RA Pocket Shrine 214/? – Colossal

Let’s start the week with a bit of fun. I have stepped back from the computer a bit. It just brings me down to be online too much. Fiddling with paper and scissors, on the other hand, makes me happy. Also, temperatures have suddenly gone down again in Ireland, and typing at the computer gives me really cold hands. Excuses, excuses.

Anyway, this was RAPS number 2 that I sent on its way to Italy. This is quite a simple, plain little shrine.

I’m sorry, we are staying with Dr Astrov and Uncle Vanya for a little while… as is obvious considering the little leaves on the mint tin. I’ll never tire of these tins. That brand really struck gold with their tin design!

*coughs* I liked this Astrov quote because… well, it felt strangely apt for Mr A as well, except that he would *never* speak of himself in such terms.

Contemporary Armitage for the bottom part of the shrine. I’m not a fan of the turtleneck at all, but I do like that picture. Disgruntled Armitage for the win!

No little candles this time – I don’t like punching holes into the blink tins because they are so pretty from the outside, I prefer to leave them untouched.


I was just looking through my shrine archive and I thought – is it possible that I haven’t even enshrined Adam Price yet???? What the hell? And I actually liked that character more than Astrov. This has to be remedied. As soon as my jujo obsession has abated, I shall switch to a shrine obsession again. Adam has to be put in the box.

I hope you are all keeping well, guys. Take good care of yourselves!!!



48 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 214/? – Colossal

  1. It’s so beautiful I wanna cry. (Okay, it’s partly cabin fever/ depression/the Vanya blues, but still.)

    I am so envious of your creativity. I’m still so tired and worn out from the feckin‘ cold, I can only get through the bare necessities. 😭

    Sorry, Debby Downer will see herself out now.


  2. Love Astrov’s shrines! 💎❤️ And yes, Adam deserves to be shrined! 🙏🏻
    I’m fine being on Twitter from time to time, I follow a lot of museums so my TL contains mostly of art and Richard 😁
    Stay safe! Hugs ❤️🤗😘


  3. The television is my downfall, my emotions see-saw when I listen to the news.
    And because it is always around meal times I lose my appetite which is bad.


  4. Lovely shrine!
    I’m still online, just not on Twitter as much (& then usually looking at cat videos or cooking videos). I find myself spending more time on Archive of Our Own reading fanfics.
    Since my employer is dubbed “essential” by my government, yeah, I’m still working 6 days a week and wearing gloves most of the time. My employer isn’t offering paid leave or I’d take it & stay home with hubs, whose employer *is* paying him to stay home. It’s a mess.


    • I’m sorry to hear that you have to be in work at this time. OTOH I thank you for doing so, keeping the supplies coming for everyone.
      I think that reading fan fics is actually a great counterpoint to all the bad news we are hearing every day. Perfect opportunity to lose yourself in fantasyland.


  5. Oh, that is so beautiful in it’s simplicity! Love it. But then I love all your RAPS! 🤣😘😊

    Cold here too – that North wind really punishes us, facing the North sea as we do! 🥶


  6. You are a sweetheart for posting so diligently. You are entertaining me and I appreciate that. You give me something to look forward to every day, woman!

    And I agree about that photo of “disgruntled” Armitage. He looks fabulous!!!

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    • What a lovely thing to say, Besotted. Thank you for that. And I love entertaining you!
      Note – and I said I liked the ‘disgruntled Armitage’ – even though he has a beard!!!!!!!! The quarantine must be getting to me *hahaha*

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      • There is a hazard, though. With this confinement, every day is starting to feel like Saturday, and then I’m disappointed that there isn’t a round-up when I check in. No pressure! I will deal with my mixed up expectations about the days of the week!


        • LOL – I know, it feels very weekend-y to me, too. Which is why I force myself to do at least one chore a day. (Today it was stripping the bed and hoovering the mattress.)


  7. Love it!! So nice. I’m not a crafter at all but I appreciate what others do. Please send some of your cold weather to Florida. It’s over 80 degrees Fahrenheir here today. But at least there is a breeze. I walk in the early morning while there is still shade over the roads and sidewalks.

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        • By delicacy and for the respect of Richard Armitage’s fans who are kind enough to offer me the opportunity to exhibit my photos, I would prefer that you discuss them where they are exposed. If there had been an ad hoc comment to make, it would have been more judicious to choose as subject FR in London and to present it in Guylty’s previous article.
          (To recall “Japan pics featuring Thorin Oakenshield by Squirrel” the first one about Thorin plush’s holidays in Japan is on Michele’s blog and
          my first atempt was in August 24, 2017 on Servetus blog: “Squirrel in the steps of Richard Armitage and the Pilgrimage crew” ).


            • OK sorry, to be too blunt AND SPEAK MY MIND.
              I was happy about your kind words. A comment is always appreciated when it makes complete sense. I noted that your remarks were reasonable. But I try to send my subjects of interest articles, in different blogs…

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              • Understood totally, That’s why I waited to respond. I wanted to, but I wanted to respond where my presence is tolerated.

                I’m painfully blunt. No doubt what’s on my mind – lol! At times, it’s a bit much for some people. No worries. 🙂

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  8. This is beautiful. I’m rather fond of long-haired Richard and I don’t mind the turtleneck either! Lucky lucky recipient!!!

    (For the record, the news online is pissing me off as well. That and the cabin fever!)


    • My OH is painting the kitchen window today, and while I was in there, he was listening to some talk radio. 😱It drove me nuts. It focuses exclusively on everything connected to Covid. I left the room.

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      • Everything here is Virus, Shut-down, and politicians taking potshots at other politicians. I’m ready to put on my heels, go up there, and teach them a few things about living in the trenches, something none of them have done in I don’t know how long. We have one up on The Hill with NO life experience, whatsoever, and if I hear her tell people to strike, or this or that, one more time, I’m going to hide her red lipstick!!!


  9. Another gorgeous RAPS, and I love the longer, wavy hair on Richard. Makes me yearn for a Darcy-esque period drama romantic hero role, but I have a feeling I’ll be yearning for a long time to come……..


    • I always forget that RA has actually done more period pieces than NS. There’s Monet and Marie Lloyd. (Does Gently count as period?) But I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a period piece again – where he is the uncompromised hunky romantic hero.


      • I’m very fond of Monet, but he’s no Darcy, and I have no liking at all for Percy Courtenay, nor that whole show. I really disliked Percy’s hairstyle (don’t judge me lol, I just couldn’t get past it!) and Marie Lloyd herself was such an immensely irritating character, I only watched it once. When I think of period drama, I don’t really include Gently in that genre, but I guess it is. I was watching bits of The Sound of Music for the umpteenth time the other night, and I was thinking I’d love to see Richard as Captain von Trapp. Not a musical, a drama. His look as Astrov came to mind – the longer hair, the beard, and the boots!!


  10. Astrov may be annoying as a character but he sure is breathtakingly beautiful to look at! A shrine with such contents would always have to be cherished by anyone who gets to own it.


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