Distraction Challenge 9 #ADC

Herba has done another batch of challenge questions, and so I am taking my cue off her today and move on to question 9.

9.Which show did you think you wouldn’t like but did?

Super easy answer: Hannibal. I had massive reservations about that show. But then, this happened:

Haha, ok no. It wasn’t the tattoo that did it.

Nor the tighty briefs – although I do think they deserve an honourable mention in this context.

Or two.

Ok, stop it, Guylty.

It wasn’t about the amount of skin on show. It was all about the way Richard was able to make me take an interest in that abominable serial killer Dolarhyde. He was helped by the fact that the book already gives a lot of background on Dolarhyde, and I had read it in advance and found Francis a three-dimensional character rather than just the faceless evil of the show. Richard worked very closely along those lines and gave Francis an underlying humanity that shone through the veneer of the brutal killer just enough to make redemption possible. And both in physicality and in speech he crafted the character so masterfully – I actually think Dolarhyde is one of Richard’s finest performances.

I totally admit that I had to fast-forward some parts of the show because I just couldn’t stomach the blood and some of the darker dealings between characters, but I actually appreciated the aesthetics of Hannibal and the care the producers took with cinematography and direction. In general, I think this is one of the most underrated shows on television – no doubt because it is so clearly niche that it was not seen by enough people to make it an overall hit.

OK, and another thing in favour of Hannibal: The fannibals. Will never stop liking them.


29 thoughts on “Distraction Challenge 9 #ADC

  1. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased at the show – not by Richard’s performance- I knew that would be amazing, but yeah I would have never watched the show at all had Richard not been in it. I’d read the book a couple of times and in the end I felt incredibly sorry for Francis. He didn’t stand a chance. 😦


  2. Richard made me feel a very deep connection to Francis that I never got from any of the other iterations. Quite literally I often say, ‘but for the grace of god…’


    • I can’t really compare because I didn’t see the other two films, but I am sure that it also worked in his favour that he had 6 episodes to work his magic on…


  3. Apart from his performance inNorth and South, I think Richard’s Dolarhyde is one that has had the deepest effect on me. I’m not sure why, he’s mostly hidden in the shade (although I love the slightly bronzen image you’ve used). I know it wasn’t the redemptive qualities because I’m drawn to the bad boys! It was such a departure for him and it was a triumph. I wish more people had seen it.


    • I completely agree with you – it was a departure for him; also in the sense of getting involved in a TV show with dark undertones and a cult following. His first outing into horror, too. He really did it so well. And the dark shades of the styling and cinematography worked on his face and body to stunning effect. Definitely an underrated show and underrated performance!

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  4. Which show did you think you wouldn’t like but did?
    for me it was Strike Back. I really wasn’t interested as it was about soldiers and stuff. But everyone in the fandom seemed to rave about Porter and how good the show was. I’m so glad i bought the DVD because h really is one of my fave characters


    • I agree Strike Back. I thought “Oh please a redeemed soldier story?” but RA sold it, and impressed me. Though I don’t guhhhh over that character as many do. RA made him tolerable to me, and I loved his cheekiness, but I still think it’s a cliched story. And the crucifixion nudey shots, including the one where the guy goes for his belt? Pahleeze. Too gratuitous for words. But not for gifs. I admit I like seeing those gifs pop up now and again, so yup, bring on the almost-porn and thank you for cooperating, RA.

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    • I sympathise with you. If it hadn’t been for Hannibal, I would have answered Strike Back too. Less because of the action (because I actually love action movies) but more because of the soldier. (I totally have prejudices and resentments when it comes to soldiers.) But yes, Porter really was a different kettle of fish. He is definitely one of my favourites, too.


      • see i saw Hannibal before I was into Richard, but i had been a Hannibal in my early 20s I distinctly remember saying to Andy (who gave up after a couple of episodes) that i was really happy to finally see Dolerhyde played exactly as he should be! it’s a strange world


        • You were definitely earlier on it than I was. But hey, I am always glad when RA widens my horizons. I have to say there are a few things that he has done that really proved to be a valuable addition to my entertainment preferences.


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  6. Richard was so great as Dolarhyde. As we all know, he is an amazing actor with great range. And I loved the physicality of the role.


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