Just a quickie for today, folks. After a junk journal phase, today the shrining bug bit again. Not least because I want something else to post than Fan Challenge questions or Covid updates. So much more uplifting to have something pretty to look at.

This photo is filed under “Jesus, he is pretty…” on my computer 😂

Wanna see something not-pretty?

My desk when I am shrining

Two down. I want to make more, though. The whole crafty-crafty thing is keeping me happy, healthy and sane because there is no work coming in at the mo. I am grateful that I have been granted the emergency unemployment benefit which our government has created for the duration of the lockdown. Even though I have restocked my Etsy shop, the pandemic restrictions also mean that less people are comfortable buying something online. Or have less disposable income, like myself. A common problem for all artists and crafters at this time, I reckon.

The highlight of today (apart from crafting) was our evening meal. The end of 40 days Lent had to be celebrated with a takeaway order of fish and chips. It was a bright and sunny, if a little chilly day here in Dublin, and with the sun still shining, we climbed the roof again. On summer days we often buy fish and chips and then drive to our favourite spot in Dublin Bay to eat our meal al fresco. Up on the roof is the next best thing.

It was slightly eerie, being watched by a number of gulls on reconnaissance for food… I wonder how the birds are doing. There is noticeably less rubbish on the streets, and with all the restaurants and pubs closed, I reckon a large part of the gulls’ regular hunting grounds have vanished…

Right. That’s it. I wanna get back to that shrine. Have a good night, lads, and stay safe!


19 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. Heehee! You don’t have to tell *me* twice that you’ve restocked your Etsy shop! 1. I get to support an amazingly talented artist whom I adore. 2. I get to support our postal service, which is in very dire straights, mostly for political reasons that I won’t go into here. 3. I get to have something marvelous to look forward to. Win-win-win, just like a pretty RA, dinner with the family on the roof and a glorious view of Dublin. 💙💜💖


    • I’ve seen the news about the US postal service and the reaction of the public. Amazing. I am really hoping that the current situation will make people fall in love with letter-writing again. I’ve never really fallen out of love with it, but I admit that I could’ve used the old post more than I have in the past. I am currently worried, though, about conflicting messages about use of the postal services. Some people say it should be supported by sending letters, others say it needs to be kept free of unessential post so that it can deliver essential goods. Hmph.
      As for your support – I can’t even thank you enough, LoLo. (More about that in a forthcoming e-mail…)


  2. I forgot to tell you that my cable company is offering Showtime and Epix for free for a week, so I decided to watch “Berlin Station” for the first time. What the heck, right? So I watched the first episode and went to call up the second, but it wasn’t there! The On Demand feature goes straight from 1 to 3. So I wound up doing the 30-day free trial of Epix on Amazon Prime and watching it on my laptop, which has a 17-inch screen. Anyway, I was blithering to Kate about how pretty RA is, which the poor woman has *never* heard me say before, and I said that no matter how many times I say it, no matter how many times I see him or in what vehicle, I just will never be able to get over how pretty that man is. It really does go against the laws of physics!


    • That’s possibly the only redeeming feature of BS – that at least it gave RA a vehicle to show his pretty face. Not enough opportunity for him to show his acting though. It never stops annoying me how stupid the storylines were for Daniel.
      Wow, and I have just realised, it is basically 3.5 years since BS originally aired. Maybe it is time to do a rewatch…


    • LOL – it has a lot of goodness in it. First and foremost that piece of beauty up top. And then possibly the little reference to freedom via the rooftop. Ahhhh…


  3. Actually, your use of “quickie” made me think of something that happened earlier today. I was trying to have a Zoom meeting with two female colleagues. It wasn’t working, so I suggested a 3-way on Face Time! We all were overcome with giggles.


  4. Those fish and chips look yummy, no wonder the seagulls were eyeing them off!
    I don’t normally ascribe the word beautiful to men, but Richard is, almost ethereally sometimes – that iconic closeup photo of Lucas for instance.


    • Oh yes, the photo of Lucas where he is looking down, wearing a pea coat, all lashes. It’s the sort of picture you want to print out life-size and then kiss, kiss, kiss those lips.


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