RA Pocket Shrine 2015/? – Perfect

My slightly overhasty mail love project from last week has already shown some success. Two out of three letters have arrived at their destination in Italy. So much for my “lovely” post mistress telling me that no post is getting through to Italy. However, I still take the point that maybe other shipments by mail are more important than my letters, so I have stopped any other “love” letters for the moment. Nonetheless, I am amazed that the post made it to Italy so quickly. And I hope that the sentiment included in the letters, reached the recipients. I am sending much love to them, hoping that we will all get through this safely and quickly.

You have already seen two out of three shrines I made, and here is the last remaining one. Warning – Astrov again. (I promise, this is the last one.)

I had to keep the cover of this mint tin… Not only was the design nice, but it kind of lent itself to only a tiny little update… Curiously strong indeed… The bottom of the tin had the usual “list of ingredients” which I covered up and put some stickers over.

The shrine incorporates one of those mini book pins – It can actually be removed, that’s why it is sitting so wonkily in the tin. (And I admit, I totally wanted to use that particular theatre still of Astrov… for reasons.)

And then that BTS photo by Graham Michael happened. I really like it – and yes, perfect is right.

Lazy picture with only one candle. But you get the gist – there is another hole in the tin for another candle.

And that concludes Astrov for now. I can’t believe I haven’t really done Adam Price yet. I’ll be looking into him next, I think.

Stay safe everyone!

PS: Apologies – I am behind on the comments. I haven’t been feeling in top form the last couple of days. I think I need to get out and take some fresh air now.



23 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 2015/? – Perfect

  1. Whoever gets this will be delighted, I’m sure. Love, love, love what you’ve chosen and the way you’ve arranged it all.

    I do hope you managed to get out and cheer yourself up. I think we’re all entitled to a bit of a wobble now and then in these ‘interesting’ times, so I’m sure no one will mind if you’re quieter than usual. You’ve done so much already towards boosting moRAle.


    • Yesterday was definitely a wobble. I had a headache and felt really bad – and in this current situation any kind of ailment immediately feels alarming…


  2. They are truly beautiful shrines Guylty and I am glad they reached our Italian sisters – despite the postmistress. I hope you start to feel above par soon x


  3. Thank you so much, it’s lovely and that pic of Astrov is really cute. Plus, the mini book will be perfect for the minis (I don’t know if you’ve seen my Tumblr, but they’re having fun even in lockdown). And with the shrine I received even a more important thing: the love and the kindness from a friend. And chocolate too! 🙂
    So thank you again and keep safe. ❤


    • I am so glad if you have felt a bit cheered up by the letter and contents ;-). Once again, I feel like apologising for sending non-essential stuff, but in any case, the love contained within is definitely an essential.
      Haven’t seen the minis yet – I’ll have to check them out for the round-up tomorrow!
      Much love to you!


      • Don’t worry, it seems that the postal service is still working decently and then the shrine arrived with the “normal” mail (letters, bills etc). The overloaded ones are the carriers that deliver packages and grocery deliveries. So no problem at all 🙂


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