2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #13

A round-up. That means it’s Saturday. Welcome to another week of Sundays… We lost our son yesterday – as in: his flatmates returned to the flat and Master Guylty immediately packed his bags to join the fun downstairs. He didn’t even wait to say good-bye to his sister and me (who were out for a walk at the time). *grumps* But well, at least that means he is not eating us out of house and home anymore 😂. Young male adults have such an appetite… I ended up baking a loaf of bread every day…

Here’s the round-up.

  1. OMG this is hilarious. Ilaria’s Mini Nottingham is obviously also in quarantine. And 9 months on…
  2. And another one, just because mininottingham is so good
  3. A detailed look at Thorin’s battle outfit by theelvenvalkyrie
  4. Have you seen this adorable sketch of Dolarhyde by aninomori?
  5. Trrriple-rrr has always been my favourite NSFW writer. Apparently she did a story give-away, and here is a wonderful piece of fluff. A reader insert with John Standring. And totally safe, btw – no smut!
  6. Riepu10 has returned to Berlin. Station, that is… with some spying Daniel in a woolly hat
  7. I enjoyed reading the fan letter written by theelvenvalkyrie to Richard – and seeing a happy ending to her request. (Lovely hand-writing, too.)
  8. As a motivation to get out of your pyjamas every once in a while, I give you mezzmerizedbyrichard’s gif set of Richard in suits
  9. Here is some pretty Lucas by riepu10
  10. For the fun of it, here is a headcanon ask for fizzyxcustard. What would the other chaRActers like?
  11. If you are looking for some fan fic recommendations, altumvidetur has some Bagginshield recs for you
  12. A new version of the Thorin/Thorout theme. By fooloffatook
  13. And some Thorin fan art by ollysid-oops
  14. Always interesting to see how paintings are created. A piece of (unfinished) Thorin fan art by nerdeeart

What are your plans for the weekend? After deciding on a pattern, I am going to sew those face masks today. (I’m still looking for molleton fabric in my stash and may need to root through the box with the old baby stuff…) I have subscribed to lots of celebrity interview podcasts for some light entertainment while sewing.

I hope you are all well, wherever you are. Keep washing those hands of yours 😉

Love, and stay well,

Sonja ❤


32 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #13

  1. #7 Now there’s someone who knows how to keep it short (unlike yours truly). Truly great handwriting.

    Those were the days, eh? Send photos and get them back with signatures? Marvelous.


  2. I always love mini nottingham!!!! And the Dollarhyde art IS adorable.

    Funny, I never thought of Dollarhyde as adorable.

    (You should have mail. Email, that is. Big, honking lot.)


  3. 1. I look at these photos and think, “Oh my God, I know people who take photos of little dolls posed as if they are living lives.” Next thought is, “How delightful. And how did I miss this my whole life?”


  4. ” I am going to sew those face masks today. ” I wish you a good sewing day .
    Une remarque: il est préférable d’utiliser 4 longues bandes de tissus, à nouer derrière la tête, comme attaches, plutôt que des élastiques. Si vous les cousez en haut et en bas cela, fait 2 cordons de tissus


  5. I’m sorry your son’s gone, let’s hope it won’t be for too long. I know what you mean about young men and food, my boy seems to be permanently stuck in the pantry. I don’t know whether it’s boredom or anxiety but it’s worse than usual. Thanks for the Tumblr treasures. I’ve tried but am finding it really hard to imagine any of RA characters eating sweets, Lucas unwrapping a Werther’s Original? Nah. But we do know that Richard likes wine gums. I saw a trailer for Spooks on TV last night, for BBCiplayer. Seeing Richard unexpectedly was like a shot of electricity – I very nearly screamed, which would have been embarrassing.


  6. Ilaria’s minis are epic! The detail she gets is amazing.

    Thanks for the roundup, Guylty. It was a pleasant distraction and very welcome. I take it your son is not too far away for you to keep a discreet eye on him and set your mind at rest. Difficult times.


    • You are right – son lives in the same house as I, only down in the basement. But we have cut all contact again because there are four boys down in the basement – and they don’t want to endanger my husband…


  7. Ohhhh, I’ve been thinking about sending a border/mat for my Thorin cross stitch to have him sign. I think that would be pretty cool!

    As always, an awesome round-up!


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