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Jeepers, was I a bit whiny yesterday? Might have been the lack of sunshine yesterday. The brilliant sun today boosts the mood. As does doing something special for someone else. Grah, I’d hate to back-pedal now and admit that “I made the day count”, *ugh*. Little Miss Guylty has turned sweet 19 today. Good thing that I was prepared even weeks ago and thus had gifts ready. (I am one of those people who buys gifts whenever I come across them, and then hide them somewhere for the big day.) It’s quite possible though that my home-made offering was the best present on this unforgettable birthday.

Only the most precious and valuable gifts for our children, right?

I really enjoyed the discussion on yesterday’s post. I’d like to add here, in retrospect and as an explanation why I even felt the need to rant, something that I said in the comments: If I didn’t like and respect RA, I wouldn’t give a shit what the bloke says. There are plenty of celebs out there whose communications I don’t care about at all. They can tweet motivational bullshit as much as they like and I don’t take any offense. Because *they* don’t matter to me.

As for today’s RA-related content – I’d like you to help me!

What are the most iconic pictures of Richard’s chaRActers?

What is the picture that sums up Mr Thornton? John Porter? Lucas North? Francis Dolarhyde? Thorin? Adam Price? Proctor? All the other characters, even the more obscure ones? If any iconic picture immediately comes to your mind, please leave a link to the respective image(s) in the comments below (or tag me on Twitter).

Otherwise – I hope you are all having a great day! I read this morning that Denmark and Austria are the first two European countries to consider loosening the Covid-19 measures in the foreseeable future. Well done to any of you there who have contributed to containing the virus. Over here in Ireland they say that we haven’t reached the peak of the pandemic yet, so we will have to hold out a little longer. Worrying news from the UK, too, with Boris Johnson in intensive care (but apparently stable and not on ventilator). Sending best wishes to anyone, anywhere, currently battling the virus.

38 thoughts on “Help Me: Most Iconic Images

  1. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag für Miss Guylty!!

    The cake is awesome. You are a genius who is indeed making most days count. ::greenwithenvy::

    As for iconic images, I’ll have to think. I’ll drop a link if I come up with anything.


      • You can be both right and make a great cake. A) a kid‘s birthday would constitute an extenuating circumstance and B) you do more than the average person (read me) any given day, so we will not attribute this to Mr. A‘s quote game.


  2. Great that you are feeling perkier today. That cake is amazing! What artistry too!
    Well, this to me is the most iconic Gisborne, noble (not that he often was noble), cool, and murderously handsome:

    and leather-clad Dolarhyde (although I may be conflating iconic with favourite!)


  3. Great that you are feeling perkier today. That cake is amazing! What artistry too!
    Well, this to me is the most iconic Gisborne, noble (not that he often was noble), cool, and murderously handsome:

    and leather-clad Dolarhyde (although I may be conflating iconic with favourite!)


      • Does anyone else but me think he wore his own leather jacket and it was a bone thrown to those of us who would recognize it? Because honestly, it didn’t seem in character for that character to wear such a fancy designy item.


        • Completely agree with you. It kind of stood out to me immediately. Especially when considering the contrast to what Francis wears at the beginning of the show – all buttoned up. I think it was intentional though – maybe as a subtle hint that Francis falling in love with Reba and suddenly cared about what he looked like? But yeah, I definitely thought it was RA’s personal influence. Maybe he didn’t yet own that *particular* leather number, but I wouldn’t put it past him to recommend the costume department got a Belstaff jacket. Tried and tested (and then also a nice addition for his own collection of leather jackets post-filming 😂)


        • I’ve only seen Hannibal once but my impression was that this is now the Dragon personified. Even though Dolarhyde allowed Reba to escape because he loved her, it showed his last bit of humanity, the Dragon has completely taken over in this picture.

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    • In this case, that was due to the links. The comment automatically goes into moderation if there is more than one link in it. I should’ve thought of that and mentioned it in my post. I’ll edit that in now 🙂

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  4. Many happy returns to MissGuylty. I’m sure her best present ever was having you as her mum. Hahaha though at the cake! Brilliant. It makes my bog-standard (pun not intended) banana bread look a bit sad.

    Love Armidreamer’ s Guy pic, but I’d go for one where he’s slouching against something, preferably with a smirk. Lucas – running past the Millennium Dome or a shot of his tattoos.


  5. Your cake for your daughter looks great. I hope all have enjoyed it. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Today is also my husbands niece’s 27th birthday and no able to see her parents or brother as she lives in a different state.

    You have every right to feel how you did yesterday. I have been home since I graduated last May between studying for my national and state exams and now been trying to find a job either close to my two oldest son’s in different cities or here at home. There are days that I really not feel like doing anything at all. I really could spring clean but not really wanted to do that either. Take care!


    • The cake was a great success 🙂 So sad that your husband’s niece can’t see her family for her own birthday. We were lucky in that respect.
      Keeping my fingers crossed for you that you can find a job in a place close to family. And hope that the current feeling of listlessness passes and you find some distraction in something else!


      • Thank you! I do have a job application out for a job in my town. Not what I when to school for but one where I can use my education. It is at an assisted living, but with the currant Stay at Home in force and the older population, I am sure they are just waiting it out till it is lifted to fill the position. It’s not the hours or what I want to do but will be something until I can find one in my field, living at home or with one of my older two son’s. I still am baking, making polish sausage and cooking for Easter. Still have to eat and why not the Easter foods we eat each year. I have not baked anything special because we don’t need the added calories. Have not spent holidays with my husbands family in a couple years any why. My parents are gone and I have no siblings.


  6. I love that cake!

    Iconic John Thornton – don’t have a link to hand (I need to check out the renewed archive, I know 🙄) but you will know the shots I mean – (1) Thornton in top hat with basket outside Margaret’s house, and (2) Look back at me…

    Iconic Lucas… my computer wallpaper… I’ll find the link!

    Iconic Porter… suggestive smirk while being examined by whatshername… ditto!

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  7. The birthday cake looks fabulous! I wouldn’t have the patience. 😉
    Hubby’s birthday was on Monday and it was a very quiet one. Not being able to have our family get together like we usually do for birthdays was difficult, but at least it wasn’t a wedding or a funeral. There will be more birthdays to come that we can celebrate together again. We have had two weddings in our family postponed because of the current circumstances.
    Iconic picture of a chaRActer? I confess to having trouble finding the one I wanted on RANet, so please substitute this URL from there if you want:
    Lucas North


    • That is a totally iconic image of Lucas North. Love it, Mezz.
      And a happy belated birthday to your SO! It’s such a weird time at the moment, with all these family occasions postponed. At least that is what they are – postponed. They can be celebrated at a later stage. What I really find heartbreaking are all those funerals at the moment that can only have immediate family members attending.


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