Flower Power

When I got dressed today I thought, “today is a day for flower crowns”. No reasons, except that flower crowns make me happy. I have been wearing this discreet little number all day. Ok, not quite – I took it off when I went to the post office. My woolly hat didn’t fit over it.

Rare, rather than beautiful πŸ˜‚

I still have my Red Dragon Con flower crown from last year. After the con I was going to throw it in the hotel bin and lighten my luggage for the flight home but Kate convinced me I should keep it. Now it is a “floral wreath” in my craft room.

Of course, all of this is just a pretext to see some beautiful flowers on the gorgeous Mr Armitage. As much as he didn’t like the flower crowns, the one he was crowned with by Bryan Fuller at SDCC 2015 – aside: 2015!!!! OMG, I can’t believe it is already that long ago! – suited him very well. Here, see for yourself:

That’s what you call flower power!

Are you cheered up a bit? I left the house today to go to the post office. Little Miss Guylty accompanied me and after dropping the mail at the PO – my “favourite” postmistress wasn’t there *phew* – we decided to make a little stroll of it. It’s not that warm outside at the moment, but it is a clear, fresh day here in Dublin. We looped back home, walking along the Grand Canal, and it was actually lovely to be out and walk a bit. I have been staying in too much these last weeks, and I could feel how I had become slow and stiff. My new resolution is to take a walk every day from now on – observing the social distancing, of course, but catching some light and fresh air, that is still allowed.

Hope you are all staying well, my friends. Try a flower crown yourself, and send me a picture on Twitter if you can 😊


23 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. πŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸŒΌπŸ‘πŸ» I like your happy mood! I have a pic in a flower crown but can’t post it on Twitter πŸ™ˆπŸ˜
    Stay safe!


  2. Sorry to be nosy, but you know I like old things. My eyes are going right past you and your flowers to that beautiful piece of furniture behind you. I especially like the beveled edges on the mirror bits. Feel free to ignore my spying and not reply at all.


    • Hehe, no trouble. That piece of furniture is a wall-mounted mirror piece that is designed to sit above a fireplace. I guess you could call it an ornate mantlepiece. It’s not original to our house, though. I think it was ca. 1930s. My hubs was painting the house of an elderly lady, and she was going to throw it out. Hubs rescued it and brought it home. Initially it was a reddish wood. He didn’t like the wood colour and painted it silver instead. Yes. Silver 😱. It looked horrible. Moreover, we did not have any space for it in our sitting room or kitchen. I told him that I would allow it into my craft room – if he painted it black. Bingo. I actually quite like it, too, now.


  3. The little red dragon was a nice flourish on the top of the flower crown, Richard’s sense of the ridiculous appearing again. He looked absolutely gorgeous that day.
    That panel was the first time I knew about the Hannibal flower crown thingy. It seems incongruous given the visual ickiness of that show, but maybe that’s the whole point.


    • That is totally the point, afaik. A deliberate antidote to the dark horror of the show. (RA apparently was never on board with that. He made some comment on the flower crowns in his short speech at the opening ceremony of RDC5, along the lines of “I don’t get it”. By the end of the con, he still didn’t πŸ˜‚. He even put out the rule that no one was to ask him to put on a flower crown in their fan pictures with him. You would think he was afraid of the damn things 🀨)


  4. Aw that’s a lovely cheering picture Guylty and I’m glad Kate persuaded you to keep your fab RD5 crown. (I think you should wear it to the PO, your awful postmistress might spontaneously combust at the sight.) Richard Armitage looks so hot in that crown; I really liked his look at that time, even with the beard.
    I’m going out for a walk everyday, it feels a necessity after starring at a screen all day and I always feel uplifted afterwards – despite the dramatic way way me and fellow walkers swerve to avoid one another at quite ludicrous distances.


    • Damn, I forgot to put the flower crown on on my visit to the PO today. Mind you, my “special” postmistress was not on duty today but a collegue. But nevertheless, I think wearing a flower crown outside might actually not only cheer *myself* up but also others who encounter me. If the weather is tolerable in the next few days, I’ll put that crown on.
      The daily walks are great. I can’t understand why I stayed in for two weeks and minimised any outings to the essential shopping excursions. It’s actually really lovely walking at the mo – because there is so little traffic.


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