might be worth a try if you’re looking for something gentle on the skin.


  5. Thanks for the link-love.
    Good to hear your hands are a bit better and lovely to see the Flat Richie in London pics. Squirrel actually introduced me to Flat Richie when I met her there and I was able to flip through him a bit. 🙂 It’s a lovely treasure.


    • The hands are getting much love now. I have refilled lots of little, empty hand cream jars from the big tub of cream, and dotted the little jars around the house. Beside my laptop, beside the kitchen sink, in the bathrooms, beside my TV couch. I’m moisturising like a champion.

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