Distraction Challenge 7 #ADC

Waking up to bright sunshine changes everything. For the first time in days I felt keen on getting up and starting the day – even though I had work to attend to. But well, even work has become something to cherish, as every job that lands on my desk means a little relief, both financially as well as in terms of distraction. With the sun all out, I gathered Little Miss Guylty and shuffled off to the post office. I had put a large envelope full of crafting paper and card stock together for my mum after she complained the other day that she would love to do some crafting and make some Easter cards, but had thrown out all the paper during her move last year. We took the opportunity to put in 4,000 steps. Not much, but better than nothing.

To switch things up, and while the sun was still out, we decided to go for a picnic. On our roof.

As you can see, the lunch hour finished with a fanfare across the South Georgian core 😂. And soon after we had packed up and returned inside, the weather changed and it began to rain. So we made the most of it – which is always very gratifying.

In today’s news:

Cute. But anyone else think that someone kind of missed the point? 😉

Let’s discuss the ADC.

7. What’s the best scene from RA’s oeuvre ever?

Dang, that’s a tough question. Where to begin? I don’t really want to go down the NS route with the train station scene such an obviously brilliant scene. So, staying with my current favourite, John Porter, I have to say that I absolutely adore the scene with Katie Dartmouth where Porter has managed to be incarcerated with Katie in order to spring her from capture.

This scene is just so important for Porter as a character because it truly makes him a rounded, three-dimensional character. Rather than just the soldier and highly-trained agent, he is a caring man who is able to reassure the traumatised kidnapping victim. He speaks softly, and tenderly inspects her wound. He not only reassures her by having a plan and oozing confidence, but he also gives her comfort and tenderness when she needs it after he puts her hood on again. This was what made me love Porter. Of course it was also perfectly acted by RA – in movement and tone not only convincing but perfectly so.

In terms of great acting, I have always admired the dragon sickness scene in BOTFA.

Hidden under prosthetics, beard, and in this case also a rather big crown, RA conveys so much just with his eyes – just like he said in an interview somewhere. All those different thoughts and feelings crossing his mind, are clearly visible in his eyes, too. This was a pivotal scene in the movie, and in the hands of a lesser actor this could’ve gotten lost. But RA really killed it in this and completely redeems Thorin as a character. Wonderful.

I hope you are all holding up, guys!? Remember – let’s keep our eyes on the prize. At the end of this, we may have a changed world, but we will also have had the contradictory experience of a time of social distancing that has brought us closer together with our families and friends. I expect a baby boom in nine to ten months 😉.



15 thoughts on “Distraction Challenge 7 #ADC

  1. I agree about the baby boom 😂
    Thorin’s majestic entrée. He wasn’t lost: he waited, hidden behind a bush, until the others came into Bilbo home, to impress everybody. And he did!


  2. A roof-top picnic, what a wonderful idea and uber social-distancing. You are so right about RA’s acting in those scenes, so much he conveys in Thorin’s eyes and Porter’s tenderness – those large hands doing delicate work again. There is something about Porter”s patronising way with her that always rankles with me – I think he calls her girl or baby – but I suppose if I were in that situation, that would be the last of my worries, particularly with hot Porter rescuing me and it is the sort of thing a soldier would say – I imagine.


  3. Ooh, yes, love those Porter and Thorin scenes too! And Thorin’s acorn scene with Bilbo where his expression changes from softness to paranoia so very effectively!

    Love your rooftop picnic. 🙂


  4. Richard Armitage as serial killer Francis Dolarhyde, aka the Red Dragon in the various becoming a dragon’s scenes without a lot of words he was “fascinant”.


  5. We’ve had the opposite here, after some lovely autumn weather when I could get outside frequently, it’s been indoors all weekend because it’s been cold and wet. I had to turn the central heating on this morning for the first time this year.
    Your roof top picnic was a great idea – all those chimney pots made me think of Mary Poppins! 😊


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