Occupational Therapy

As we all know, in times of isolation it is vital to entertain and occupy ourselves. I have heard a few regrets voiced by people who claim they can’t craft. Well, ladies, I have the solution for you. Today your nursery teacher has brought in a lovely little task for you. You can print and cut, then glue and finally roll the dice and play a little game.

Every time you roll a face, you have to take a sip of your drink of choice. Or you could make it an exercise game, assigning a particular exercise to each of the characters. Cross-body sword-unsheathing moves for Guy, sit-ups for young RA, and head-scratching for smoulder-RA. Roll again if you get the “Keep Calm” side…

Nah, just joking. It *is* April Fools Day, after all. It’s just that Guylty had forgotten about it until she read Servetus’ hilariously funny post for today.

In other news, a year ago, Flat Richie arrived in Brooklyn. Quote Armitagebesotted from the logbook: “Are we all crazy or what?”

I say we are.

Keep well, stay home everybody!


37 thoughts on “Occupational Therapy

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!! I think when I get home, I WILL print and cut that little lovely out on some heavy stock paper and put him on my office desk at home!!!! Oh my!

    Happy April Fools Day!!


  2. i have been crafting all day making cotton face masks, I have no idea if they are any good but it has kept me busy I just need to post them off to my daughters who seem to be bearing up better than me at times.


    • Cotton handmade face masks (3 thickness with absorbent fabric in the middle) are better then nothing and can be washed indefinitely.


    • I’ve had those cotton masks on my list for a while already but haven’t yet found a good pattern. (Ok, I didn’t search very hard.) Maybe something to do this weekend. I have just heard that a mask rule is being discussed in Ireland, anyway.


      • My sister has a pretty neat pattern that is already shaped and requires no wire if you’re interested. She’s the sewing champ in my family. Making them for my brother who’s a physical therapist/ osteopath and thus still has to work.


        • Definitely interested. I was searching online just now, and I just felt totally overwhelmed by all the patterns on offer. Which is the right one, the best one, the approved one? Grah.

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          • I’ll get it to you as soon as she sends it.

            Also, reporting back from my lung specialist appointment today (I am perfectly fine and my lung function is very good), he definitely encouraged cloth masks with a fleece layer; densely woven cotton fabric is best. My sister found fleece that can be washed hot (up to 95 °C) which is important. Should I post the info here or email you?


            • Please do post the info here – this is likely to be of interest for others, too.
              And fleece sounds much more manageable than molton or hoover filters.
              Glad to hear your visit to the doctor went well. I hope that will also help with lifting your spirits! xx


              • I just realized it’s in German of course [🤦🏻‍♀️] so probably not very useful to many, but here it goes.

                This is the one that doesn’t require any wire across the nose:

                This is the classic design with the pleated edge and wire.

                These are all designed to principally protect others, not the wearer.

                The hoover filters are what mimic the professional masks to protect the wearer most closely according to research (as reviewed by my research lab tech sister), but it does seem quite unwieldy.

                I predict we will have a mask in public order before long. Söder said today that it’s being reviewed. It’s already in effect in Austria.

                Very encouraging news about research in Bavaria today. They’re doing a study testing a larger sample of people to extrapolate the number of asymptotic people who have it and understand infection rates better.

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    • 🙂 They look like our customers hand made masks. My employees sewed others too.
      In time of more and more masks’ quota, I AM THINKING TO GO BACK TO THEM WITH MY SON’S PLASTIC MASKS above my nose too (picture on Esther’s blog). Because, DEPLAINED TO AUTHORITIES, Council of the Order of Pharmacists, I will never accept to sacrifice the security of my employees against mine (no more masks for them only for my husband and me were received yesterday , because more masks are sent to retirement homes employees. Shame on our government!)

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    • This is so true. Hand-crafting is definitely something that makes you feel productive while distracting you. In my case, it also makes me feel happy. The social aspect is unfortunately not quite happening right, now, although SM at least allows us to share virtually.
      My daughter has become a massive crochet and knitting addict over the last three weeks. And she basically started at zero and is now knitting the most intricate patterns into socks.

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  3. I just love the title. No joke everything you do is an occupation, we will put this one under leisure. Just as important as bathing, really no joke to the COTA in me. Also Happy Occupational Therapy Month. Are theme this year is Embracing Challenges, Enhancing Lives. The above game helps with having to Stay in Place and enhancing are day. Happy Late April 1st.


    • We are definitely embracing a challenge at the moment… I am glad that I am easily entertained – and that I entertain myself easily, too.
      Stay safe, Katie!


  4. Thank you Guylty, you have given me the incentive to craft – but will I turn it into a drinking game or an exercise one …,?
    I keep meaning to ask you about another RA game you posted several months ago, do you remember what it was?


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